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Top 20 Best Comedy Anime Everyone Should Watch

Best Comedy Anime Everyone Should Watch

Love watching anime? It’s like the more you follow the more you discover. Some people like action anime with epic battles, while some like mystery anime to solve riddles. But comedy anime is well-loved by everyone because it involves light stories and is worth making your day with laughs. Further, check out these lists of best comedy anime which can make you laugh so hard. You can also read Top 20 Best Anime Everyone.

Top 20 Best Comedy Anime Everyone Should Watch

1. DanshiKoukousei no Nichijou

DanshiKoukousei no Nichijou

This is not any love story or romance. But a story group of friends named Hidenori, Tadakuni, and Yoshitake bumbling their ways through adolescence. This self-aware comedy will have you laughing so hard because it relates to real life. 

2. Nichijou


Nichijou is the best comedy anime focusing on the everyday lives of Trio, Naganohara Mio, AioiYuuko, Minakami Mai, and Shinonome family. This anime is filled with healthy comedy including various forms of ridiculousness and madness. 

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3. Servant x Service

Servant x Service

The story centers around the daily lives of employees in Mitsuba City’s government office, the fictional city in Hokkaido. There are several touches of humor and surprises in this top comedy anime involving Hasebe Yutaka, Yamagami Lucy, and Miyoshi Saya, the newcomer workers.

4. Aho Girl

Aho Girl

Story of a very stupid high school girl named Yoshiko Hanabatake who always get 0 in all her exam. Shas a strange obsession with bananas and does all the stupid things every day with her childhood friend Akuru. Just watch this and you will laugh at every scene. 

5. Minami-Ke


This comedy slice of life anime follows the story of three sisters just trying to do the best they can, but by coincidence, they happen to come across a family of three brothers with the same last name. You can probably guess what happens next. So, don’t miss to watch it!

6. AsobiAsobase


Centers on the story of a smart but stubborn student named Hanako, who has a great sense of fashion. Other important characters include Olivia and her classmate Kasumi. This is much like a lite version of Nichijou with a variety of hilarious parodies and humor. 

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7. Sakurasou no Pet naKanojo

Sakurasou no Pet naKanojo

Romantic Comedy Anime of Kanda Sorata who moves to Sakurasou where he is forced to become Mashiro’s caretaker. This is a vivid romance-comedy yet inspiring tale about dreams and passion that could make you laugh and cry at the same time.

8. Slam Dunk 

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a story of HanamichiSakuragi, a bad boy in Shohoku High School who falls in love with a basketball fangirl, Haruko Akagi. The anime shows more about the value of developing to become better and better through the days. This is worth watching in every aspect. 

9. Shimoneta to IuGainengaSonzai Shinai TaikutsunaSekai

Shimoneta to IuGainengaSonzai Shinai TaikutsunaSekai

The anime is a mix of humor and strict morality laws. The story begins with Tanukichi Okuma who entered his new school. He only had one intention, which is following the example of the student council president, Anna Nishikinomiya.

10. KonoSubarashiiSekainiShukufuku wo!

KonoSubarashiiSekainiShukufuku wo!

Features the funny adventure life of the ex-hikineet Kazuma and “stupid” goddess Aqua to defeat the Demon King begin! The story begins with Satou Kazuma, a hikineet boy, who died in a very embarrassing way, and there afterlife he meets a goddess, Aqua.

11. Gintama

Gintama is a comedy anime series filled with humor and madness. Here Gintoki Sakata, known as Yorozuya Gin-san carries the soul of a samurai. He is reckless and is ready to take on any challenge with his fellow companions. 

12. Working!!

Working!!, released in English territories as Wagnaria!!, is a Japanese four-panel comic strip that follows the activities of the unusual employees (Sota and one of her classmates Popura ) at one of the units of the Wagnaria family restaurant chain.


13. My Bride is a Mermaid (Seto no Hanayome)

This is a romantic-comedy anime of a young boy who gets saved from drowning by a mermaid. But as per mermaid law – if a human sees a mermaid’s true form, both are to be executed. The only solution for the problem to him is to marry her and become part of the mermaid family.

14. Arakawa Under the Bridge

The story of Kou Ichinomiya is who always according to the creed of his wealthy family. But, one day under the Arakawa Bridge his life is saved by a homeless girl Nino. To pay her back Kou declares to be her boyfriend. This is a heart-warming funny anime which is sure to make you laugh hard.

15. HatarakuMaou-Sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

HatarakuMaou-Sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer) is about Satan who finds himself in Modern-Day Japan and works as a part-timer at McRonalds. The entertaining plot of this funny anime is magnified by the diverse cast of silly characters.

16. School Rumble

School Rumble is a romantic comedy anime for mature audiences. It’s all about relationships between Japanese high school students, involved in a love triangle. The characters include Tenma Tsukamoto, Kenji Harima, and one of the classmates Oji Karasuma.  

17. Ouran High School Host Club (OuranKoukou Host Club) 

The anime mirrors Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran High School, and the other members of the successful host club. The romantic comedy concentrates on the relationships within and outside the Club.


18. Great Teacher Onizuka

This is a classic comedy anime revolving around the story of an eccentric, mischievous teacher. At 22 years old, Eikichi Onizuka outlines everything that confronts the foundations of the educational system. His methods are considered strange and often dangerous.

19. AzumangaDaioh

This is cute, funny anime featuring the daily tribulations of Miss Yukari, Miss Kurosawa, the wild Tomo, hair-triggered Yomi, brash Kagura, ditzy Osaka, cute Chiyo-chan, and athletic (but girly) Sakaki. This is sure to make you laugh.

20. Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Cromartie High School)

The story revolves around Takashi Kamiyama, a typical mild-mannered high school student – with polite nature and slightly above-average IQ. The question is will this boy enroll himself at the infamous Cromartie High School, known as a breeding ground for the toughest delinquents out there?

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