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Katharine Hepburn Wiki: Husband, Children, Career, Death and Net Worth

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was an indomitable American stage and film actress. In the 20th century, she was known as a spirited performer with a touch of eccentricity. She was fiercely independent and was noted for her brisk accent (Katharine Hepburn accent) and tomboyish beauty. Equally, her huge variety of roles and acting skills made her famous on the screen and was ranked the greatest female film star by the American film institute. In a career lasting seven decades, she landed 4 Oscars which is a record even today.

Some of her hit classic films include – “The African Queen”, “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner” and “On Golden Pond”. Furthermore, read here to know more about Hepburn Katharine’s biography. 


Early life, Parents and More

Katherine was born on May 12, 1907, in Hartford. Hepburn’s father was an affluent and prominent Connecticut doctor and her mother was a director in the woman’s suffrage motion. She was born in a liberal-minded family where she was encouraged to sharpen her young mind and engage with the world as far as possible. One occurrence which had a strong bearing on her early life was finding her beloved brother hanging from a rafter by a piece of rope. The loss of her beloved brother completely weakened her. Fortunately, Katherine Hepburn overcame this great tragedy of her childhood to become one of the most enduring legends in cinema history. 



Hepburn Katharine’s acting career

Katherine’s early acting profession developed on stage and from the theatre, she graduated to film. After graduating, she started getting small roles in plays on Broadway and elsewhere. She always attracted attention, especially for her role in “Art and Mrs. Bottle” in1931. She finally broke into celebrity when she took the starring role of the Amazon princess Antiope in “A Warrior’s Husband” in1932. After making a few screen tests she was cast in A Bill of Divorcement in 1932, opposite John Barrymore. The movie was a hit, and after agreeing to her salary demands, RKO signed her to a commitment. She made five cinemas between 1932 and 1934. For her third, Morning Glory in 1933, she won her first Academy Award. Her fourth, Little Women in 1933, was the most successful picture of its day. But, in the late 1930s, her acting career started to decline and she was once even labeled as – toxic for the box office. Later, after a wide gap, her career picked up with Katherine Hepburn Oscars and nominations. 


Husband, Children and Her Married life

Katherine Hepburn husband is socialite Ludlow Ogden Smith. When speaking about Katherine Hepburn children – she got married to him at the age of 21, but the marriage did not last long and they divorced six years later. 


Networth of Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn net worth includes $30 million at the time of her death. The preponderance of that value came from her 7.17acre waterfront Connecticut estate. 


Hepburn created a style for herself

When it comes to Katherine Hepburn fashion – She was mostly spotted in menswear, including collared shirts, loafers, and trousers (both on and offscreen). 


Katherine Hepburn’s last breath

Katherine was an important cultural icon and an epitome of inner strength and reserve for the women of the 20th century. Katherine Hepburn death happened at the age of 96 at home in Old Saybrook, Conn. With Katherine’s deaths, American’s connection to the great era of the talkies and her voice got over. Her fans still remember her for talented acting and inner strength. 



Popular quotes

Some of Katherine Hepburn quotes include:

“If you accept all the rules, you miss all the fun.”


“Everyone thought I was daring and bold and even arrogant, but inside I was always quaking.”


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