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Allison Rivera Wiki – Rey River’s Wife, Personal Life, Recent, Whereabout

Allison Rivera Wiki

Allison Rivera Wiki : Netflix has brought back the hit genuine wrongdoing appear, Unsolved Mysteries, and now has another age of fans snared. The absolute first scene of the reboot handled the unexplained passing of Rey Rivera. The essayist’s passing in 2006 was managed as self-destruction, however, his friends and family don’t imagine that is the thing that truly occurred.

His significant other, Allison Rivera, bereft only a half-year into their marriage, emphatically accepts that Rey didn’t murder himself. As his passing is being examined as a crime, Allison Rivera proceeds with the campaign for answers. Since her appearance on Unsolved Mysteries, watchers are pondering: where is Allison Rivera now? Our Allison Rivera Wiki subtleties what Rey Rivera’s better half has been doing since his baffling passing.

Rey Rivera on Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries: Everything You Need to ...

Allison Jones and Rey Rivera Moved to Baltimore from California

Conceived Allison Jones on June 15, 1970, the Colorado local is the little girl of Thomas and Kathleen Jones. Allison Rivera has in any event one sibling, Chris Jones.

Allison Jones and her accomplice, Rey Rivera (conceived on June 10, 1973), moved from Southern California to Baltimore, Maryland in 2004. They moved so Rivera could work with his companion, Porter Stansberry, as an author and editorial manager of a monetary bulletin, which had ignoble notoriety.


Just about a half year after the couple wedded in 2006, Rey Rivera dove from the housetop of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore. Following seven days in length search, his body was found in an unused office in the inn’s lower floors.

While Baltimore police presumed that his demise was self-destruction in those days, Allison and his family didn’t concur. Rey Rivera’s demise on May 24, 2006, stays a secret that Allison and his family have been attempting to illuminate.

Other than his widow, Rey Rivera was made due by his folks Angel and Maria Rivera, his kin, Angel Rivera and Elena Diaz, and a brother by marriage.

Allison was one of the last individuals Rey addressed before his passing. As per her, that telephone discussion offered no indication of a man who was going to energetically bounce off a rooftop.

“He came up short on the house saying that he was late for something. Who says, ‘Really? It’s 6:30, chance to hop off a major rooftop?” Allison Riversa said on Unsolved Mysteries. “I continued saying there’s something greater. There’s something going on. I realize that he didn’t execute himself.”


Rey’s last call was allegedly to his boss. In any case, it’s obscure what they talked about before he kicked the bucket.

Adding to the riddle, Rey’s cellphone and glasses were totally unblemished after the fall. His cash cut, which he infrequently separated from, was missing and his flip-tumbles purportedly demonstrated drag marks.

Inside The Unsolved Mystery Of Rey Rivera's Death

Allison Rivera Returned to California

Allison Jones moved on from Kent Denver School in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, where she was a multi-sport competitor in volleyball, b-ball, cross-country, track, and soccer. She has a four-year college education in bookkeeping and business the executives with a minor interchange and French from the University of San Diego. She likewise contemplated composition at grown-up training classes at UCLA.

Jones worked in numerous urban areas since 1995. She oversaw departmental planning at a golf organization in San Diego. She later aided oversaw accounts at US Mobility in L.A. until 1999, and afterward at Luxelle International in Beverly Hills.


At the point when she and Rey Rivera moved to Baltimore, Jones entered the hairstyling industry. She has been a monetary supervisor for L.A.- based hair-styling brand Sexy Hair Concepts since 2002. In Baltimore, she worked for a similar organization as a brand supervisor until 2006.

After her better half’s demise, Allison Rivera came back to California, where she was an independently employed business advisor in Venice for longer than 10 years. As indicated by her LinkedIn, Rivera’s area as of late was in Glastonbury, Connecticut, where she was a business procedure authority for DermaSilk until 2013.

Rivera came back to Colorado as the CFO of Dermbiotix in 2014 and indeed started taking care of business advancement for KeraColor Haircare. For over four years, she was the leader of Colorado-based GIBS Grooming, a men’s preparing image.

Yet, since 2019, Allison Rivera has lived in Los Angeles. She is as of now the VP of business advancement at Boulevard, a brand that joins magnificence and innovation.

Rivera is moderately dynamic via web-based networking media. From her ongoing posts, apparently she hasn’t been seeing someone she was bereft.

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