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50 Most Famous Womens in The World in 2022- Popular Woman

50 Most Famous Womens in The World

For many years, history has come across some intelligent, inspirational and powerful women who have been pioneers for the rights of women and forgetting the racial equality across the world. Whether these women are scientists, leaders, politicians, inventors, or literal queens – women have undeniably changed the world for the betterment.

From time to time, when you come across the question that had put the world on the top? The unanimous answer would be famous women across the globe. From the era of ancient, medieval, renaissance, till modern and from Asian, European and British, Americans in all aspects of religion, women play a major role in changing the world. They have taken part in the field of medicine including doctors, nursing, Inventors and scientists, writers and other social reforms; women had made a huge and memorable history of the world.

Women’s history is considered to be more than just a loose collection of headlines as they have done extraordinary service as inspiration for the past, current and future generations for both men and women across the nation.

There are few notable women who stood top among the list of famous women across the globe and the list of these women does not just prevail, but they excelled when there are economic, political, personal and racial obstacles that are threatened in the world.

Their stories and histories are full of adventures and struggles they made for society irrespective of their personal life and sacrifices which we cannot imagine doing from our situation.


50 most famous women in The World

50 Most Famous Womens in The World

Hare the List of 50 most famous and Popular womens in The World.


Barbadian born Rihanna was born on February 20th, 1988. She tops the list because of her extraordinary skills as a singer, songwriter, actress, and now, businesswoman as well.

This “Good Girl Gone Bad” girl has her contribution to raising the issue of women empowerment with her show Savage X Fenty.

She has 98.5 million followers on her Twitter account and 29.7 million followers on Instagram. She has explored herself as a singer, actress, and entrepreneur as well.


This “Dangerously In Love” fame girl has made the world fall in love with her voice and moves. She hits the number 2nd in the list. This lady is an epitome of hope and confidence as she was the first black singer  to be featured in the September feature of the ‘Vogue.’

Her album Lemonade made it to Billboard top 100 charts. She has a fan following of 13.7 million on twitter and has 141 million followers on her Instagram account.



One of the most known women in the world of politics of the US, Hillary Clinton has bagged the third position in being one of the most popular women of the world.

She is one of the most influential American lawyers, politicians, First Lady during her husband’s tenure and also served as the secretary of most state during President Barak Obama’s tenure.

She lost the Presidential elections of 2016 with 227 votes to Donald Trump, who won by 304 votes. She is still a role model for many women out there in the world of politics because of her strong-headed attitude and achievements.


The most popular and successful pop singer in the industry, Britney Spears has been ruling like a queen for like two decades. One of the most popular women in the world, this Kentwood raised lady, had worked in the various stage productions before she appeared in her first studio album, “Baby One More Time Please”.

Her net worth is around $59 million. She has 23.9 million followers on her Instagram account and 6 million followers on her Twitter account. She has always been an iconic performer and a slayer in her songs. She always had that glitter in her videos.



The classy former First Lady of the 44th American President, Mr. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, is someone every woman should look up as a role model. Raised with incredible values and an amazing mother, Mrs. Obama advocates for the education of adolescent girls and a healthy environment for the young minds.

She is a fashion icon too. She is known to work for more humanitarian causes like poverty awareness and healthy eating. Her classiness is seen in her values, the way she is raising her daughters and the way she dresses. She has 37.7 million followers on Instagram and 14.8 million followers on Twitter.


This pop sensation always made a way through our playlist in our high school days. With the net worth of $400 million, Taylor Swift is worth being on the list. This American singer and songwriter is an inspiration for women for her way of perceiving life. Songs like “Shake It Off” and “Bad Blood” and “Love Story” made her famous.

She made women realize that haters gonna hate. She has 85.9 million followers on Twitter and 130 million followers on Instagram. She has won several Grammy Awards too.

She is one of the highest-paid celebrity,  is known to be one of the most influential people on twitter and her documentary on Netflix has earned her millions.



