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How to Combine (Merge) PDF Files Online? [Best Tools and Giude]

How to Combine PDF Files Online

Obviously! the PDV files have a special value in professional and other industries as well. Also, every school, college, enterprise, or organization has been used PDF files at least once. In fact, you might have used or converted other files into PDF to make them an official document. 

However, converting from PDF or to PDF, or combining two or more files can be a difficult task. In fact, there are many people still unaware of these steps. So, here they are for your reference. 

Best Tools to Combine PDF Files

Here we have provided a list of options to combine PDF files or merge PDF efficiently. These also include some third-party software and platforms as they have the best converter with the easiest steps. Some of these are free, others are paid, and even built-in options are also available here. With that, let’s begin!

1. Acrobat Pro DC

What can be better than using a trustworthy application? The Acrobat Pro DC holds such benefits and allows you to merge PDF files easily. This app takes you to another level along with allowing you to combine multiple PDF files. With this, you can choose any various files, documents, pictures, and more to import.

Acrobat Pro DC Best Tools to Combine PDF Files

It also allows you to arrange them according to your preferences. So, you can keep combined files in a single PDF format. However, you need to have a subscription to access this app.

 2. Small PDF

Are you looking for a paid-free app to merge PDF files? Then, this would be the right choice. Small PDF can only be operated online, so, it is not necessary for setup or installation. So, you need to visit its official website and select multiple files, drag or drop them. 

Small PDF another Combine PDF Files Tool

After importing, you can change the order of the documents, files, pages, etc. It also allows you to convert many PDF files as much you want to. This includes many useful tools on this page, simply scroll the page to the bottom and find many and use them if you want. 

3. Wondershare PDF Element

This is a complete PDF editor. It doesn’t just allow you to merge PDFs or combine them, but also edit them. It allows you to choose various files to combine them and holds an easy step to do this. With this, you can also convert a PDF file into a fill-able form or anything such type. 

Wondershare PDF Element 3rd Tools to Combine PDF Files

Also, it is possible to combine two PDFs in this app. However, it is a full-fledged tool, so, need to learn it properly to perform the merging efficiently.

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4. I Love PDF Merger

This is another free tool that works like the PDF merge that mentioned above. As mentioned, visit the official website of this option and draw or drop the files. It also allows you to select files from windows. Besides, it supports Dropbox as well as Google Drive. So, you can easily get and upload them here. 

I Love PDF Merger 4rth PDF Combind Tool

Apart from that, it also has repair and edit tools to add or delete pages, and array of conversion tools. So, it is quite convenient to operate. 

5. PDF Merge For Android Devices

When you don’t have a PC to access a merger, it’s fine! You have PDF Merge. It is specifically designed for android devices. You can download this app online from your android device. However, ensure whether you have files or documents on your phone before starting it. 

PDF Merge For Android Devices

As long as you can have them, you can conveniently open or add files to organize or combines them. 

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steps to Merge PDFs On IOS

Apart from the above-given methods, you can also use the File Explorer of the iOS to combine PDFs. So, follow the steps mentioned below to make it. 

  • Open Files on your iOS device
  • Find the folder of PDF files.
  • Next, select them, but make sure you have selected them in the order you want to merge or combine them.
  • Then, click on ‘Create PDF by clicking three dots.
  • Now, you have a new and combined PDF file in your hand.

Steps To Combine PDFs On Mac

  • There is a built-in option to merge or combine PDF conveniently.
  • First, find the Folder with PDFs on your Mac. 
  • But don’t open the files just use the preview to open them.
  • Then, select view and click on thumbnails.
  • Now drag and drop files to the thumbnails.
  • Then, click on files and Export As PDF.
  • And give a name for this document and save it.

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We have provided each and every method from PDF convert to PDF merge. And we hope the given details are enough useful for you. If you are looking for the best among all these, then, we would suggest you use a PDF merger because it holds all required aspects. It can also be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as well. 

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