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Gabriel Fernandez Wiki-Story Behind Netflix’s most exciting True Crime Series


On 26th February, the Trial of Gabriel Fernandez premiered. Over social media networking sites, the trial has become the most discursive topic. In 2013, the 8 years Gabriel died.

The story is horrifying. But, this is not only about the story, but it is also about the failure of the system, who claim to protect children from the abusers.

The convicted people behind Gabriel’s death is his mother, Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre. The documentaries showed that these two are only responsible for the death of Gabriel. But, social workers could not be able to fail the victims. Now read on the Gabriels wiki, to make it much better.

His grandparents and grand uncle do the upbringing of Gabriel 

In 2005, 21st February, Gabriel too birth. Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras, they are Gabriel’s parents. Pearl and Contreras have two more children, Virginia and Ezequiel.

About Gabriel Fernandez

AGE8 Years
BIRTHFebruary 21, 2005
DEATHMay 24, 2013 California
SIBLINGSEzequiel, Virginia
PARENTSArnold Contreras, Pearl Fernandez

Pearl’s abusive relationships:

As per the relatives of Pearl, she was in multiple relationships, but all the relationships were abusive, including Contreras ones also. Contreras used to be in and out from Jail. Even, he was in jail for robbery and possession, when Gabriel died.


Pearl’s kids live with her parents

Sandra and Robert are parents of Pearl, who took care of Pearl’s kids initially. Pearl left Gabriel to her uncle named, Michael lemos Carranza, with his wife, David Martinez. When Martinez raised Gabriel till 4 years, at that time, custody of Gabriel along with other two kids got by Sandra and Robert.

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Gabriel got a loving environment

Later on, Gabriel’s grandparents and great uncle with his partner raised Gabriel in a home-loving environment. They grew Gabriel like as their child.

Pearl took her two children to live with her

Pearl took her two children along with her except Gabriel with her to live in Palmdale, California. Gabriel lives with his grandparents yet. In his short life, Gabriel’s grandparents and his uncle raised him for the first seven years.

Pearl does not focus on her two children

In a report, it is found that Pearl is not able to take care of her two children, she neglects to feed her daughter Virginia, and his son, Ezequiel injured in a car accident. Due to her carelessness, her son got injured.


Pearl though to sort out Gabriel’s custody for welfare payments

The family of Pearl is well aware of the nature of her. They said that pearl is not interested at all in raising Gabriel. When Gabriel was of seven years old, at that time, Pearl sorts out with Gabriel custody by showing her concern to her family for Gabriel. She tried for all possible assurance towards the family to treat Gabriel well. 

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Complaint against Pearl by family

Pearl’s family filed a complaint against her that she is not able to keep her older children properly. But, with the help from the social workers, it is found that the accusations were unfounded. Arnold Contreras was also against the family to take for Gabriel.

In the tests by Robert, he found that Pearl and her boyfriend took Gabriel took him with them, even they do not have custody as well of him. 

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