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How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Plus Size Woman – Best Boho Collection

Many times a lot of women have a question that can a plus-size woman wear maxi dresses? A lot of women say, “No”, but the right answer to it is “Yes”. The reality is that plus size women can wear anything they want, but there are a few rules that are essential to follow if they want to look gorgeous and sophisticated.

If you are a curvy woman and if you style plus size maxi dresses correctly then it will look flattering on you. You just need to select the right kind of plus size boho maxi dresses to feel comfortable and look great. Maxi dresses for plus size minimize the large hips and legs that is the reason why it is an ideal match for your frame.

Let’s check out a few things to take into account when looking for a perfect plus size boho maxi dress.


If you are a plus-size woman, then nylon and spandex are a “NO-NO” for you. You should wear light, carefree cotton material. Always keep in mind – if you try to hide your curves in a too loose-fitted maxi dresses, then it will make you look boxy. If you wear a too loose maxi dress, then everyone will know instantly that you are trying to conceal your plus-size plumpness. So, pick a dress that flows nicely over your body. Always avoid a type of material that gathers or clings around your plumper area.

Check out the following great options for plus size maxi dresses.


Floral Print Buttons Short Sleeve Split Flowy Maxi Dress

Floral Print Buttons Short Sleeve Split Flowy Maxi Dress 1

 Long Sleeve Casual Plus Size Maxi Dresses with Pockets

Long Sleeve Casual Plus Size Maxi Dresses with Pockets 2

V Neck Belted Empire Waist Asymmetrical High Low Bohemian Party Maxi Dress

V Neck Belted Empire Waist Asymm


Usually, we see that curvy women are afraid to try bold colors and prints. They usually try to hide their bodies under black. But, these days, the BLACK-ONLY rule is gone. Maybe it will sound surprising to you but if you are a bulkier one then also you can wear bright maxi dresses. So, do not hide those body imperfections instead celebrate confidence and style with some floral prints and bold colors.

You can even try large and vertical prints. It will help you look much slimmer. You can even wear a belt around the smallest part of your torso. So, do not hold back on those large prints and wear them with full confidence.

If you want to purchase some good maxi dresses, you can check it out these options.

Floral Print Plus Size Casual Party Maxi Dress

Floral Print Plus Size Casual Party Maxi Dress

V-Neck Long Sleeve Plus Size Maxi Dress

V-Neck Long Sleeve Plus Size Maxi Dress

Short Sleeve Casual Summer Split T Shirt Long Dress with Pockets

Short Sleeve Casual Summer Split T Shirt Long Dress with Pockets

Wide Strap or Sleeve

If you are a plus-size woman, then strapless and spaghetti strap maxi dresses are not for you. If you choose them then it will make your top half look larger. It will not hide your body flows such as weight around the upper arms. So, you should choose wider straps or sleeves. It will hide your oversized areas perfectly.

The following are excellent options for plus size women.

 Cold Shoulder Floral Slit Hem Tropical Summer Maxi Dress

Cold Shoulder Floral Slit Hem Tropical Summer Maxi Dress

Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets

Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets


If you are a curvy woman, then do not forget to wear a bra. It will keep you supported. If your breasts are dropping, it will never look great. So, you must get them hitched up high. The right bra will make you look beautiful and feel confident.

V-neck Necklines

Do you want to create a lean vertical line on your shape? Do you want to add some balance to your dress by making your body look slimmer and elongating your neck? Then v-neck necklines are the perfect choice for you. It will look stunning on you.

If you are searching for some good options for plus size boho maxi dresses, check out the below options.

V-Neck Long Sleeve Plus Size Maxi Dresss


When bulkier women wear shapewear, it will do wonders for them. It will hide imperfections and underlines the benefits of curvy figure women. So, if you want to achieve a slimmer look, then you should wear shapewear under your maxi. It will give you a perfect, gorgeous, and sophisticated look.


Perfect accessories that suit your body size and type will enhance your look enormously. It means you should look proportional and the right accessories that can go a long way in accentuating the positives in your appearance.

For example, you can use big rings and earrings. You should always avoid using black or very dark-colored accessories. Why? The reason behind it is simple – it will make you look dim and frankly boring. If you want to look tip-top then you should wear white jewelry on a bright color. It will coordinate nicely with your plus size boho maxi dress or pant-blouse combination.


Are you a short heightened heavy woman? Then, you must include a pair of wedges in your wardrobe collection. It will help you add some height and elongate your body. When you go shopping for wedges, you will get plenty of colors and styles. So, all you have to do is buy the pair that will suit you best.

Remember; always pick a maxi dress that is of good quality material that does not stretch in an unsightly way. Make sure, the overall shape suits your figure. Keep in mind, maxis have different cuts and not all cuts will suit you. Try to find a cut that fits snugly around your smallest point and help you create some visual balance to your figure.

Above all, keep in mind just because you are a plus size that does not mean that fashionable looks are off-limits. All you have to do is follow the above-discussed rules as per your body shape to look fantastic at all times.


Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, above all the most crucial rule to enforce when wearing plus size maxi dresses are – WEAR IT WITH A SMILE. Always couple it with some good old fashioned confidence. After all, no outfit is complete without these things, whatever your body shape or size. Any awkwardness will ruin your outfit. So, always ensure you have confidence.

Take pride in your appearance by finding some time to spend on yourself. Always love yourself and your curves and by keeping in mind the above things choose the perfect plus size maxi dresses for you.

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