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Bonding Season 3 – Release Date & Trailer

Bonding Season 3

As the title name implies, the story deals with some complicated and messed up bonds, revolves around Tiff and Pete who are high school students, and their struggles in relationships and life. 

Recently, a rumor has been spread about this series as it is the story of its maker Rightor Doyle.  

Bonding Season 3

Bonding Season 1 has a total of 7 episodes that has gained a huge fan base within a few days of its release. So, the makers have planned to release next season in January 2020. However, it didn’t go as they planned. 

However, season 2 has just been released on 27 January 2021. Now, the fans are anticipating season 3. So, we are here to update you on everything about the third season. Let’s go to the topic directly without wasting time. 

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Bonding Season 2 – Revisit

Before we talk further updates about Bonding Season 3 and its probable plot, let’s have a quick review about Season 2. Season 1 ended on a hefty note where Pete and Tiff escaped from the police as Tiff stabbed her client.

So, the end of Season 2 was also something similar to Season 1 in that everything fell apart in the end. 


Bonding Season 3 – Trailer & Story 

A Heartbreaking Realization –

Tiffany and Peter had a heartbreak because their bond might not remain the same as their high school. 

Furthermore, Peter overheard a conversation between Tiff and Portia while she consoling her, and also she confessed to her that she broke her relationship with Peter because she had aborted their child. She also told her that they both were not ready for the responsibility, as Peter was already in his sexual identification crisis. 

Wedge Between The High School Buddies –

Her statement created a wedge among them. As a Result, Peter made fun of his unborn child while performing on the stage. The audience was totally clueless about the reality, but the situation became even worse when Tiff arrived and saw Peter’s performance of making fun of her unborn child. So, she was left heartbroken on seeing them. 

Therefore, it is pretty evident that they won’t patch up easily as both are strong in their decision. 


Final Nail In The Coffin –

Things were even worse when Pete decided to join a gig where he needed to make fun of their unborn child. Moreover, he had the guts to ask for permission from Tiff for doing this. This action of him was a nail in the coffin of Pete’s and Tiff’s bond.


Everything that she went through, made her take a clear decision on her future ever than before. So, she finally confessed to Doug and allowed him to make his girlfriend officially. 

Furthermore, Tiff decided to open up a new one while Mistress Mira decided to shut down the dungeon. And she even founded a new place on the outskirts of New York City. In the last scenes, we have seen her calling mom, probably to patch up with her. 

Expectations With Bonding Season 3:

Bonding Season 2 really gave a real emotional feel to their fans. However, the ending of season 2 was really awesome, scripted well. 

Therefore, their fans are expecting the possibility of seeing them together in the future. According to the story, both of them have a new life separately. So, Season 3 would be going to be more interesting to see whether they will be okay without each other or miserable. 


The story also is being predicted that Peter might have a tough situation in the glamorous world where everyone is selfish and problematic, so he might heartbreak emotionally which might enlighten him about the bonds with Tiff. 

On the other hand, Tiff seems to have everything except Pete. So, she might miss him then and now. However, both of their egos might come in a way to reconciling with each other. 

Bonding Season 3: Release Date

Bonding Season 2 has just arrived on OTT such as Netflix with its interesting episodes. However, fans are not getting enough, and want to know the updates about next season. 

However, the makers of this series have not announced the release date yet. However, we expected it would be screened soon, so we advised the fans not to jump to any conclusion before the official announcement of its creators. We can expect the release date somewhere around September 2021 or 2022.

Bonding Season 3: Cast

As per the update, the cast members are not confirmed yet for Bonding Season 3. Also, this fact totally lies in the creators’ hands. But here we have listed confirmed casts of Bonding Season 3.

  • Zoe Levin will continue the same as Tiffany Chester.
  • Brenden Scannel will continue as Peter Devin.
  • Micah Stock being the main character, Doug, this time.
  • Stephanie Styles will continue the same as Kate.
  • Theo Stockman will play as Josh.
  • Gabrielle Ryan will be seen again as Portia.
  • D’Arcy Carden as Daphne.
  • Alex Hurt as Frank and Eric Berryman as Andy.
  • Alysha Umphress as Murphy.
  • Kevin Kane might also appear as Professor Charles.


Therefore, these are the updates we got recently about your anticipated show of Bonding Season 3. So, let’s hope the makers will release the next season soon. 

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