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Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Travel to Visit This Year

Cheapest Place to Visit in the World

Planned to travel to a new place this year? Great! It will bring you lots of interesting experiences that you would cherish for your lifetime. But sometimes due to budget issues, you can’t plan for the trip. However, you can find various affordable places in the world that are filled with beauty and surprising experiences.

Going for a trip to the cheapest countries offers both inexpensive and value for your money. In some places, with few amounts of cash, you can pay for the food, hotel, and other expenses.

If you search for a Cheapest Place to Visit in the World to add to your list, then you are in the right place. Reading the below lines completely will help you to know the 10 cheapest countries that you must travel to this year.

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Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Travel to Visit in The World

1. Cambodia 


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country that is filled with various interesting spots to visit. It has art, cultures, history, religious architecture, flavourful food, and breathtaking natural sceneries. It is popular for Angkor Wat which is the largest monument in the world. Also, you can visit the ancient temples, the capital, cheap French bakeries, that have the eye-catching French Colonial structural design. The food, hotels, and other facilities in Cambodia cost very little. It is the best and cheap place to visit in Southeast Asia. 

2. Vietnam 


Vietnam is well-known for its delicious and affordable street foods. It must be the spot on every foodie’s bucket list. It has extraordinary markets where you can find lip-smacking and a wide variety of local dishes that cost less. Moreover, it is famous for its impressive natural attractions that will leave you spellbound. You can go to the amazing spots including Hanoi, Hoi An Ancient ton, Ho Chi Minh city, Hang Son Doong which is the world’s largest cave. Both accommodation and transportation are available at a reasonable price here. 

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3. Morocco 


If you want to visit an inexpensive African country, then Morocco is the perfect option. It is the right place to avoid the tourist spot and save your pocket. Marrakech is the most colorful city in this country where you can explore the massive Medina to book tours into the Atlas Mountains or Sahara desert. Buy food at the local eateries instead of the tourist restaurant to spend cheaply. Here you can check the places such as beaches along the west coast, the blue city of Chefchaouen, mountains, and the desert. 

4. Colombia 


Colombia located in northern South America is an underrated tourist destination. It has wonderful spots for everyone like mind-blowing beaches, colorful architecture, marine life on the coats, and historical villages. Here you can do famous things including hiking volcanoes, trekking in the national parks, touring coffee plantations, exploring the Medellin and Cartagena cities. The public bus journey around the country, accommodations, food, and everything charges less than you expected here. It is popular for its specialty coffee and arepas where you can find the heritage culture. 

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5. Laos 


Laos is Cheapest Country to Visit in Southeast Asia. It is filled with lush waterfalls, glittering Buddhist temples, mountains, and more incredible places. It is the perfect place for history and coffee lovers. You can do the activities such as a full-day tubing experience, tiger balm massage, and more here. Also for a lower cost, you can get a luxurious room that costs high in other countries. You can rent a motorbike for the cheapest price and travel anywhere in this nation.

6. Mexico 


A range of different and delicious foods, world-class beaches, kind local people, and affordable rates makes Mexico a favorite destination for everyone. You can find the top-notch world-most beloved cuisines at a cheap cost here. It is one of the world’s richest, ancient, and most vibrant spots. You can taste the first-class chocolates, walk in the powdery white sand beaches, enjoy the Mariachi bands, attend the cathedral prayers, and celebrate the iconic day of the dead festival here. 

7. Bulgaria 


Looking for an inexpensive European country? Then Bulgaria is the apt choice which is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It is filled with natural diversities that easily fascinate you while visiting. The lush mountains, glittering rivers, lakes, plains, black sea coast, and hit springs must be visited. It has lots of fantastic historical buildings that teach you about its culture. You can eat in a good restaurant at the cheapest price here. To make the trip cheaper, you can avoid the summer months and visit it in other seasons. 

8. Indonesia 


Indonesia is filled with different and multicultural islands. It offers the extraordinary value of accommodation and food, so you can save more here and have lots of places to visit. You can get attractive villas at a reasonable price and delectable foods at the small eateries. Moreover, you can rent a motorbike for an affordable cost and visit wherever you want. It is one of the Cheapest Countries in the World where you can get everything within your budget. 

9. Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka

You can spend a backpacker budget on Sri Lanka. Here the food, accommodations, internet, and transport are very cheap. So, you can do the activities within your budget. Sometimes the cabs can be cheaper when compared to the rented bikes. The inexpensive transport in this nation is by train, and it is the best way to explore this country. You can go to the spots like Galle Face Green, Beira Lake, Kandy Lake, and more. 

10. Philippines 


The abundance of impressive beaches and fresh fruit of the Philippines will give you the best experience at a reasonable price. It is located in Southeast Asia and filled with hidden gems and dive sites. Siargao Island, Coron, Biliran Province, and more places should be visited here. Boracay Island, Bohol Island, and others are filled with fruits and animals that look interesting. 

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Bottom Lines 

You can visit the above places within your budget. Before visiting the countries, ensure to be prepared about the decided budget and compare the currency value with your country. Add them to your bucket list and have a magnificent travel experience that you could treasure forever. 

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