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Top 10 Best White NBA Players of All Time and His Net worth

Best White NBA Players of All Time

NBA (National Basketball Association) in North America is the professional basketball league for men. The league consists of 30 teams. 29 teams from the United States and 1 team from Canada. This league was founded in New York City.

It was found in the year 1946. Earlier when it was found, it was called as Basketball Association of American (BAA). Later the name was changed into NBA on 3rd August 1949. This was done after their amalgamation with (NBL) National Basketball League.

Best White NBA Players of All Time
Best White NBA Players of All Time

Its regular season starts from October till April. Every team is supposed to play 82 games. The playoff of the game is dragged till June. This is one of the biggest professional leagues In the United States and also in Canada.

If you are interested to know about the team or the best white NBA players, then you should read the list given below.

10 Best White NBA Players That Might Drag Your Interest 

1. Larry Bird

Larry Bird

Net worth: His net worth is worth $55 million

He is considered one of the greatest players among the five top players in the NBA. He would have achieved more success and fame if he wouldn’t have injured his back. This unfortunate incident took place in the year 1985. Despite this injury, he did not give up, continued playing with the pain, and scored great numbers. He truly proved that he deserves to be among one of the best white NBA players ever.

2. Steve Nash

Steve Nash

Net worth: It is around $95 million

He is a Canadian professional basketball player. He not only played 18 seasons and became the eight-time NBA All-Star, but also became the seven-time All-NBA selection. He was given the title of NBA Most Valuable Player two times when he was playing for Pheonix Suns. His performance proved that he was one of the best white NBA players of all time. He was the 15th pick of the NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns, this happened in the year 1996.


3. John Stockon

John Stockon

Net worth: It is worth $40 Million

He was one of the fastest, strong and ultimate competitors. The best way to describe him is an underrated player, who always kept himself away from the limelight. He always preferred to dress simple. He always concentrated more on his method and game rather than the credits for playing the game. He can be considered as one of the best white players in the NBA. He is also the all-time NBA leader in both steals and assists as well.

4. Mark Price

Mark Price

Net worth: His total net worth is $114 Million

He was a tough competition for the opposite player. Unfortunately, his career could not last long due to his injuries. He leads the team Cleveland Cavaliers. In the early 90s, his team dared to challenge the Bulls during that point of time in Knicks. He also managed to score the deadly three-point shot. Though his career was not as long as he expected, even in his short span of career he gave the most of it. 

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5. Kevin Mchale

Kevin Mchale

Net worth: It is $16 Million

This man is considered the second-best player in the team and a member of the hall of fame. He was one of the great players among white American NBA players. Though he looked like he never lifted any weights and seemed ill and always drank a cane of soda before every game, despite his such conduct he was considered as one of the top five power forwards of all time.

6. Kevin Love

Kevin Love

Net worth: It is around $50 Million

He is an American professional basketball player. He is among the current white NBA players. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He won five-time all-star. He also won the NBA championship in the year 2016 with the Cavaliers. He is the son of an NBA player, the name of his father is Stan Love. Kevin was also a member of the gold medal-winning USA men’s national team at the 2010 FIBA world championship and in 2012 in the Summer Olympics.


7. Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin

Net worth: It is worth $18 million

He played for the Golden Warriors’ team. His game was always entertaining and interesting in the history of NBA history. He was elected to the hall of fame. He was elected in the year 2011. He was among one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of this particular game.

8. Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers

Net worth: It is around $1 million –  $5 Million

He is the only player in the history of the NBA who has scored over 20,000 or more points but could not get elected for the Hall of Fame. He used to play the power forward position. He was chosen for four NBA All-Star Games as a member of Pheonix Suns and Seattle SuoerSonics.

9. Dan Majerle

Dan Majerle

Net worth: It is worth $108 Million

He was also known as the Thunder Dan. He was an interesting and entertaining player to watch. His matches would always make his fans get excited. He is now retired and at present, he is the coach of the Grand Canyon Antelopes. He played for 14 years in NBA. He played for the teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, and Miami Heat.

10. Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Net worth: It is worth $20 Million

He is also known by his nickname White chocolate. He is popular for playing the game most entertainingly. He was a point guard in NBA, during the 12 seasons from the 1990s till the 2000s. He played for the teams such as Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, and Miami Heat. However, he was not a good player in the start but he slowly grew and inspired many.

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Wrapping Up

These was the top white NBA players who played great and made became popular. They all are active members of USA Basketball that is also recognized by FIBA. These players are the world’s highest-paid athletes with an average annual payment per player.



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