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How to Download Videos from the Internet – 15 Free Methods

How to Download Videos from the Internet

The 21st century is a time of swift development in almost every domain. This is a general saying that approximately half of the world’s population is now considered actual users of the internet. The noticeable thing is the majority of the users use the internet facility on their mobile phone devices.

The internet is loaded up with a comprehensive variety of visual and textual content. People usually think visual content carries a more interactive behavior in comparison to textual content. That is why people want to watch videos and always look for multiple ways to download their favorite videos. There is a long list of tools available on the internet that download videos without a hitch. These tools offer great services to a user who wants to watch the videos whenever they want to.

Online Tools That Provide Facility to Download Videos

In this piece of writing, we tried to bring together all those effective tools that help every video lover in saving up the videos on their devices. Let’s get started by having a look at each:

1.   Video Downloader – SmallSEOTools

While watching videos on the internet, most users feel the need to download their favorite videos, movies, and series. To do so, this free video downloader is one of the most used and reliable tools. This tool bestows great support to every user to download videos without putting them in any convoluted process. In fact, the use of this tool makes the user able to save their desired clips in just no time. Most video streaming sites do not provide the option to download the videos. That is why video lovers may take the help of this video downloader online.

2.   Yoo Download

Yoo Download is a useful online video downloader. The usage of this tool makes every user able to download videos from multiple video streaming sites. More importantly, this tool helps in saving videos in their original quality. Users can enjoy their desired videos whenever they want. This video downloader supports the downloading format of videos for almost all social media platforms. A user does not need to waste their time somewhere else because this tool downloads videos in a matter of instance.


3.   Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is an unbelievable platform that carries a wide range of visual content. Maybe if it is a funny recording, educational video, news, or an entertaining clip, the user will not get the direct download button on Facebook. So, they need to use the Facebook video downloader. This is a fantastic online tool that helps every user to download videos from Facebook on any device. In addition, the saved recordings may be seen and enjoyed later on. The tool does not demand any login registrations or installations and is completely free to use. Hence, the use of this tool is super effective in saving the videos a user normally sees on Facebook.

4.   4K Video Downloader

Every internet user who is a huge fan of online videos can download them by using the 4K Video Downloader. The tool is super helpful in saving a fine copy of all types of online videos. The tool is valuable in downloading videos. The working of this tool is so quick, and it carries a very useful and simple interface. The tool is so beneficial in downloading the video. One of the other aspects of this tool is it helps the users in audio downloading as well. The tool also offers multiple file-formats in which a user may save their favorite videos.

5.   Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is an incredible social media platform that is loaded up with multiple forms of videos. Every day, users upload a lot of videos on this platform. But a viewer can’t be able to download a video from Instagram straight away. That is why every user can take help from an Instagram video downloader. This is the most useful online tool that can save Instagram video on your device. The use of this tool does not require any fee from a user. Moreover, the tool is very comfy and handy. In fact, the tool works so effectively and provides the best quality of videos to its users.

6.   Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a super friendly tool that helps in transferring online videos offline. All the movie freaks love to download their most desired videos, so they can keep the videos saved at their side and can get the right to share with others. The use of this video downloader keeps the users safe from any hassle. Moreover, on this video downloader online, there is no downloading limit. So, every user may save any of the videos as many times as they want.

7.   Video Downloader –

Video Downloader by is one of the best video savers we have in the online market. For all video lovers, this tool works so effectively. Because the majority of the public likes to download the videos they usually go through online. A user wants to share the watched videos with their partners and colleagues. That is why they think they should get a copy of the video. This free video downloader helps its users in this manner.


8. is a free online video downloader. This tool helps all video fans to download a video within seconds. In fact, the tool does not charge anything from a user. Moreover, the tool does not require any installation procedure to get the finest copies of the desired videos. It gives support in downloading all categories of the video by just clicking on the download button. A user just needs to put the URL link of the video into the tool to save it. All in all, the tool is actually a great usage for all users because it does not ruin the original quality of the video. 

9.   ClipGrab Video Downloader

ClipGrab is one of the fastest tools a user may get online. It works as a totally free online video downloader. The use of this tool is super helpful in saving the videos. The working power of this tool is really impressive. It can download a video in just a couple of seconds. Moreover, this tool can be run on multiple web browsers smoothly. In fact, this tool also offers a facility to transfer the video files into the audio one. If a user is looking for a downloading tool that is really useful, then this tool is the best choice.

10. Video Downloader – DupliChecker

Among all the tools, the online video downloader by DupliChecker is the most valuable and easy-to-use tool. The tool can directly download a video from multiple websites and sources. In fact, this tool saves every video in its high definition quality. The usage of this free video downloader is effortless. The tool helps every video fan to get the first copy of their favorite videos in just no time without spending any charges. Thus, a user gets able to enjoy their liked video without having an internet facility.

11. VidMate Video Downloader

Vidmate is a trustworthy online video downloader. The use of this tool is the perfect and most suitable option, especially for the young generation. This tool also does its job as a video media player and a video to audio file converter too. In fact, this tool can be operated as a web browser as well. The tool can simply open any video streaming site. Moreover, this tool can easily be run on any digital device, particularly on a mobile phone.

12.  YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is one of the comfiest tools that a movie freak can get on the internet. With the use of this tool, every video fan can save their most preferred videos with ease. Moreover, this tool is able to convert a video into different file formats. Most of the video streaming platforms do not offer the downloading option. Then this tool comes as a great support to get the videos without having any issue. 


13. Ummy Video Downloader

Ummy Video Downloader is an absolutely free tool that is able to download all videos that are of high quality. As a result, every video enthusiast may feel delighted as this tool helps them in watching videos when having no internet facility. In addition, this tool has the power to convert a video into an MP3 file format. The method to download a clip with this video downloader is super simple. The tool supports multiple video streaming sites to grab and save the most-watched videos from them.

14.  All Video Downloader

Online tools make users’ life easier by offering them the services they are looking for. The use of the All video downloader is the best selection for those people who love to watch movies and videos every time. The tool is very convenient to save all sorts of videos. While watching videos online, aggression occurs in a user’s mood when a video starts to buffer. Therefore, mostly the young generation likes to download their favorite videos that they can enjoy in just one go. For this, the use of an online video downloader becomes essential, and this is certainly the best one to go for.

15. Catch.Tube Video Downloader

Catch.Tube Video Downloader tool helps in downloading videos from multiple websites. This tool is super handy to save a video. Moreover, the usage of this tool is completely free for all video lovers. Users do not need to pay a single penny to get the finest copy of their favorite videos. The tool also offers some really helpful browser extensions that have made video downloading easier and smooth on almost all websites. The tool can save every single video rapidly by just doing a couple of clicks.


The process of video downloading has become less difficult over time. It is due to the fact that there are a lot of online video downloaders. The use of these tools can easily save all sorts of videos from the internet, and a user may enjoy their much-loved videos offline, while traveling, or doing any other task.

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