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Big Mouth Season 5 – Release Date & Trailer Updates

Big Mouth Season 5 – Release Date & Trailer Updates

Big Mouth Season 5 – Release Date & Trailer Updates:

The Big Mouth series hit on Netflix in 2016, a total of 4 seasons has been released already. Now, the fans of this show are eagerly waiting for its Season 5. It is animated around a group of teenager’s journeys. It is highly relatable covers a more audience as they might have experienced the same in their life. 

Big Mouth Season 5 – Release Date & Voice Cast

Furthermore, the show’s creators of Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll have included many funny scenes in all seasons they might be behind the reason for its success. So, we expected the same for the upcoming season 5. 

The Big Mouth Series has 4 seasons with 41 episodes previous one was released in December 2020. Now, everyone wants to know the updates about the next seasons. As per the latest news, Season 5 would have 10 episodes. Here we provide detailed information about the Big Mouth Season 5. 

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Big Mouth Season 4: Recap

Season 4 depicts the anxiety and ego clashes generating in teenagers and how they handle pressure while choosing their careers. Furthermore, the previous has revolved around the concept of racial and sexual identity. And the series itself offered ways to overcome such issues. Though these topics were sensitive, it doesn’t seem serious as such situations were funny representations. 


As far as the storyline is concerned, every kid has fought their personal battle themselves. However, Nick had it pretty bad as his negative self of Nick Starr has taken over his body. Furthermore, the whole season had revolved around Nick’s life whether he continues to be selfish or let it go. Towards the end, Nick has chosen to embrace his negative self. So, season 4 was all about loving and accepting themselves with flaws.

Big Mouth Season 5: Expectations & Trailer

every season had improved script, so, their fans have higher expectations on season 5. Also, they are speculating some interesting facts about the upcoming season. 

As per the updates, Missy has a new voice given by Ayo Edibiri in the upcoming seasons. According to the creator’s view, it was mandatory as Missy is a black woman voiced by white actress Jenny Slate previously. And the audience is expecting more scenes of Natalie, a trans character voiced by Josie Totah in Season 5. 

Season 4 had a perfect ending. So, Season 5 might not screen some bonds and relationships of the characters like Matthew’s bond with his mom, and Andrew’s growing obsession with Missy. 

Big Mouth Season 5: Release Date & Cast

The creators of the Big Mouth have always been consistent in releasing new seasons. And they have released the Seasons between September-October except 4. Season 4 has released in December due to the Corona crisis. So, Season 5 is expected to hit on the screen by the end of 2021. 

Big-Mouth-season-5 (1)

There are no new characters and not more changes in casting departments in Season 5. 

  • The Hormone Monster, Nick and Maury are voiced by Nick Kroll  
  • Andrew Glouberman’s character is voiced by John Mulaney.
  • Jessi Glaser’s is voiced by Jessi Klein.
  • Matthew MacDill’s is voiced by Andrew Rannells.
  • Missy Foreman-Greenwald’s is voiced by Ayo Edibiri, Jenny Slate was voiced previously.
  • Jay Bilzerian’s is voiced by Jason Mantzoukas. 
  • Elliot Birch’s character is voiced by Fred Armisen.
  • The Hormone Monstress, Connie’s is voiced by Maya Rudolph.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Will the Big Mouth Series Have Season 5?

Yes, there will be a Season 5 and 6 creators have confirmed it long ago. Moreover, Season 5 is expected to release around the end of the year 2021.


2. Is Big Mouth Series Canceled?

No, the Big Mouth is not canceled. In fact, the creators have already confirmed it, the Season 5 and 6 will surely hit on the screen. Furthermore, the fifth season will be released by the ending of 2021. 

3. Which age is Opt for Big Mouth?

Big Mouth might be for kids, but it’s definitely not for children under 18 years. Moreover, it has vulgar language and sexual graphics, so, it is inappropriate for the growing kids.


Thus, therefore, this is everything about the most loved show, Big Mouth. Here we have provided enough details about the insights on the cast, release date, etc. We hope Season 5 will be released soon. Stay connected to this page for further updates. 

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