Paris Hilton is a celebrity entrepreneur, an actress, a media personality, and one of the most luxurious models of the world, with a net worth of $300 million.

She is also the heiress of the Hilton hotels. She is the winner of the Golden Raspberry forget the movie, The Hottie, and The Nottie. She also garnered attention because of her notorious sex tape. Well! Hilton lives a life most of would just dream of.

This socialite wants like $1 million per night for DJing. She has won awards for her role in the movie House of Wax. She is a dog person.


The “Queen Of Pop” Madonna has a net worth of $1.2 billion. She rose to fame with her incredible skills. Her song “La Isla Bonita” earned her fans and till date, she rules our hearts. Her first single solo album was “Everybody” which released in 1982

It is said that she was the owner of two bands before her solo release. She earned her first top 10 hit with her album “Borderline” in 1984. Her debut “Madonna” was released in 1983. She was honoured with nine Razzies. She has 14 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million followers on Twitter.



This amazingly bold, beautiful, and entertaining American singer with lots of controversies also hits the list of being one of the most popular women in the world. 

The “Hannah Montana” fame made into headlines when she turned bald, was accused of racism and underage shirtless photography. Apart from her controversies, Miley Cyrus has been into social work. The Happy Hippie Foundation by Miley Cyrus raised the issue of injustice against the LGBT community.

She is open about her sexuality. And did you know her actual name is Smiley? She has a huge fan following of 86.7 million on Twitter and 104 million on Instagram. Her net worthy is $160 million.


This lady’s success story will inspire you to work hard and believe in your dreams as she is the Santiago of The Alchemist. Raised in a poor black family of Mississippi, it was Oprah’s confidence and her trust in herself that she is the world’s leading media person and entrepreneur.

She is to credited with her way of interacting, that is confessional kind of interaction on her show. She has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is known to be the highest form of civilian honor in 2013 by former President Barack Obama.


She has 18.3 million followers on her Instagram account and 43.1 million followers on her Twitter account. Her net worth is $3.5 billion.


When she was out with her first pop debut album “Let Go” in 2002, everyone knew she would be the dynamite that she is today. The lady with a pink pop touch, Avril made sure she stole your heart with her first look.

The “Girlfriend” fame has a net worth of $50 million. She was into headlines for her disease Lyme, which kept her bedridden for two years. She should be credited with the invention of op and punk music together in the music genre.

She is so popular that she has a pizza named after her in her hometown. And did you know this beauty owns her own fashion brand, “Abby Dawn”. Her Instagram account is blessed with 7.9 million followers and 21.4 million followers on her Twitter account.


Katy Perry is one of the leading female artists. The songs were written by this pop artist often target a whole lot of people together.


Her songs are so relatable that it feels she only sings for you. With a net worth of $350 million, she is famous because she is the tigress, and you gonna hear her roar! Katy Perry, as lovely she is, stood up for the gay community and their rights.

She is known for voting a big NO to Prop 8 which did not legalize marriage between individuals of the same gender in California. She has 93.6 million followers on Instagram and 108.5 million followers on her Twitter account.


Many know her by the name Rachel of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. One of the most beautiful actress, businesswoman and film producer, Jennifer has a net worth of $200 million.

Many hearts broke when she broke up with Brad Pitt. Though being a daughter to former actors, her father often discouraged her idea of being an actress and wanted her to become a lawyer because he thought his daughter’s heart would not be able to bear the rejection thing. She rebelled and fought for her dreams, and we ended up with our very own Rachel Green.

She has 32.2 million followers on Instagram and 207.7k followers on Twitter.



Voted as one of the most beautiful women by the People’s magazine, Angelina Jolie is an actress, humanitarian, and filmmaker. She always remains in headlines because of her excellent work and her divorce with Brad Pitt.

She is an Academy Award holder and three Golden Globe Awards holder. She has been a rebellious soul since her childhood. Sources say, she dyed her hair purple and moved in with her boyfriend at the mere age of 14.

