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The Most Exotic Countries You Have to Visit Before Turning 50

The Most Exotic Countries You Have to Visit Before Turning 50

Most Exotic Places to travel in the World: We all know that impressions play almost the most important role in our life. When they are positive, these are always unforgettable memories that you want to return to again and again in order to experience similar emotions!

And what forms such impressions, if not love and travel?

In travel, as in love, it is crucial to choose the right direction. And it often happens that by choosing the right country to visit, you can not only relax but also fill your “emotional tank” to the brim. We have compiled for you a list of incredible places that will completely reset your inner world.

The Most Exotic Countries You Have to Visit Before Turning 50

1. UAE

An oasis in the middle of the desert! An ultra-modern metropolis that thrives incredibly on hot sands.


UAE is a place where the police drive luxury sports cars, where skyscrapers touch the clouds, where there is a ski resort in the heat, and where a man-made island is built right in the sea. You can embark on an adventure ride through the desert dunes in an all-terrain vehicle or spend time on the beaches enjoying the soft sand and the clearest water!

A small remark about luxury cars: this is true. Every second person rides luxury iron horses here. In particular, this is because luxury supercars are very cheap to rent here. You can rent a Lambo in Dubai and still not end up with a hole in your wallet. The rental fleet is amazing and the hiring companies offer the best conditions for a great driving experience.


The UAE is definitely worth a visit because there is no other such place anywhere else on the planet!



A lot has already been saying about Thailand, but ooh … such a fabulous sunset happens only here. And the beaches… No country compares to these beaches!

Thailand is rightfully considered a place for any requests! There are parties, show programs, a secluded vacation on the beaches, diving, and sports.

Thailand is able to surprise and delight every time delivering new and new emotions.



The birthplace of delicious teas of various varieties, incredible beaches and beautiful islands.

But indeed, those who have been here sharing very warm impressions. Here, the finest sea cuisine (tiger shrimps, octopuses, various crabs, squids, delicious fish and even sharks) will not leave anyone indifferent!

We have already written that the beaches here are of incredible beauty, but it is one thing to write, another to see! Many who first visited Sri Lanka return there again and again precisely because of the beaches.


In general, Sri Lanka resets and pacifies! It is worth visiting at least once in your life.



The Dominican Republic is a fertile land, which is located on the island of Haiti. Gorgeous beaches and coconut palms, clear turquoise sea, starfish and great diving. Reference mountains and the cradle of incendiary merengue. The rich people who come from all over the world love to relax in the Dominican Republic – relax in luxury hotels and splash in the turquoise waves.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its national parks of incredible beauty.



In every destination on this list, we write about beaches, but Cuba, with its authentic nature, rightfully occupies one of the main places in the priority of countries to visit!

Legendary Cuban cigars, salsa, atmospheric pubs, real pirate rum and unforgettable sea air will inhale the emotions of freedom and allow you to completely reset your brain!



A mysterious country where giant idols have guarded Easter Island cut off from civilization for thousands of years. The exotic of Latin America is ahead of the entire continent in terms of quality service and normal hotels. It’s a mysterious Patagonia and glaciers. In Chile, you can also go to ski resorts in the summer, of which there are a lot. You can ride from June to October when it is not the season in Europe.


Exotic is closer than you think. Travel to exotic countries, it’s worth it!


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1 Comment

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