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American Horror Story season 10 release date, cast and more

American Horror Story season 10

Season 10 of American Horror Story was not released in 2020 because of the pandemic. It is, though, surely not canceled. This is all we learned so far about the series’ 10th season.

Complete disclosure: For now, not that much is understood. There’s so little to share with anyone with the show only beginning to shoot, and Ryan Murphy still wants to make it as surprising as possible. It works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t.

American Horror Story season 10

What about the Production?

Ryan Murphy revealed on Instagram during Aug. 2020 that implementation will gradually commence — viably — in October.

Premiere Date

On FX, there isn’t an official launch date yet. We know that sometime in 2021 the season will arrive, but not precisely when.

Is FX going to hold off until September 2021? To time episodes with Halloween, it would make sense. There’s no rush in a performance like this.

The Trailer of the American Horror Story Season 10

There is also no preview available for season 10 of American Horror Story.For the season, Ryan Murphy published a few posters and we talked about what they might mean.


The Talented Cast

For the 10th season, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are returning. During the ninth season, they were absent and it was certainly felt. Fans are thrilled to see who they should be going to face in the season ahead.

During the 10th season, Macaulay Culkin will make his concert debut. On his character, there are no details.

Guesses Plot

The story is still a mystery, but the newest preview from Ryan Murphy – a new poster – is a major hint. The illustration, marked Provincetown, Massachusetts, shows a gaping mouth with pointy fangs. In the forums, fans proposed lots of ideas, but one specific guess stuck out.

Of course, some Googling has been done and it’s about a ‘bizarre being’ or ‘tall monster’ lurking about Provincetown and often seen by kids. Murphy seemed to hint that the series would try to appeal to what the viewers want without giving too much away.

What would be the Synopsis of this Season?

In the 10th season, what should we expect? Murphy has also not announced the theme. There are a number of myths that ships, cruise lines, and even mermaids or sirens would be associated with it. This is definitely implied by the posters.


Major expectations of Season 10

Sarah Paulson is going to return publicly

Without Sarah Paulson, 1984 marked the first season, but the actress is not planning on making it a theme. The actress announced she will be returning in January 2020 for Season 10.

Also, Macaulay Culkin will feature

This season will also welcome Macaulay Culkin to the AHS family in a position that sounds pretty darn buck wild, in addition to the returning favorites.

Evan Peters will be back for Season 10 as well

Sarah Paulson appears to have received her wish. Ryan Murphy announced in February 2020 that Evan Peters will be returning to appear in the FX anthology’s impending 10th season.

Maybe the style has changed

Ryan Murphy announced in May 2020, as a result of the production setback, that he would have to modify the theme for Season 10, which was expected to have a summer beach atmosphere.

Will there be any upcoming Seasons?

While both FX and Netflix hold Murphy occupied with separate projects, American Horror Story would at least return through Season 13. In January 2020, Deadline reported that seasons 11, 12, and 13 of the anthology series were ordered by FX. So if your fan-favorites aren’t coming back for season 10, they may turn up in a potential spooky installment.


A spin-off on-board

Murphy revealed that, in May 2020, he was creating an AHS spin-off on his Instagram. The forthcoming FX season, titled American Horror Stories, will compose of hourlong, conscience stories and will likely star some former representatives of the AHS cast.  

The Final Crunch

That’s what we got from your most beloved horror film. The viewers are overflowing with joy with the added cast and fresh plot. So, keep the rush thriving as the screens will soon be reached by season 10. We have provided you with all the important information regarding the coming new season in this report. We hope you find this article useful and all your questions were answered now.

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