She was also kicked out of school at that time. And only if you know about her first wedding dress, with Lee Miller in 1996 where she wore a white t-shirt and black leather pants. She also had his name written with her blood on her t-shirt. She has a net worth of $150 million.


“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fame, Kim Kardashian has a life full of controversial choices. This beautiful actress with a fantastic body has a net worth of $350 million. With high-level contacts and excellent marketing strategies, Kim is someone who knows how to be popular every time.

Kim is into so much of business. Her early life facts say that she always wanted to be a teacher. Her entrepreneur’s mind has made her the owner of her own clothing line, jewelry, perfume and also she is a successful author of many books.


She is a common celebrity face of many talk shows. She has 165.6 million followers on Instagram and 64.5 million followers on Twitter.


This Grammy Award Winner, Maria Carey, is one very popular American singer and songwriter. The Guinness World Book of Records has honored her with the title of “Songbird Supreme.”

Maria has eight dogs who live life better than any millionaire and go on paw vacations. She has 9.3 million followers or lambs on Instagram. Did I tell you she calls her fans lambs?

She has 21.5 million followers on Twitter. She is also one of the richest and highest paid singers, with her net worth being $300 million. All this owes to her struggle and hard work.


This Latina beauty has won hearts since the time she has entered the industry. She is the first Latina lady to be awarded as the most beautiful woman by People’s magazine, the first woman who was awarded the Billboard Icon Award, and there are so many more accomplishments in her list.


She has also won the best actress award for her role Selena in the movie Selena. She has introduced many fragrances and perfumes. “Waiting For Tonight” and “Lets Get Loud”, her two best albums have received Grammy nominations.

She has 45.2 million followers on Twitter and 118 million followers on Instagram.


The lady who is a heartthrob of men from every decade, Marilyn Monroe is someone who has a catch on popularity even after her death. Her popularity should be credited to her bold look and that next door girl charm she had in her.

Unlike her contemporaries, Marilyn had bold photoshoots her skirt getting raised in the air, and she holds it up playfully. She was the richest actress of her decade and owned her own production house, called the Marilyn Monroe Productions.

She changed the society’s sexual perspective with her bombshell bomb attitude and characters and became a sex symbol in the 1950s. She is still a cultural icon.



A famed businesswoman and an actress, Jessica is known for her fantastic performance as a lead actress for the series “Dark Angel.” She is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of America and a proud owner of the multi-billion business, the Honest Company.

She has been one of the modest and high headed businesswomen who has risen her net worth with her empire. Her company sells toxin-free products of daily use.

She has 18 million followers on her Instagram account and 9 million followers on her Twitter account. She works a lot for women empowerment with her company having 65 percent of the workforce as women. Her net worth is $350 million.


Before entering into the singing industry, Fergie has starred in ‘Kids Incorporated’ when she was a child.

She was a member of the popular Black Eyed Peas and before she became the solo singer star that she is today, she is one of those rare singers who left her band and found solo success.


Although, when the Black-Eyed Pea performed last, she was nowhere to be seen. And did you know, she has voiced the character Sally in our favorite Peanuts show. And our very own Fergie has been a fashion designer to Kim Kardashian’s clothes too. Her net worth is $50 million.


The Marvel fame Scarlett is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She is a singer too. She has featured in Forbes 100 many times. She has a net worth of $165 million.


Eva is the 82nd most popular actress today. She rose to fame for her role in “Desperate Housewives”. She is a successful actress, and was loved for her role in Dora and the lost city. Her net worth is $35 million.


Kristen Stewart is that twilight fame girl who stole our hearts as Bella. She has won the limelight and the Cesar Award and is the first American to be honoured with it. With a net worth of $70 million, she is always in limelight for confidently accepting her sexuality.


She is our Gabriella Montez from High School Musical. This 31-year-old American singer and actress. She has also done movies like the Princess Switch and The Knight Before Christmas.



The Teenage Drama and Transformers fame, Megan Fox, has a pretty lot of controversies with her name. From comparing her director to not thinking about what to speak, she lost pretty great opportunities in her life despite being one of the sexiest women alive. She has a net worth of $10 million.


