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Eve Lindley Biography – Know Wiki The Trans Actress in “Dispatches from Elsewhere”

Eve Lindley wiki

With the success on 1st March from The “Dispatches from Elsewhere” premiered on AMC. This series has broken down all the records and proven to be a successful platform, and brought away the best and new star cast.

On 2nd March, Eve Lindley cast new in the series as Simone, who gathered the entire attention of the episode. She performed in Sally Field, Andre 3000, and Jason Segal, from which she got a huge name and fame.

She has shown her splendid performance and her acting skills in the series with the finest experience in her acting career.

If we talk about her acting career before the “Dispatches from Elsewhere,” no one can even think that she can play the leading lady role with such perfection due to her transgender sex.

With her acting skills, she is proving her the best actress in Hollywood, who can play any role with perfection.


To know more about Eve Lindley, stay connected with the mentioned Eve Lindley wiki below.

About Eve Lindley

AGE 27 Years
BIRTH January 12, 1993
SIBLINGS Darah Lindley, Lucia Curley
PARENTS Brad Lindley
JOB Actress
HOMETOWN New York, New York
SHOWS All We Had, Dispatches from Elsewhere

Eve Lindley transferred from male to female

On 12 January 1993, Eve Lindley came into this beautiful world to Brad Lindley and his wife.

Brad is a pilot in New York. Initially, Eve was a male, and the family had two daughters named as Lucia Curley and Darah Lindley before Eve took birth. Lucia married a few times ago to John Curley, who is living in New York now.

Know about Brad and Eve interview:

Brad and Eve just met with an interview, where they revealed Eve’s reality. They claimed that Eve is transgender. He was a male, and let on; he turned out to be a female. Brad also said that, after Eve, he was very much excited. Even, he starts taking an interest and indulging in the father-son activities, such as football.

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Eve interested in female stuff

Brad said in the interview that, as time passes, he found that his son, Eve, was taking an interest in the female stuff more than male kinds of stuff. He said that he does not have any issue, whether his son likes female kinds of stuff. He loved him, and now he loves her as well.

Mother was not in support with Eve’s activities

Eve bought Barbie dolls, and he used to perform all the activities, which are made for girls. Eve’s mother is a biological mother who was not in support of the activities done by Eve.

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Divorce of Eve’s parents

When Eve was only two, his parents Brad and his wife decided to get separate. Eve shared between mom and dad with joint custody, which made Eve stay connected between New York and New Jersey.

Eve’s birth mother does not know about his sexuality

When Eve was two, his parents took a divorce. Eve’s birth mother was not aware of his transgender because Eve usually spends more time with his father, Brad, and his stepmom Andy. Eve’s sisters are not with him. His sisters live with her birth mother.


Lindley faced issues in finding female roles

Eve’s birth mother came to know about Eve’s transgender, and she was not so supportive initially, But Eve’s family was very supportive of her. Usually, in the school plays. Eve’s participation was very less. Eve’s tried to take part in school programs for female roles, but she never got the chance to get into any leading female role.

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Eve is good in craft

Eve was so good in the craft as she now put in her clothes. Eve, she enrolled in the art school, the institute of technology. For the show of Victoria Secret Fashion, she worked on costumes over there.

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