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How to Delete Youtube History Permanently?

How to Delete Youtube History Permanently

Are you trying to find ways to delete your YouTube history? Then you are at the correct place. Here you will learn everything about deleting your history. So let’s begin to learn. You know that YouTube is used by every person, and when you are using it, all your activities are recorded.

When you sign into this platform with your Google account, it keeps recording every single video you watch on the site. It stores your liked videos. This feature allows the site to recommend new videos based on your interest.

How to Delete Youtube History Permanently

However, your watch details are always kept private and there is no option to make it public. If you are looking to deleting up your videos, clearing your watched video histories then this is a good place to start. Deleting watch history sounds easier, regrettably, it is not much easier to carry out. In this lead, you can have a look at why you should delete your history and then how to delete it. Here below, some of the steps are given to delete YouTube history.

How to Delete Youtube History Permanently?

Basic steps:

Basic steps to clearing your YouTube history is given below

  1. Enter into YouTube and once you are logged in, click on the three bars which are in the upper left-hand corner. That will lead you to the YouTube menu.

2. Select the ‘History’ option.

3. Right after entering into this page, you can either delete the videos individually or your entire watch history.

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Why should delete YouTube History?

Your browser manages to hold on to the in data, and over time this can literally cause problems with loading or logging into the websites. It is always a better idea to delete your browser and watch history.

Advanced options to clear YouTube history

Deleting YouTube watch history and search history will all the recommendation videos that display on your home page. But it will not delete the channels you subscribed to or your favorite videos. If you want to clear it thoroughly, then make sure that you clear your history on both the desktop computer and on your mobile app.

Deleting history in YouTube App

If you want to delete your search history on your android or iPhone, you just need to simply login into the app.

First Click the Library icon.

How To Delete YouTube Search History On Mobile

and then select History settings.

Open the “History” Option in Youtube

after this Click on the “ellipsis (three-dot)” icon on the top of the right side and select the history controls option.

Click on the “ellipsis (three-dot)” icon
history controls option in Youtube

clear search history. You can also delete the entire watch details by selecting that option too.

Clear watch history in Youtube

Deleting history on your computer or PC

If you need to clear your entire YouTube search and watch details on your desktop or laptop.

First, select the menu Option in the Left Corner.


Then Select History Option.

and Clear all watch history. Finally, click ‘clear all search history.

Incognito mode

It is one of the best features this app contains. By using this mode on your android phone, you can avoid having to delete your YouTube watch and search details in the future. To activate this mode on your mobile, choose your account > menu > Turn on incognito. If you are a person, who doesn’t have an android phone or you are using your desktop browser, then there is no way of activating incognito mode in it. Instead of that, you can pause your watch history. On your desktop computer select History > pause Watch history > pause. You can also do it by selecting history > pause Search History > pause. If you are an iPhone user then select Library > History and toggle either the ‘Pause watch history’ or the ‘Pause search history’ options.

Advanced options of YouTube menu

Once you entered the application, you can see your profile. Now you can click on your profile picture to pull up the menu. At the bottom of the menu will be an option entitled “Your Data in YouTube.” Clicking on that option will take you to a new screen, and from there you will have a more number of options to control what information YouTube takes.

How to manage your YouTube watch history?

In your YouTube application, there is an option known as managing your YouTube search history. Clicking on this option gives you the choices like allowing an auto-delete or turning off YouTube search tracking together. Scrolling a little down the “Your Data in YouTube” also allows you to make some wide data choices, such as tracking location details on and off and managing your settings. If you are a regular user of YouTube and you bother about the privacy settings, it is worth taking some time to brief yourself with the “Your data in YouTube” options.


Final thoughts

Now you all know the importance of deleting your YouTube history right? Then follow the various steps detailed above to delete your history and enjoy watching videos with any quires. The above steps will help you to understand, how to delete it and the importance of clearing it.

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