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Boogie 2899 Net Worth- Wiki, Weight Loss, Death, Personal Life, Early Life

Boogie 2899 Net Worth

Steven Jay Williams, better known by his online pseudonym Boogie2988 or simply Boogie, is a YouTube character most popular for his video yells about computer games and geek culture as a character named “Francis”

The Francis character depends on generalizations of geeky computer game players and frequently spoofs inclining computer game news, response, and culture. Williams put together the character with respect to his initial beneficial encounters and has said that he needs watchers to loathe the character for exemplifying gamer generalizations.

Early Life

Boogie 2988 was conceived on July 24, 1974. His origination in Abingdon, Virginia. Williams experienced childhood in St. Paul, Virginia. His dad was a coal excavator, and his mom was an educator. Williams had a troublesome youth because of verbal and physical maltreatment from his mom. Williams had gastric detour medical procedure because of dreary weight on August 1, 2017.

Personal Life


Steven Jay Williams (Boogie 2899) wedded Desiree Williams in 2013. On December 19, 2017, Boogie2988 reported that he and his better half Desiree were getting a separation. The separation was concluded on February 13, 2018.


He began his Youtubing profession under the name of Boogie 2899 name in 2006. He won the Trending Gamer honor at The Game Awards 2016. In June 2016, Boogie’s YouTube account was incidentally shut because of a mysterious programmer. The unidentified individual got hold of his telephone number through Verizon during his time at VidCon and had the option to access his records related with it, including his YouTube station. His channel was reestablished not exactly seven days after the fact.

Later in October 2018, Boogie was expelled from a Dungeons and Dragons noble cause occasion because of worries from LGBT activists over his help of Gamergate. The Francis character depends on generalizations of geeky computer game players and regularly spoofs inclining computer game news, response, and culture.

In August 2019, Boogie offered a disputable expression against his web trolls where he asserted “I imagine that there are attackers and Nazis out there who… are more redeemable than you on the grounds that at any rate they’re accomplishing something they put stock in.


How Much Money Does Boogie2988 Make On YouTube - Net Worth - Naibuzz

Net Worth

Steven Williams is the well known YouTuber known as Boogie2988 on the web. He has an expected total assets of $2.5 million. He makes recordings equipped towards gaming news and gaming. The other kind of substance he makes are video blogs, improv shows, articles. satires and game play recordings.

In some cases he discusses life points and offers guidance on an assortment of life subjects. Boogie began YouTube back in April 2006 with his first video being a 49 second clasp of him playing Dungeons and Dragons with this companion.

The channel has over 4.5 million endorsers starting in 2020 and has gathered more than 900 million perspectives since gazing out. The recordings in the channel in total normal around 120,000 perspectives for each day. This ought to thusly produce an expected income of around $600 every day ($220,000 per year) from the commercials on the recordings.

Is Boggie2988 Dead ?


Boogie2988 isn’t dead, the YouTuber himself affirmed in a tweet on August 2, 2019. Prior that day, a passing fabrication had spread across internet based life including the web based life star, genuine name Steven Jason Williams.

Williams had tweeted, “I have met some extremely extraordinary mutts over the most recent 24 hours. On the off chance that you ever are down go meet some new doggos.” When somebody reacted saying that there were bits of gossip on Phil DeFranco’s livestream that Williams had passed on, Williams reacted by saying, “Its an image lol. Mess around with it.”

YouTube Star Boogie2988 Has Lost More Than 100 Pounds Since ...

Weight Loss

In 2017 Boogie was additionally very stout, tipping the scales at in excess of 500 pounds. On his channel, he has been open about his long lasting battle with food, yet he is presently wanting to roll out an improvement. In an ongoing video, he talked about his choice to have gastric detour medical procedure, which he expectations will assist him with shedding the pounds he has since quite a while ago looked to lose.

As Boogie clarified in the video, his push toward a more advantageous way of life has been stirred by his relationship with his better half, whom he wedded in 2013. “At the point when you meet someone that you would give anything for or anything to,” he said. “It sort of makes you need to have the option to give them everything, and that truly lit a fire under my rear end.”


He has lost 100 of those pounds since experiencing gastric detour medical procedure last August. Williams, known for his straightforward feelings about online video contentions, recently gauged more than 500 pounds.


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