This beautiful lady is the winner of the American Idol 2004 and is a much followed American singer, songwriter and a fashion designer as well. With her album ‘Cry Pretty’, she has made it to the Billboard 200 album chart too. Her net worth is $55 million.


Hillary Duff or Lizzie McGuire should we call her. Hillary sang songs that kept our generation alive. Her net worth is $25 million. Her ‘What Are Dreams Made Of’ rose her to extreme fame. She has a loyal fan following.


Lohan’s life seems to be a ride that has many twists and turns. A child actress, a pop singer and a failed business, there is so much that she has dealt with. She has rose to fame and has fallen down, and she has made a comeback like a queen. Let’s wish her all the best.


Jessica Simpson is not that dumb blonde girl in movies. One of the most popular actress, singer, author and designer, she started her career in 1997 at the age of 16 and signed with Columbia Records.


Her fashion line today is a billion-dollar empire, and she has designs to appeal to all sizes of women. You’ll find everything in store for a teen to a plus-sized lady.

Her net worth is $200 million. She has a blessed fan following of 5.3 million on her Instagram account and 6.5 million followers on her Twitter account.


Sarah Palin is one very prominent politician in Alaska. With an intelligent mind, she was a former Governor of Alaska. She is also honored to be the first-ever lady to be nominated for the Vice President candidature by the Republican Party of the United States.

It was only her lack of experience that made people think that she was not suitable for the post. She has a net worth of around $15 million.

Her candidature was often questioned because of her child who down syndrome. People frequently asked if she would dedicate much time to her child if she ever became the Vice President.


Anyway, she is so much of an Instagram influencer today with 153k followers and 1.4 million followers on Twitter.


Tina Fey, the trendy American actress, and producer today, actually wanted to pursue a career in comedy. She has often rejected roles because people thought she did not have that glitter and glamour in her like that of an actress. But okay, she didn’t bother and worked on her looks and made a comeback with a sexy body and a makeover.

Though we remember her more with her roles in Saturday Live and Mean Girls, she is still one of the best stands up comedians. She is someone with light-headed her humor will leave you in tickles. She has a net worth of $75 million.


The Sex and the City fame, Sarah Jessica Parker is someone with lots of awards in her shelf adoring all those amazing skills she has. She was seen as Annie in Broadway in the late 1970s.

Sarah is one of those actress who is too much into no nudity scenes. She is very clear about it in her contracts. Jessica has won several awards and some are two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress. She also has her line of fragrances.


Jessica’s net worth is $150 million. She has 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 697.8k followers on Twitter. Sarah Jessica Parker is a personality you will relate with because of her openness of her insecurities and flaws during an interview. She is someone too be openly admired.


An actress with an access to both German and American citizenship, Sandra has worked hard to be at the place that she is today. She is a proud owner of The Oscar for her incredible performance in the movie, ‘The Blind’.

Sandra, owing to her fantastic skills, was one of the highest paid actress in 2014. Do you remember that 1998 animated movie, The Prince If Egypt, it was Sandra who voiced Miriam’s character. She also owns her production house, Fortis Films. This beauty has ruled the industry for like three decades gifting us the best of movies like

The Bird Box, The Proposal and Gravity. She has no verified Instagram account, and may be, that is because of her privacy issues.


She was a high school crush because of her amazing voice and that cute face. Selena’s hard core fans know that she had appeared in the show, Barney and Friends.


How bad we It felt when Justin and Selena dated and they broke up! Anyway, she is a proud owner of her production house, July Moon Productions and sources say that she is a hard hitting producer.

Not only a singer and a producer, Selena has her line of junior fashion clothing, known as Dream out Loud. She also has her fragrance called Selena. Slayer Gomez has a net worth of $80 million.

She is one of the most influential people on Instagram, with 173 million followers and has 60.5 million followers on Twitter. Did I tell you about her obsession with cheeseburgers?


