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10 swatchseries alternatives to watch online movies and series gif maker 21

Swatchseries is an online streaming service which focuses on TV shows. The site allows you to watch and download TV shows and series from across the world without paying any money. It has links for thousands of TV shows from across the globe without differentiating on genre, vintage, or country. Sounds too good to be true, but it actually is. Swatchseries contain multiple links for every trending TV show from across the globe without charging any money.

What is Swatchseries, and what is it famous for?

What makes Swatchseries stand out is the number of links it provides for each TV show. You can find up to 20 links to stream and download for every single title. You can always find links to watch or to download. Just as sites like do not host any movies on their server, similarly Swatchseries does not host any content but finds you links where the content can be accessed.

If you are looking for a website only for TV series, not for movies, Swatchseries is an excellent option. The site is ad-free, safe, and great. You do have to keep in mind that Swatchseries is not a legal site. However, as per copyright attorneys, watching content on the website is not illegal unless you download material from a site that involves pirated content. If you do download, be prepared to face criminal or civil charges.

It’s obvious that all of us would like to access this site. However, let’s look at 10 Swatchseries alternatives to watch series and movies considering the legal repercussions of using Swatchseries. 

Top 10 Swatchseries Alternatives


Do not get confused by the name, as no lock is installed if you watch Putlocker. Putlocker is a safe alternative to Swatchseries, where you can manage not only trending TV shows and series but also watch movies. Putlocker is where you can watch everything from old classics to new releases without paying a single penny or going through a maze of ads and reviews. 


It is suitable for all moods as it contains material across genres. This website, too, does not host any content but uses third parties for the same purpose. The website is user-friendly and free.


Solarmovie is another website that is a perfect alternative to Swatchseries as it contains both movies and TV shows. The website offers a ton of movies and series and does not even need to register in order to access them. Once you open the website, you can watch a TV show, a documentary, or a movie based on your mood; you will always find what you are looking for as the content on this website is really vast.

The steps to negotiate this website is also easy and understandable. You also have a search bar to look for your favorite TV show, series, or movie, making it an ideal alternative to Swatchseries.

123 Movies

123movies is another alternative and features prominently in the top 10 alternatives to Swatchseries. 123movies contain titles from the newest American series to the latest potboiler coming out of Mumbai. 123 Movies has a never-ending list of movies and TV shows across genres. Whether it be shows like The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Money Hoist, The line of Duty, or Four More Shots Please, all such titles are available on the platform.

The latest releases from 2021 are also available such as Flack, Total Bellas, Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, Criminal Minds, and so on. Everything that you watch is absolutely free. Additionally, there is no requirement to register in order to access the content. The website has a search bar, and titles can be easily accessed due to the same.



The name of the website itself tells you to bring your popcorn to start watching your favorite movies or TV shows. This is another perfect entry to the top 10 alternatives to Swatchseries list as it provides you with favorite American shows like Friends to the latest dramas. There are enough and more options to choose from in every genre, whether it be sitcoms, documentaries, or movies. 

Whether it is a comedy, a horror flick, feel good, or a crime drama, all genres are well represented on this platform. You can even watch nostalgic 90s cartoons like Popeye, the sailor man, or Sonic the Hedgehog. Everything that you watch on this website is free, and you do not have to register in order to watch the content.


Hulu is again a website that has to feature in the Top 10 alternatives to Swatchseries list. Hulu Whether you want to watch a happy movie like Beethoven or horror like Conjuring, all of them are present on this platform. Similarly, all the major titles for TV shows like Superstore or The Big Bang Theory are also present on this platform. From Disney to Warner Brothers, everything is available on Hulu. 

The website is super user-friendly, and navigation and streaming are very easy. However, this website does charge you before giving you access to its material, and it is not a free website.


Swatchseries has some competition from this website, Primewire. It ticks all the correct boxes in order to become a wonderful alternative for Swatchseries. It has a wide range of TV shows and movies, and above all it is free. All seasons of TV series like “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Vampire Diaries” are available on this website. Registration is not required to access material on this platform.


There are no ads that pop up, and hence there are no interruptions to your movie-watching experience. You can also leave feedback on this site or use multiple filters to streamline your searches. Considering all the advantages, Primewire definitely features in the Top 10 alternatives Swatchseries list.


Another alternative for high-quality streaming as in Swatchseries is Vumoo and has to feature in the top 10 alternatives to Swatchseries list. The reason being its high-quality streaming and the number of titles that Vumoo provides. The graphics of this website are so unique that one may think it is Netflix. Vumoo also is easy to negotiate and has a search bar, filter, trending. You can swatch between TV series and movies and can have suggestions for whatever specific type you want.

All of these are free. The platform provides IMDB rating, runtime, release date, and so on. It also features Anime like Dragonball and Naruto.


Fmovies is another name that should definitely feature in the top 10 alternatives to the Swatchseries list. Fmovies provides the latest to the oldest movies and TV shows which tickle your fancy. You can stream HD quality, and you do not have to deal with annoying ads. Navigation is also super easy, and the platform provides a search bar to make finding titles easy. You also do not have to log in or register, and the website leaves this option to you. 

If you log in, though, the platform can give you better suggestions and recommendations based on what you have watched earlier. It also provides you IMDB ratings, and you can sort content based on country or genre.


Bigstar Movies

Bigstart lives up to its name based on its content, both for TV series and movies. Bigstart movies should feature on the top 10 alternatives to the Swatchseries list because of their extraordinary collection and easy usage. The website is extremely user-friendly, although it is not ad-free, which can sometimes be a point of concern. Bigstar provides HD content across genres like comedy, romantic, horror, thriller, and emotional. With such a lot of content and the only downside of ads, Bigstar also should feature in the list.

HD Streamz 

Just as the name suggests, the platform provides HD quality videos with fast speeds and minimal ads. The Swatchseries competition provides HD quality streaming across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Finally, we can say that Swatchseries was great while it lasted, but there are enough and more alternatives that provide a myriad of content on TV shows and movies. You should explore the Top Ten Alternative to Swatchseries and try these platforms free of cost, quality content, and choices they offer the user. 

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