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Dr Disrespect – Wife, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Real Face, Real Name, Family

Dr. Disrespectis the most wanted gamer in the platform of battle royal video games. He is having more than 3.7 million followers on this platform. In a short time, he is becoming the most wanted player because of his playing style. Still, he is having positive ratings in all media. His real name was Guy Beahm and he is generally called by his pet name. 

The name of Dr Disrespect Wife is Ms. Assassin and she is a quite interesting woman. She is very small when compared to the height of Beahm. That is the main reason for this pair becomes familiar to all. Doctor Disrespect Wife was pulled by them from the limelight however he mentioned his wife on Twitter a few times. Now both of them are leading their marriage life peacefully. They are becoming the most wanted couples in a short time and both of them are gamers. 

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect Wife and his family 

Guy Beahm wife is because of the reason for their success and now they are having the kid. In a short time, they are becoming the most familiar in all social media because of their perfect match. Still, there is no one can make them the optional one at any time. Some people are having the question about Who Is Dr Disrespect. He is born in March 1982 in America and he is a twitch streamer and internet personality. 

He is well versed in the games of H1z1, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Black Ops 4 and Apex Legends. His estimated net worth is $3.5 million. Most of the people are having a question about How Tall Is Dr Disrespect. He is having a massive height of 2.03 meters tall and that is the main advantage of them. His wife is too small when compared to him but both are leading the peaceful life still now. 

Dr Disrespect Wife

Net worth and his age 

Here you will have the answer to the question How Old Is Dr Disrespect. He is 37 years old and but he is looking so young and charming. The answer to the question Who Did Dr Disrespect Cheat With is his wife only. They are getting divorced because of this problem and now they are sharing their kid. Her name is Alana Beahm. It is the first tragedy that happens in his life and the family currently lives in California. 

The simple answer to the question about How Much Does Dr Disrespect Make is$600,000 in a short time he is reaching this targeted amount because of his popularity. He achieved this stage because of his unique gamer profession. He is the best example for a professional gamer. The dr Disrespect is the unique gamer when compared to the other players. In a short time, he is achieving more and more when compared to the others. 

Height and marriage life 

Still, there is no one can replace the worth of them because he is the most wanted person in the gaming field. Dr Disrespect Wife is one of the best compactors and that is the main reason they started to love each other. They are still become a role model for many couples. She is also having the unique capacity of playing games uniquely. She is the best pair of Dr Disrespect. 


Dr Disrespect Twitch is the social media channels and there are 3.3 million people are followed this channels. He is earned more from it and that is the best start-up in his life. This is the main reason he is becoming the best media personality. Dr Disrespect Height is the attractive one because he is two meters height and gigantic body shape. There are so many gamers are started to have a haircut like him. 

Best online gamer 

He is just looking like a model for the action game. His height becomes the plus point to him. Dr Disrespect Cheating his wife and it became a great drawback is present on them. At the time he is falling into depression and he uses the game to come back themselves. He just makes the game as the professional one that is the main reason he is becoming familiar to all the people. 

Dr Disrespect Net Worth is $600,000 and he legally earns everything. That’s why he is becoming an admirable gaming superstar. Likewise, there are so many good qualities everyone will notice from them. The main reason for his success is he still loves his gaming profession. Dr Disrespect Wiki results are viewed by millions and millions of people. He is the ultimate legend for how to finish the game with more perfection. 

Become the role model for many players 

No one can underestimate the worth of them because he is the best gamers forever. He likes gaming equal to his soul and that’s why he is becoming the perfect star. Dr Disrespect Age is 37 in 2019 and still, he is looking like a teenage boy. No one will guess his age because he is looking so good in style and appearance. He will terns into 38 in 2019. Some people are seeing the Dr Disrespect Real Face and he is rarely showing his face to the media. 

Once upon a time, everyone has the craze to look at his face. But there is a very rare photo is available on the internet. Dr Disrespect Real Name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm and he is always using his pet name. Worldwide there are so many people are started to follow them for attractive gaming. Most people need help to perform well in online gaming. 


Reason for banned from PUBG 

He is 37 years old and it is the right answer to the question How Old Is Dr Disrespect. He will never look like 37 years old because he is having the younger look. Dr Disrespect Banned from Pubg because he is killing his owns teammate and he breaks the rules of this game. That is the main reason he is banned from this gaming field.       

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