For her iconic role as an investigative reporter Jackie Templeton in her first break, General Hospital, Moore had proved she was someone to be popular and successful.

She is a vibrant, successful, and talented high school dropout. She did that to pursue her dreams of being a model. Demi became one of the highest-paid actress for her role in Striptease, which failed horribly at the box office. Apart from being that amazing model and actress that she is, Moore is known to have produced their series of Austin Powers.


It is said she also had to click nude pictures to support her career. She has 4.6 million followers on Twitter and 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Her net worth is $170 million.


One of the most precious angels of Victoria Secrets, Adriana is a Brazilian model who had her longest tenure in Victoria’s Secret Angels from 2000. This beauty has just garnered endless charm and grace with her aging and has been a Spokesmodel of Maybelline.

She has also starred in the famous series, How I Met Your Mother. Not only this, but Lima is also an executive producer and host to the AI American reality show, American Beauty Stars in 2017.

The beauty is being an ambassador to Desigual, a Barcelona based clothing company and Calzedonia, an Italian wear company. She has a net worth of $85 million. Adriana has 12.6 million followers on her Instagram account and has 2.6 million followers on her Twitter account. Blessed girl Adriana!


We loved her so much in High School Musical and her role as Maddie in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and has won several awards for incredible performance in HSM.


A girl with a sweet tooth and less drama, Ashley is that next door girl you can relate with. Before being this famous that she is today, Ashely had already acted out in many commercials.

She is also known for her album Headstrong with Warner Bros. Records. Tisdale also sang for आx-American President Bill Clinton when she was 12 at the White House.

She is very much known for her humanitarian causes by collaborating with Make A Wish foundation and raised funds for sick children, is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and makes her charity to build homes for the needy.

Her net worth is $10 million. She has 12.3 million followers on Instagram and 12.9 million followers on Twitter.


Lily Allen is that lady who is a rebellion in herself. She holds no typical drama and focuses on doing things that she loves the most. She has achieved success, by the way, most of us would fear to do.


Though she was kicked out of many schools because of her drinking and smoking habits, she left school at the mere age of 15 just to focus on her skills and compositions.

She wanted to be a florist if she failed here in music. Allen’s journey started when she started posting her recordings of song covers on MySpace in 2005. With her extreme talent, she soon signed a contract with Regal/Parlophone. She also got a chance to get featured on BBC Radio One.

This self-made star has her record label, In The Name Of and her clothing line, Lucy In Disguise. Her present net worth is $5 million.


The first-ever American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, is that farm girl who moved out of college, rejected university scholarships and struggled hard and did odd jobs to work for her dream. All this happened before her time in American Idol.

Kelly never thought that she would ever make it to being a superstar that she is today. Kelly has never counted on her outward appearances and always worked on her talent. She had nothing when she appeared on American Idol.


Her first single after the show, A Moment Like This, was a big hit and made it to the first position of Billboard top 100. She is a pop-rock star today.

She has a net worth of $45 million. She has 4.9 million followers on Instagram and 12.3 million followers on Twitter.


With a very controversial relationship with Spencer, Heidi made it to the headlines for her other good reasons. She is an excellent singer, actress and television personality.

Before joining the industry, she had worked as an assistant to Bolthouse Productions. She thereafter got a chance to be featured in ‘The Hills’ an MTV show.

Her debut album Superficial failed miserably and she had to suffer a lot of loss. Anyway, she was also into a lot of controversy for her plastic surgery and she opened up how miserable she felt about the criticism she faced at the mere age of 23.


She also had her own fashion line with the name Heidiwood. She is an influential television personality as well. Her net worth is said to be $150 thousand. Her Instagram account has 942k followers.


The world should always remember this amazingly beautiful singer for her great contribution of songs rather than her addiction to drugs and alcohol which took over her like a demon and ate her up.

She was known for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and is the first British woman to win five Grammy Awards. She also had the Ivor Novello Award in 2004, Best Contemporary Song in 2007, the Brit Award for the best British Female Artist in 2007 and so much more.

