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How to create an interior design that reflects you?

How to create an interior design that reflects you

It’s hard sometimes to understand how your interior might look, how to create the one that will showcase your innermost. Finding your style and ambiance can be quite a challenge. But let’s see what steps can help you with this task.

Firstly, listen to yourself

The interior is the embodiment of a person’s worldview. The style and content of his house depending on what kind of hobby the owner has, how he rests, how much time he spends at home.

People who spend a lot of time at home usually have some kind of hobby. Arrange a separate corner in the house where everything will contribute to convenient work. If you are into sewing, you will need space for cutting, a table for a typewriter, a locker or drawer for storing fabric, and other accessories. For those who like to cook, a convenient and functional kitchen arrangement will be the most important, and for those who regularly practice yoga, meditate a lot – a comfortable spacious area to lay a rug.

The lifestyle that a person leads is reflected in the interior. To anyone who plans to make repairs without professional help, I advise, first of all, to listen to yourself. Pay attention to everything that surrounds you every day, consider your lifestyle and daily routine.


Love for some occupation to a large extent forms a style that suits a person. If your hobby is related to needlework, most likely, a cozy and calm Scandinavian style will suit, where there will be a lot of textiles, knitwear, and natural materials. Are you a creative professional? You might like a bolder loft or a combination with other styles.

your home is a reflection of your personality

Another important criterion is the character of the owner of the house. Depending on the temperament, different interior styles, or their elements, will be accurate. Conservatives are better off with styles with a classic mood, without too bold contrasts. Practical people will be comfortable in a functional high-tech style – simple, but full of innovation.

If you are a gambling-active person(like some celebrities), not averse to experimenting, loft, and minimalism in various combinations will suit you. Are you a romantic and creative person? Pay attention to the Mediterranean, Scandinavian, eco style. Art deco, neoclassicism, grunge, and other eclectic styles will help to reveal an extraordinary personality.

Take an interest in the latest technologies that make life easier. Think about what you would like to improve in your home? After all, as a person affects the interior, the interior can affect the life of a person. Relatively speaking, if you decide to limit yourself to a shower cabin, you won’t be able to arrange a relaxing evening in a bubble bath with scented candles and a glass of wine.

Another way to choose a style is to start from a specific material. If you are in awe of touching wood – think Scandinavian, eco-style, or ethno. Gripping concrete or brick surfaces? You may be interested in loft, grunge, minimalism.

interior design personality

Some textures dictate, set the tone for the interior. For example, if you like concrete flooring, you will have to choose something that goes well with it. However, without design experience, it is difficult to build a design around a single material. Therefore, if you have spied on a cool tile with the texture of marble or stone, and want to somehow beat it in the interior, it is better to turn to a professional.

Inspiration can come from Pinterest, Google, or industry magazines. However, again, only an experienced specialist can correctly combine everything in one interior.


Focus on fashion

We want to have a connection with the past, keep things dear to our hearts in the house, and, at the same time, fill the house with innovations, mix different styles. That is why eclecticism is at the peak of fashion now.

Eclectic style is a link between the past and the present in the interior when the heritage of the nation is combined with modern inventions.

No need to be afraid of unexpected combinations. Sticking to one style is boring. An eclectic interior can be based on any style that you like best. Most often they choose Italian, eco, urban style, the style of the 60s, 70s, and combine them with each other in different proportions.

The digital revolution has not bypassed the sphere of design. One of the youngest interior styles is Instagram-ready. Its hallmarks are theatrical effects, photographic composition, and, as the leading designers put it, “decorative exhibitionism”.

Another innovation is urban glamour, a style that replaces such a popular loft. It’s also kind of eclectic. Urban – something from the urban lifestyle (concrete, brick, metal, glass), and the glamor of the interior are given by classic elements such as stucco, various decorations with classical elements. You can find stylish furniture pieces in this style in the furniture meridian assortment. 


Trust the designer

The best way not to make a mistake with the choice of materials is, of course, to turn to a professional. After all, an experienced specialist, after several meetings with the client, is able to understand what this or that person needs. I just think everyone should mind their own business. The doctor – to treat, the teacher – to teach, and the designer – to create interiors. If this is not possible, it is better to avoid too radical solutions. For example, you should definitely not do a radical redevelopment, or experiment with too contrasting textures and colors.

It is also not necessary to blindly trust the designer. Trust yourself and your choice. Any interior has the right to exist. The main thing is that the owner should be comfortable and pleasant to live in it.

Let’s summarize

To choose the right interior style, listen to yourself: take into account the rhythm of your life and preferences, and also think about how you would like to improve your life. The most popular today are eclectic interiors, where there are elements of several styles at once. However, to combine them harmoniously, you need the appropriate skills and experience. If you will do repairs yourself, you should not resort to experiments. Planning to work with a designer? It will help you choose the style in which you will be most comfortable.

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