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Annalisa Chirico Wiki – Know About Her, Who Is Not Afraid To Have Her Say!

Annalisa Chirico is a bright young journalist with a straight tongue. Behind her beautiful presence, there is a highly prepared character in her field: writing. For her, writing is everything: air, food, life.

The journalist has always been determined about her future and her father was the figure who spurred her on the most. For those who do not know about Annalisa Chirico well, we have found some goodies to read about her life.

Currently, she is a well-known face of the printed press, she has made herself known on the small screen as a guest of various television programs and lounges, and also as the author of a very popular blog.

Annalisa Chirico:Know About Her, Who Is Not Afraid To Have Her Say!

Annalisa Chirico: All About Her Education

Originally from the province of Brindisi, in Puglia, at the age of 18, she left her homeland for Rome, where she attended university; initially, she wanted to stay in Tuscany (for love), but her dad was categorical and she willingly accepted.

She graduated in Political Science at the prestigious Luiss Guido Carli in Rome. And during her years of study, she moved to Belgium for a few months, thanks to the Erasmus experience, and her brilliant mind opens up more and more, stimulated by new experiences. Annalisa Chirico’s vision of the world and society is very particular and avant-garde for an Italian woman.

Annalisa Chirico: Political Journey Of The Journalist

Annalisa Chirico’s passion for politics was born thanks to her father, a former military man. The journalist and her sister grew up very freely. She told in a talk show “We could dress as we wanted.

At eight I rolled my first cigarette. At fourteen, dad gave me the Vespa. The father has always motivated his daughter to pursue her dreams, it was he who led her back to the right way, when for the love she wanted to stay in Tuscany, instead of returning to Rome.

Media Offering

Annalisa Chirico never sends them to say. With words, she manages to perfectly express her ideals and that’s why many newspapers wanted to collaborate with her, the main ones were Giornale, Foglio, and Panorama. In the last magazine mentioned, Annalisa created a blog of her own, entitled, in its pungent style, Politically incorrect. Then came the numerous television appearances in which the blogger is often at the center of heated debates.

Strong Feminism Character

The journalist defines herself as a feminist outside the box. In the columns of the newspaper, she had described her conceptual key to feminism: “I am a pro”, “pro-no”, “pro-prostitution” feminist. Mine is libertarian feminism, opposite to that of the living room that would like to impose models from Saudi Arabia. It tells women to cover themselves, it censors the advertising that uses the female body.

Being a very transparent type, regarding her opinions, Annalisa Chirico has often been targeted on the web, but given her character, she laughs at us. She said, “They wrote that I look like a horse and that I have small tits, all very true things. “They wrote that I look like a horse and that I have small tits, all very true things. “For the rest, I keep myself as far as possible from badness ”. 

Annalisa Chirico’s Private Life: Chicco Testa And Many More Things

As for private life, Annalisa Chirico in the past has made herself known to the general public for her romantic relationship with Chicco Testa. The journalist was the last flame credited to the public and private manager, and former Enel President. Why is a 27-year-old woman with a sixty-two man?  Dagospia really asked her. And her reply was “He is not the oldest man I have been with”.

Annalisa Chirico: Know About Her, Who Is Not Afraid To Have Her Say!

In October 2018 she was paparazzi by Chi with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo on the 3.5 million him yacht. It is the first time that Montezemolo is photographed in the company of a woman, after the separation from the ex-wife Ludovica Andreoni. And their age difference is 39 years old.

Revelation About Her Current Affair

On her Instagram profile, she never posts photos in the sweet company, so much so that in the radio program Un Giorno da Pecora. In June 2019, she revealed: “I am single, perhaps a little in love. For a couple of months, I have been courting a person, there is an open courtship. Let’s say she’s in an open relationship with a mysterious man.

6 Curiosities About Annalisa Chirico

  • She has written several books, but her bestseller is “We are all whores” against the dictatorship of the politically correct. In 2020 she published Stelle Cadent.
  • Annalisa doesn’t eat meat.
  • She is an atypical feminist. She defines herself: “Feminist pro-sex, pro p0rno, pro-prostitution. According to her, she is libertarian feminism, opposite to that of the salottiero who would like to impose models from Saudi Arabia, tells women to cover themselves, censors the advertising that uses the female body” she told in Giornale.
  • Annalisa Chirico is president of the Until Proven Evidence movement – Until proven guilty, who fights for efficient justice.
  • She is not immune to bad things: For the rest I keep myself as far as possible from the badness, “he revealed to Interviste Romane.
  • She lives in Rome, or so it is assumed, even if she is always around Italy for work. Her earnings are not known.