Amy died in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning at a mere age of 27. There is a museum at Los Angeles which was set up as a tribute to the legendary singer. All her apparels and signature shoes and photographs are on display there.


Miss Hermione Granger, the extremely talented and beautiful character of Harry Potter that won hearts of many Potterheads out there is none other Emma Watson.


She is an epitome of confidence and grace. It was not only her strong-headed role in the Harry Potter series that won our hearts but her stunningly beautiful character of Belle too made us wonder about this beauty with brains.

She is a feminist, promoting feminism and working hard towards it by not only preaching but also practicing. She is the ambassador of HeForShe. Her name is engrossed in the Guinness World Book Of Records for being the highest-grossing actor. She is a great fashion icon today. Her net worth is $80 million.


Nicki is one of the most famous rappers and singers in the Hollywood industry. Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She had written her first rap at a mere age of 12, but it was only when she was 17 that she became serious about it. Just like Lily, it was MySpace where Nicki started posting her talent and got signed up by the Young Money Records and also become their highest selling artists.

Then came her single debut, ‘Super Bass’, which was a big hit. Nicki Minaj jas never stopped then. She has hits that earned her a loyal fan following.

There is something very common between Minaj and her female following and that is, she loves chocolates and the color pink a lot. Her net worth is $100 million.



Halle is the pride of Hollywood. This multi-talented actress has come out of a long way as sue was bullied of racism at school, although, it didn’t stop her from being the head girl, cheerleader, and editor for the school magazine.

She is widely known for her role in Monster Ball, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress and again, she was the only African to win the award.

She also won the Razzie award for the worst actress and again, she was one of the six actors in history to win it. She accepted the award of criticism with full grace and honor and took the award in person. This 53 years old actress has a net worth of $80 million.


Alicia Keys is one super positive role model despite being a badass that she is. Alicia is a very well known musician who started her career at a mere age of 15 by signing up a contract with Columbia Records.

She is the winner of 15 and a half Grammy Awards because John Mayar thought her song,’If I Ain’t you’ deserved equal honor. She is someone who went makeup-free.


All her albums except the 2009 Element of Freedom, gained number one position at Billboard 200 chart. Alicia is a political activist and has received an award by Amnesty International for her human rights activism. Her net worth is $100 million presently.


Pamela Anderson is famous for Baywatch and Playboy. It was a football match that first bought Anderson into the limelight, where a cameraman featured her on the big screen.

She was then on the cover page of the Playboy magazine in 1989. She was also in headlines for her breast surgery as she increased their size to 34DD.

She was a part of PlayBoy magazine for like 22 years and posed her last nude photo for the magazine in 2016. She then became incredibly famous for her role as CJ Parker on Baywatch.


Beautiful Heidi Klum is the first ever German model to become Victoria Secret Model in 1997 and then hosted the Germany’s Next Top Model.


She also has been an ambassador to many of brands like McDonald and Volkswagen. She was also the face ambassador of Barbie Doll on her 50th anniversary.

She is a successful businesswoman with a net worth of $150 million.  She has a great hold on her television host.


American singer, actress and a television personality, Demi Lovato got attention on her appearances on various Disney shows. She won the Mini Miss Texas in 2000.

To an amazing pop artist that she is, she won a People’s Choice Award for Favourite Pop Artist in 2012. She has been into Mean’s Stinks campaign where she promoted awareness regarding school bullying. With several awards at hand, she has a net worth of $33 million.


She is one of the most famous comedians, actress, host, writer, and producer. She was tagged as America’s Funniest Person, 1982. The stunning host accepted that she was gay in 1997 at the Oprah Winfrey show. She has always fought for LGBT community rights.


Ellen has also won an Emmy Award. She was a host to Emmy Awards in 2002. She again started the worldwide famous talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show which got get support and love and is an award-winning show. Today, she is an outstanding persona, an icon admired by millions and has a net worth of $490 million.

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