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If you have ever flown on an airplane, then you must remember the safety rules that flight attendants demonstrate to all passengers before takeoff. Seat belts, emergency exits, life jackets, and (attention!) oxygen masks. According to the safety rules in the cabin, if you are flying with a child and suddenly there is a need to use oxygen masks, then the adult must first put the mask on himself, and then help the child! These are the elementary rules of survival in an extreme situation – an adult provides himself with the opportunity to breathe and think soberly, and then makes every effort to help the child. Harsh, but true and effective. This instruction for oxygen masks is another bright reminder that if you want to help your children, family, and people around you, you must first of all help yourself!

Selfcare and personal time are a must

Unfortunately, most parents do not know how to take care of themselves and regularly replenish their strength (we put oxygen masks on children and everyone around us, but we ourselves suffocate). We give a lot to our families: our strength, time, emotions – but we do not care about making up for what we have given. Indulge yourself a little: put on a nice evening dress and go to a restaurant with a partner, or go on a short trip, rent a luxury sports car from, say, and drive the steep roads of Dubai during family vacation, agreeing in advance with a partner on personal time. By the way, such entertainment will not hit your wallet at all, since car rental has not been something inaccessible for a long time. Hiring a car for an hour/day/week/month is a common thing. Someone wants variety in a car, someone just prefers to rent a car rather than buy and maintain their own. Most parents take parenting too seriously. But the more seriously you take this process, the more difficult it becomes. Effective parenting advice is this: sometimes it’s important to just relax, stop worrying, and let things take their course. Add fun to your daily activities, spontaneity to your family travels, and you will bring revitalization into your life.

Make caring for others a priority

In order for children to learn to appreciate a different point of view, in particular, yours, for example, and to show empathy, they need to constantly hear from you how important caring is. And also to understand that the world does not revolve only around them or around you, do not reduce everything to a duty to a parent. Teach them to turn off the TV and help you around the house, namely to take the initiative and not “help on orders”, to be polite even if they are in a bad mood, and not to interrupt people during the conversation.

Encourage independence.

Gradually teach your baby to take care of himself, then help around the house. Create situations where you need to make a choice, make a decision. Show that he can influence the outcome and that any choice has consequences (good or bad). Gradually, the baby will learn to rely on himself in everything.

Become a worthy role model

Behavior, habits, attitudes towards others, interests, views of the world – all these kids absorb from their parents. How to explain to a child that smoking and drinking are bad if adults in the family smoke and allow themselves to drink too much? How to teach a kid to respect elders if dad raises his voice at mom from time to time and is rude to neighbors? The answer to the question of how to become a good parent is obvious: start educating yourself and become the best example for your child – so that the baby can respect you, be proud of you, and learn from you.


Live in the present

Very often, parents want their children to grow up faster, and then miss those times when the children were small. It’s great if you live for today and accept the child exclusively in its current state. Take as much as possible from the present and enjoy every moment, because it is unique. When your child is still young, let him behave like a child. Don’t rush things, relax.


Remember that perfection does not exist

The tendency to unhealthy perfectionism – an attempt to bring anything to perfection not only takes a lot of time but, as a rule, does not bring the proper result. Most parents want to always do everything right and reproach themselves for every mistake. Yes, being an example is a lofty goal. But parents should show their children their imperfections and teach them to overcome the difficulties of life. If you reproach yourself for any mistakes, then just remember the words of Professor Brené Brown: “It is the ability to admit one’s imperfections that helps to instill in children the courage to be real, compassion for oneself and other people and unity, which gives a person the true purpose and meaning of life.”

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