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Brad Pitt opens up about believing he has prosopagnosia. What is it?

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Brad Pitt recently revealed that Brad Pitt believes he suffers from prosopagnosia. This is an uncommon condition that is commonly referred to as face blindness.

Here’s everything you should be aware of.

Brad Pitt thinks he has prosopagnosia.

Brad Pitt recently sat down with writer Ottessa Moshfegh to discuss an interview in GQ magazine.

In a conversation with Moshfegh the actor, 58, discussed a variety of topics related to his career and life. He also acknowledged that he has trouble remembering people and faces he has never met.

The cover of the magazine in August stated, ‘He’s not been recognized as a patient, but he believes the possibility exists that he has the condition prosopagnosia.’


Moshfegh also wrote that he is concerned that it has created an impression about him as a distant and detached, untouchable, and self-absorbed. But in reality, he would like to recall those he has met and is ashamed of not being able to.’

It is also noted that Fight Club actor confirmed that He has never had prosopagnosia diagnosed, but believes he is suffering from the condition that is extremely rare.

Furthermore that, when the interviewer said to Pitt the fact that she and her husband believes that he suffers from similar issues and Pitt responded”Nobody is a believer! I’d like to be with another.’

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor previously spoke about his struggle in an interview in Esquire in 2013.

The Oscar winner stated that “So many people dislike me for believing that I’m disrespecting them.’


He then added”Every now and again I’ll get a an explanation, and I’ll respond”Thank I appreciate your help.’ However, I also annoy folks off.’

The A-lister added”You’re getting this feeling that says, ‘You’re self-centered. You’re being conceited.’ However, it’s a mystery to me Man. I’m not able to comprehend a face, yet I’m coming from this aesthetic/design viewpoint. I’m planning to get it examined.’

Brad Pitt opens up about believing he has prosopagnosia. What is it?

Face blindness is what it is.

Face Blindness , medically known as prosopagnosia is an uncommon brain condition. This means that people often are unable to recognize faces of people.

A person suffering from the disorder can have trouble distinguishing face of strangers. Some people struggle to discern the facial features of familiar faces.

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According to a report from the National Library of Medicine, it is estimated that 2-2.5 percent of the world’s population is affected by prosopagnosia.

In addition, those suffering with this rare condition typically struggle to form relationships with others.

The past has seen were some instances in which the person was unable to recognize their own face also.

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