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De Twaalf is an Impressive Courtroom Drama- Review

De Twalf Review

Belgium Drama De Twalf (the Twelve) is a courtroom drama that is all about a murder mystery. the most effective courtroom drama series don’t seem to be those that reveal who did the crime and why but those are the most effective which shows what all goes behind the decision making process to the ultimate verdict of the court. De Twalf precisely does that. rather than being entirely about a murder mystery, ‘The Twelve’ also crosses the depths of its characters and shows what they feel about the underlying crime. As a result, it becomes the unique of an exhaustive genre.

De Twalf Plot Summary

De Twalf is Directed by Wouter Bouvijn and written by Bert Van Dael and Sanne Nuyens. it’s a series of all about the case of a lady named Frida Palmers, who accused of killing her ally and her daughter. because the names of the show suggest, there are 12 jurymen and a substitute and that they are assigned to make an impartial, unbiased decision of Frida’s case supported the set of evidence that presented throughout the show’s runtime.

However, because the series starts folding itself, the private lives and backstories of the jurors unfold, it becomes evident that their final judgment is going to be faraway from being unbiased. And in the end, the show left on you to make a decision who’s guilty or who’s not.

De Twalf Review

In some ways, ‘The Twelve’ causes you to a member of its courtroom jury. It carefully drops only a few hints in each episode to make you as clueless as to its twelve leading jurors. It does this purposefully to make a viewer understand that even the jurors are human, and their decision might not always be legitimate. The shows put you in its jury’s shoes, the series makes you sympathise with them and believe their choices, notwithstanding how flawed or naturally influenced they will seem. Even when it involves the suspects of the crime,  the show never offends any of them. For a viewer, it eventually becomes a matter of private choice who they need to accused of the murder case.

The characters of the twelve are well-developed and without spouting criminal terminologies gives the realistic appeal to its audience. It also presents several different perspectives on crime from the jurors, and every one the people become involved during a criminal case.  Both the defense and also the prosecution’s arguments are well-balanced in each episode. It also explorers the biased decision of the jurors through their backstory. There’s also a subplot that provides you with a practical view of the media’s approach towards crime like how media views the crime and therefore the suspect and what they aspect from the jury.


A secondary character, who is a struggling news journalist, bribes a juror into giving him crucial information regarding the case. He then uses this information to cook up stories and tittle-tattles of reports.

Despite its lengthy runtime, it almost leaves no stone unturned and makes every event significant. “The Twelve’ consistently makes an attempt to fill out the motives of the characters and parallelly shows the trial’s latest developments and also the bottom of the case.

It seems a bit slow in the beginning but finally builds on you, gathering enough tension for its satisfying climax.

If you’ve got an interest in crime and courtroom dramas, I would highly recommend it. Just ensure that you are a little patient with this one as there are moments where it drags a bit but ultimately pays off well in the end.

De twalf is currently available for streaming on Netflix.



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