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6 Best Procreate Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android in 2021

Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

Nowadays drawing is one of the most common hobbies which is in practice. And with the help of technology, it becomes really very easy to draw and edit your work digitally.  Procreate is a graphics editor app that is used for digital painting. The main purpose of this app is to recreate the natural feel of physical drawing, by using the advantage of the digital platform but the only disadvantage of this app is, it is designed only in response to the artistic possibilities of the iPad. Procreate fully supports the Apple pencil, once you have paired your pencil with a compatible iPad, it will directly work with procreate and no further steps are needed.

Though procreate app is not available for android, there is an abundance of alternatives with the same functionality. All the alternatives will work similarly to the procreate app. Here are the best procreate alternatives for android, that you can use to fabricate dazzling artworks and paintings.

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Best Procreate Alternatives For Android in 2021

Don’t waste time let’s know the best Procreate alternative list for Android!

1.Autodesk Sketchbook

It is a raster graphics Software application intended for concept sketching and attractive drawing. It lets the architects, designers, and artists sketch ideas into stunning illustrations. This Autodesk sketchbook is entirely free for desktops, tablets, and android mobiles with all pro versions and features.


It is an amazing professional sketchbook. This software runs offline. No internet connection is needed to work in this application but t the initial stage internet connection is needed to install the application and to activate the software.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

You know that procreate is the most popular digital drawing app in the app store, but Adobe Photoshop is trending up very fast. And also you must know that adobe Photoshop sketch is a free application. This app is an absolutely perfect one for drawing and photo editing. Its primary function is built around Photo editing, so it contains all the tools you needed to draw your own artwork. This system is a good one for creating custom creations that look delightful.

It has a vast collection of pens and brushes that will help you to create beautiful paintings. It also has the largest libraries of professionally-created tools like pens, pencils, as well erasers. This software lets you to add multiple drawing layers for merging, renaming, or restacking. Apart from this, you can get faster access to 11 different tools to fine-tune pivotal things such as color, opacity, size.

3. Paper color

Paper color is an outstanding painting application in which a paintbrush is used to draw and doodle. In this app, painting is very much easy compared to others and you can also learn painting easily.

It has a different color library and different style brushes to make your painting more attractive. This is the best application to utilize your time by creating wonderful paintings, while traveling or while wasting time on the airplane. One of the most relevant apps which can be used in your android mobiles is Paper color. So don’t waste your time, install it and enjoy the drawing experience by using the tools and coloring it.


4. ArtFlow

Artflow is an app that completely turns your Android phone or tablet into a complete sketchbook. It has many brushes to fully customize the painting by changing the flow, gradient, size, etc. in addition to a large number of brushes it also contains all tools necessary for creating amazing works of art on your Android phone.

There is another interesting feature of this application, which that is you can work with high-resolution canvases. Artflow is a powerful digital drawing app that helps you to create your own painting by providing all kinds of tools.

5. MediBang  Paint – Make Art

If you are on the hunt for an unbelievably easy-to-use procreate alternative for android devices to create beautiful arts, then MediBang Paint could be worth having a look at.

It has enough variety in the forms of fonts, brushes, and an ever-growing library of backgrounds. Similar to procreate, this application also saves your entire data to the cloud so that you can logically move from one device to the other without having any worries. It has reliable and collaboration of features

6. Drawing desk

Searching for a better alternative to procreate? Yes right. Then the Drawing desk will be the right choice. It is a pretty good app for drawing, doodling, and sketching. This app is useful to both kids and adults due to the east to use tools and simple interface.


You would definitely love to use this application right after you started using it. It has more features to create your own paintings creatively. It offers more than 1000 colorful pages to let your creativity shine. It also contains a full-color palette with a touch color picker and themes.  What’s more, it also has an excellent set of touching effects with magic and live brushes for the times where you may want to desk up to your thoughts.

Bottom line

All the above-mentioned applications are alternative of procreating app which works similar to it. All these apps are available in the app store, you can install and enjoy drawing by using the tools and features given in it

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