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Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez: (Frank Lucas ), Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Husband


Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was the wife of the American Gangster and drug dealer Frank Lucas was also involved in drug trafficking as well along with her husband. Drug dealing is not a really correct thing to do but we cannot deny the fact that it is a market that is run by very courageous people.

Frank Lucas and Julianna Farrait Rodriguez were two of them. There is not a lot of information available about Julianna Farrait is available on the Internet which is quite obvious because they don’t show off their identity like other people anyway. It is a secret business that drug dealers are a part of and none of them should actually reveal too much about them at any point of time.

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez: (Frank Lucas ), Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Husband
  • Husband: Frank Lucas
  • Age: 78
  • Born: 1941
  • Birthplace: Puerto Rico

Julianna Farrait Net Worth

In fact, information that is available about Frank Lucas’ wife Julianna Farrait is from after the time she got married. The net worth of this lady is estimated at around $1.5 million which is huge.

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez- Miss Puerto Rico

This lady was considered a beauty queen and there are actually a lot of reasons behind it. It is believed that Frank Lucas met Julianna Farrait in Puerto Rico where she was the homecoming queen. Even in the movie,  ‘American Gangster’, which is based on the real life of Lucas, Julianna was shown as an ex-Miss Puerto Rico but after searching a lot it was found that her name was nowhere to be found in the list of all the winners. They met at a night club and got married later.

Frank Lucas Wife Julianna Farrait

One of the biggest American gangsters and drug traffickers Frank Lucas was not only rich but also famous. Julianna in an interview said that she fell for a drug dealer because she always loves people who were a little dangerous and people who loved to take risks. Now, it completely makes sense why Julianna Farrait- Rodriguez fell for the man.

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Frank Lucas and Julianna Farrait always used to exchange gifts which were really expensive. Julianna once gifted her husband a coat and hat which he wore to Muhammad Ali’s boxing match which happened in Atlanta in 1970. It is a big deal because these two things cost around $125,000 at that time which is definitely not something that a common person would think of gifting her husband. In short, they lived a very extravagant life.

Julianna Fartait young pictures from 1970 prove why she was often termed as a beauty queen.


Julianna Farrait herself that she got so busy in making big dollars that she didn’t really think about the business and actually evaluate if it was good or not. The heroin business definitely earns you a lot of money and that is so much that you cannot get any lower than that.

Lucas Frank died on May 30, 2019 and that was definitely a sorrow moment for the wife. Julianna was arrested in 1975 and was given a five year prison sentence for being involved in the drug business and illegal trafficking many of the drugs. Not only that, but Frank’s activities were also hidden by her which is also one of the reasons. After getting out of jail, she went on with the business and in 2010, she was again caught and arrested while trying to sell 2kg cocaine at a hotel in Puerto Rico. In 2012, she was sentenced to another 5 years in prison by none other than the Manhattan federal court justice, Laura Taylor.

It was reported that in the court, she begged for mercy and compassion because she really had to look after her husband who was sick at that time. She knew that her husband was 81 years old and she only wanted to spend his last days with him.

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Julianna Farrait Children

Julianna Farrait has one daughter and she is named Francine Lucas- Sinclair. She definitely suffered a lot of instabilities for her parents’ past and lives with her other siblings.

Julianna Farrait Family
Julianna Farrait Family

Julianna Farrait Pictures 1970

Julianna Farrait Pictures 1970
Julianna Farrait Pictures 1970

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