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How to Motivate Yourself to Write an Essay?

How to Motivate Yourself to Write an Essay

You don’t always wish to do the assigned tasks but this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you still need to do it. When it comes to writing an essay but you don’t have any desire to, there is no point in postponing it to the last night. Instead, you need to find your ways to get motivated, set to writing as early as possible, and put in decent efforts for the best outcomes. Mind that you can always solve the case more easily and get professionals from a custom paper writing service to help you with any part or whole essay. Or read on to discover more about lacking motivation and find out the best suitable way to deal with it and write a great essay on time.

How to Motivate Yourself to Write an Essay

The Reasons of Lacking Motivation for Essay Writing

Before you manage to cope with the issue, it will be useful to discover the possible reasons first. This way you will get motivated and cover the task with no delay. Here are the frequent causes for you to lack the desire to write an essay:

No interest – if you select or are assigned the topic you openly don’t like or are not interested in, it is obvious that you will lack the desire to write anything about it. So, if you have a chance to adjust the topic according to your interests, do it without hesitation.

Lack of confidence – weak writing skills or your unconfidence in them may be a serious obstacle for you to create an essay. Read some writing tips and hacks, ask your peers and teachers for advice, read inspirational content or listen to music, get more writing practice even if you don’t have to write anything. This will enhance your skills and give you more confidence in writing.

Procrastination – everyone has had a situation when you don’t want to do something and start looking for other tasks just to postpone the undesired one. Learn some strategies to overcome procrastination, remove distractions, and get organized in order to perform the task with no delay.

Being drained out – your lack of motivation may be connected with your physical and emotional state. If you are overwhelmed with your academic and social life and drained out of all energy and enthusiasm, it is no wonder that you don’t want to write an essay. Put your feet up for a while and recharge your batteries and you will see positive changes soon.


Strong focus on grades – if you are focused on grades but not on an essay only, you may get irritable and fail to generate a single sound statement. Reestablish your main goals and start once again.

Whenever you have no desire to write an essay or perform any other academic task, step back to see the cause behind it and eliminate the obstacle to operate properly and achieve your goal.

Ways to Boost Your Writing Motivation

In case you cannot find a reason for lack of motivation to write an essay or have already fought all the issues, but cannot set to writing anyway. Here is some good advice to set your hand to paper and create qualitative content in the end:

  • Schedule the writing process – it is even more essential if your essay is to be not very small. Then it is obvious that you will keep postponing such complicated and time-consuming work. But the last-minute draft won’t bring any pleasant outcomes. So, it is advised to break the work into small pieces and perform it bit by bit. It will be psychologically easier to you to cover a small part at a time and finish with no delays.
  • Create an outline – if you have no desire to write since you don’t know where to begin, commence with an outline. Imagine how your final draft will look and create a plan. This way you will move from point to point and not lose the thread of writing.
  • Go freewriting – another common strategy is to do freewriting. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and write down everything you have on your mind. The lack of bonds and limits will inspire you and the time frames will keep you at a speedy pace. This exercise will provide you with the raw material you can proofread, edit, and structurize to turn into a decent essay eventually.
  • Create a suitable environment – if nothing helps and encourages you to set to writing, maybe the problem is in your workspace then. So, select a corner you feel comfortable in but not too much since you can fall asleep as result. Get everything necessary at hand, including writing equipment, healthy snacks, water, etc. Eliminate distractions, such as surrounding noise, your smartphone, other people, video games. Set the time frames and realistic goals and set to writing.
  • Reward yourself – get a habit to reward yourself for academic achievement. A cup of coffee, a chapter of a beloved book, a tasty dessert, a shopping session, an entertaining weekend. The bigger the achievement, the bigger the reward. This will become a great motivation for your work.

Find your best suitable way to keep yourself motivated in concerns with academic work or any other tasks you lack enthusiasm for. Nurture time and task management skills. Find time not for work only but for qualitative rest as well. This way you will finish your tasks on time and with great success.

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