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Andrea Valdiri – Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Facts, Family | Autobiography Blog

Andrea Valdiri
Andrea Valdiri Personal Information  
Full Name Andrea Valdiri Ospina
Birth July 23, 1991
Age 28 years
Occupation Model, dancer, Instagramer, singer, and businesswomen
Nationality Colombian

Andrea Valdiri Ospina (Born: July 23, 1991) is a Colombian model, dancer, instagramer, and singer. She was Lady Colombia in 2015. She is known in networks for her beauty, dances, and outfits. She also has a line of women’s clothing and swimwear. In 2017 she won recognition for the “Beautiful and Sensual” challenge, and a year later, she rose to fame with the Dura Challenge, being recognized by Daddy Yankee himself. Her debut single Violent was released in 2019. 

Early Years

She was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, and s very attached to her family. Her father is called Eduardo, and her sisters are Shuzam and Fairuz. She said she suffered abuse from her father, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. From an early age, she showed an interest in sports.

She was a member of a team skating and began modeling at the age of fourteen years. After finishing high school, she studied Radio and Television Management and Production, thanks to a sports scholarship at the Universidad Autonoma del caribe.

When she was 19 years old, her partner died in a traffic accident,.At that time she was waiting for her daughter Isabela (now nine years old). After the loss, Andrea focused on getting ahead for her daughter. She resumed her career as a model and launched her brand of swimwear, called La Valdiri.

She also finished her degree and started making some appearances in music videos and popular events. Little by little, she gains recognition.


Valdiri: Lady Colombia and fame on Instagram

Five years after her daughter’s birth, Valdiri represents the Atlantic in the Lady Colombia Beauty Pageant, taking the crown in front of 17 other beautiful participants. Once chosen as queen, she fully manages her functions in events and social works throughout the country.

Although she gained recognition in her time as queen, fame came to her years later through Instagram, a platform on which she is known for her sensual dances and outfits. In 2017, she began to attract the attention of the public with her videos when she appeared as a contestant in the Bella y sensual challenge, proposed by Romeo Santos.

The challenge was to choose three fans who would appear in the video for the song, performed alongside Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee. Of course, Valdiri was chosen.

After her appearance on the video, her popularity grew and raised the number of followers. Later she attracts the attention again with her video of the Dura Challenge of reggaeton Daddy Yankee. The success of her choreography was unprecedented. She was even recognized by the same singer, who did not hesitate to repost her video.

She has been a trend on several occasions for her choreography, challenges, outfits, and imitations of characters since then. On her Instagram, Valdiri has appeared dressed as Freddie Mercury, Mystique, and Jessica Rabbit.


Success in networking has not stopped her from continuing her work as an entrepreneur. Now she owns her La Valdiri brand and also possesses a dance academy and a fitness center. Besides, as an influencer, she promotes various lines and products.

While she is known for her covers, in 2019, she made her singing debut with her single Violent.


On May 31, 2018, she won the Influencer Dancer of the year award at the Premios Estrellas Digitales.

Personal Life

She was a partner of the footballer Michael Ortega. She was recently in public sight, after being injured in a fight with her sister, Shuzam.


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