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Awkwafina Net Worth 2020 – Wiki, Early Life, Family, Career, Personal Life

Awkwafina Net Worth 2020

Nora Lum, referred to expertly as Awkwafina, is an American entertainer, comic artist, author, producer, and rapper. She rose to conspicuousness in 2012 when her rap melody “My Vag” got well known on YouTube. She at that point discharged her introduction collection, Yellow Ranger, and showed up on the MTV satire arrangement Girl Code.

Awkwafina picked up distinction after her 2012 viral YouTube video “My Vag” and has since featured in motion pictures, for example, ‘Insane Rich Asians,’ ‘Sea’s 8’ and ‘The Farewell.’

In 2012, Awkwafina shared a video for her hilariously proud rap “My Vag” on YouTube. The video, which in the end became a web sensation, cost her work in book exposure however set her head for film and TV fame. In 2018 Awkwafina had key supporting jobs in the hit films Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians. The following year she conveyed an honor winning lead execution in The Farewell. She likewise co-made and stars in the arrangement Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens.

Early Life

Awkwafina was conceived Nora Lum on June 2, 1988, in Stony Brook, Long Island. She is the girl of Chinese American Wally and Tia, who went to the United States from South Korea to learn at SUNY New Paltz. Tia, a painter, experienced aspiratory hypertension and died when Awkwafina was 4. Following this misfortune, Awkwafina started utilizing silliness to attempt to disperse the bitterness she found in everyone around her. She wrote in People magazine in 2019, “I think constantly, what might I have been doing if my mother hadn’t passed? I don’t think I’d be here, in light of the fact that I feel that I needed to confront a specific degree of injury to be so blissfully self-censuring thus free.”

Her dad and his mom brought Awkwafina up in Forest Hills, Queens. She’s said that as a kid, “all My birthday wish was, ‘I need to some time or another be on TV.’” Yet she felt the absence of good examples who resembled her until a 7-year-old Awkwafina saw Margaret Cho on the little screen. Awkwafina feels that Cho “transformed me. If not for her, I wouldn’t do this.” Lucy Liu was another motivation; a youthful Awkwafina held up outside the Saturday Night Live studios to see Liu when she facilitated the show.


Awkwafina shops at Target and rarely splurges


Awkwafina began playing the trumpet in school, a decision she made on the grounds that it was the most intense instrument accessible (such a large number of children needed the drums). Her playing got her into Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School (the school that enlivened the film and TV show Fame), however, she concurred with her educators that she shouldn’t seek after a profession with the instrument. After graduation, she went to SUNY Albany, where she studied news-casting and minored in ladies’ investigations.

Following school, Awkwafina filled in as an exposure partner yet was given up after “My Vag” came out. She at that point took on an assortment of employments, including at a veggie-lover bodega, to get by while seeking after a profession in amusement. Right now her dad asked her to consider what he accepted were increasingly secure positions, for example, an air traffic controller or meat monitor. Be that as it may, he came to acknowledge Awkwafina’s way as she ascended the stepping stool of achievement.

Awkwafina thought of the name Awkwafina when she was 16, with the spelling a gesture to her sentiments of clumsiness. A long time later, when she posted the video for “My Vag” on YouTube, “it appeared to be pretentious to pick an arbitrary name to put the video under, so I stayed with what I felt was correct. At that point, individuals began considering me that, in actuality.”

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Personal Life

In spite of the fact that her acting profession has taken off, Awkwafina has no designs to abandon music. Nonetheless, she feels her music might be restricted in its intrigue. “I’ve kinda abandoned advertising Awkwafina for the general population,” she uncovered in a 2017 meeting. “I chose I’m going to keep making odd music, and my little specialty fan base that is still with me right up ’til today will keep enjoying it and I figure individuals will keep on being befuddled by it.”

Awkwafina is presently single, as per our records. Hip bounce craftsman and entertainer who at first picked up acclaim by circulating around the web in 2012. She is one of the most recent slanting specialists in the present time.


Net Worth

Awkwafina is an American rapper, comic, entertainer and TV character who has total assets of $4 million. she played trumpet in secondary school and was prepared in old style and jazz music. She is widely regarded as the next generation musical star who knows acting too.

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