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How to Make Facebook Profile Private?

How to Make Facebook Profile Private?

Managing Facebook privacy settings is an ongoing challenge to everyone because the options available to the users are changing constantly. It is one of the social networks used by moreover all the people around the world. It has given increasingly granular control over where their posts are shown and what kind of personal data is used to serve ads to people who are using it. Because of the enhancement of additional options, managing its privacy becomes even more confusing.

How to Make Facebook Profile Private?

However, it sounds good to say that, you will never be able to be totally private on this platform, that’s not what social media is about, or what the internet is built for.

How to Make Facebook Profile Private

Some of the guide steps are given below to locking down your Facebook account as best as possible.

Step 1: See How Your Public Profile Looks Like

The main thing that you want to do is check out how much of your Facebook info can be watched by strangers. To do this, go to your profile and click on the three dots at the bottom of your right corner. An option called “view as” will be appeared in the dropdown menu.  This option will take you to a version of this page that displays the way it does to users who are not your friends. Some of the details like your profile picture, your name, and your cover photo will be visible to strangers. Scroll down your profile page in this view to see how many of your posts are viewed publicly by people who aren’t your friends.

Step 2: Set Who Can See Your Posts

In step one, you may find that you have accidentally been sharing your posts with everyone on this party line. Whenever you make a post, it gives you the chance to quickly decide which audience to share it with. On the left side of the post icon, there will be a box that shows who will be able to see a given piece of content. Select that box to choose an audience from the drop-down menu, the most used is “only me”, “friends”, and “public”. You can even also share your clicks with people in your current location or create custom lists.  Whatever audience you choose for particular posts becomes the default going forward. So, if you make any one of the public then Facebook will default to making all of your posts public.

Click the arrow at the top of your right corner then click “settings” from the drop-down bar. Now click on the “privacy” which displays on this page, then select “limit past posts” in the “who can see my stuff?” section.


Step 3: Get Free from Unwanted Apps

You have likely given a number of apps permissions to access your Facebook data to quickly login or pull up a fire of contacts. This social network is been tracking all those apps and now gives you the ability to restrict certain app’s access to information.

In settings select “apps”, you will be presented with a reticulum of all your authenticated apps. Click on any app, you will see a list of information you share with the app, ranging from your location to birthdays to your pictures. You can select stop sharing any individual data point to remove the app’s connection with this platform. You can also turn off any of the app’s ability to sending a notification through Facebook.

Step 4: Make Harder To Find Yourself

This path made all user profiles searchable back in 2013 to make it easier for other people to identify you on the site. Some users still have the ability to stop Google and other search engines from monitoring their profiles in search results. In settings, click “privacy” on the left-hand side, then answer “No” to the last question listed, that is “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link your profile?” On the same page, you can even choose the option to allow whom you want to send you friend requests or else only friends of your friends.

Step 5: Blocking unwanted User

There is an option available to block the unwanted user who is troubling you continuously. You can block them by selecting the “Blocking” option displayed on the left-hand side of the settings menu. You can block them the way, they can’t even see your posts or add you as a friend. Another option called “restricted list” on this page, anyone on this list will only be able to see the posts shared by you to the entire public but they won’t know that they have been placed in this list.


Final thoughts

Steps to follow the privacy policy have been explained in detail above. Go through it and make use of this by maintaining your Facebook account private and keep enjoying its other features.

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