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Misty Loman Case – Who Is Misty Loman? Trivia Facts, Update, Background

Misty Loman Case

Misty Loman Case: A progression of mugshots of a Kentucky lady named Misty Loman had turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media. A sheriff presented Loman’s mugshots on caution about the risks of meth fixation.

The post immediately became famous online, particularly after Loman was captured in July 2019. Loman has since become an inclining point on the web, with many stigmatizing her for destroying her life. Be that as it may, is Misty Loman actually the essence of meth use? We’ve put any misinformation to rest here.

Case Background

A Wisconsin sheriff, Adam Bieber, shared Misty Loman’s mugshots on his Facebook page (not his own profile), cautioning against the threats of meth use. Loman, who has been captured on various occasions, has experienced an emotional change in her appearance throughout the years.

The examination of Loman increased when ongoing reports guaranteed that she was captured in a Warren County court for supposedly appearing at her hearing inebriated. She has been accused of open inebriation, ownership of a controlled substance, and ownership of medication gear thus.

She was purportedly affected by opiates during the July 2 court appearance, which was identified with a past capture. A hunt of her satchel turned up a little sack of what is suspected to be meth. Loman denied the charges, guaranteeing the substance was squashed Zofran, a prescription to forestall sickness brought about by chemotherapy.


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About Misty Loman

Hazy Dawn Loman, 40, is a local of Bowling Green, Kentucky. She periodically passes by her wedded name, Misty Glass.

She is mother to at any rate two children, Corey and Jacob, with her better half, Gary Glass Jr. It’s hazy if she’s despite everything wedded; in any case, her Facebook movement shows that she loves her children.

Loman obviously has been fighting chronic drug use for quite a long time and has been captured a few times for medicating related charges. Perhaps the soonest capture was in 2005, when she was 26, on remarkable warrants.

Misty Loman Trivia Facts

She was named in lawful offense warrants on charges of first-degree fabricating methamphetamine, ownership of weed, and ownership of medication stuff in Hopkins County. Another warrant in Warren County named her for ownership of Maryjane, ownership of medication gear, and ownership of taken property.

In any case, there’s a whole other world to Misty Loman’s story than chronic drug use and captures. She and her better half have lost three youngsters previously, as indicated by her Facebook supporters.


One of her youngsters was stillborn. At the point when she was pregnant with twins, one kicked the bucket in the belly and the other passed on not exactly a month after it was conceived. None of the youngsters’ demises were tranquilize related.

Notwithstanding the loss of her kids, Misty is engaging dangerous ailments alongside her compulsion battles, and attempting to be a mother to her two enduring kids.

Proof Misty Loman Is Ill and has Cancer

Current Update

Loman is presently kept at Warren County Regional Jail subsequent to being captured on July 2. Her bail has supposedly been set at $1,000.

Public Reaction To The Case

Cloudy Loman’s conditions and fight with dependence have earned her numerous online supporters throughout the years. There are Facebook pages devoted to supporting her through her battles, and numerous individuals are continually leaving messages of help on her Facebook.


These individuals guarantee to know Loman’s history and have approached to guard her against the attack originating from her mugshot course of events. As indicated by these individuals, Loman is experiencing lupus, bone malignant growth, and scleroderma.

Chemotherapy for the malignancy has made her hair drop out, as is found in her most recent pictures. Note: she asserted a medicine to counter a reaction of chemo was found in her satchel during her ongoing capture.

Scleroderma is a condition wherein the skin and connective tissues solidify. It generally influences ladies between the ages of 30 and 50. This is likewise adding to Loman’s skinny appearance.

Loman’s supporters have faced the individuals sharing the composition of mugshots and portraying her as the essence of meth misuse. One of them, Lee Ann Colley Maples, has condemned news reports and Sheriff Bieber for not looking into Loman’s story before sharing the mugshots.

Loman’s mom, Joan Smith, has offered her thanks to Maples in the remarks of her posts, seem to affirm that it is to be sure evident.



Meth is evidently just one of the variables influencing her wellbeing and it’s hazy on the off chance that she despite everything utilizes drugs. So it is uncalled for to make her the perfect example of a meth habit.

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