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Top 10 Most Successful Teams in the World (by Sport)

Most Successful Teams in the World

Each year, Forbes releases a list of the world’s most lucrative sports teams, regardless of sport. While figures related to new worth and value are indicative of a team’s popularity today, it might not reflect the history of a certain sport.

Looking at each global sport, which teams are the most successful in terms of overall victories alone?

Most Successful Teams in the World

Ice Hockey, Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

24 Championships

Though not everyone will tune in to watch ice hockey, leagues like North America’s NHL, Russia’s KHL, and Sweden’s SHL offer action almost year-round for hockey fans. Though there are dozens of talented teams, the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens is one of the most successful and recognizable sides in the world. Those looking to follow the team can find coverage from a Canadian sports betting site just as easily as analysis from a broadcasting group.

Rugby, New Zealand All Blacks (International Rugby Union)

Over 77% Win Percentage in all Test Matches

As one of the most popular sports in the world, there are numerous rugby union competitions around the world—domestic and international. In terms of international play, no team compares to the New Zealand All Blacks, whose performances in the last century have led them to become one of the most notorious teams across any sport—but especially within rugby union.


Football, Al Ahly (Egyptian Premier League)

41 Season Titles

Though the Rangers of the Scottish League and the Club Nacional de Football of Uruguay closely trail the Egyptian association football club, neither can best the total 118 trophies lifted by the club. Wins include domestic leagues, as well as CAF competitions from pan-African competitions.

American Football, Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

6 Championships

Though a total number of six championship titles isn’t much compared to the other sports on this list, the NFL’s Super Bowl game is a relatively new concept. Additionally, the NFL tends to see a revolving door of dynastic teams, which means competition stays tight (and relatively unpredictable) each year. The Steelers may have nabbed most of their wins back in the 1970s, but they’re holding on to first place in NFL championship rankings.

Racing, Ferrari (Formula One)

16 Constructors’ Titles, 15 Driver Titles


In terms of recognizable sporting brands around the world, Italy’s Ferrari Scuderia is one of the most iconic. The franchise has been active in Formula One since its start almost a century ago. Though they’re now competing with Mercedes and Red Bull for wins since the 2010s, Ferrari’s record isn’t close to contestation from either group.

Most Successful Teams in the World

Baseball, New York Yankees (MLB)

27 Championships

As a regular chart-topper in the Forbes most-lucrative sports franchise list, the Yankees’ astounding 27 championship titles should come as no surprise. Their closest competition is the Saint Louis Cardinals, who have 11 World Series titles.

Track & Field, US Olympic Team (Olympics)

342 Gold Medals

When it comes to speed, US Olympians are some of the fastest in the world. In fact, the closest competitors are the Soviet Union, which had 71 before dissolving, and Great Britain, which has a total of 56 gold medals in track and field.

Basketball, LA Lakers (NBA)

17 Championships


Though the LA Lakers are neck-in-neck with the Boston Celtics for a winningest record in the NBA, the Lakers have nabbed 32 conference titles while the Celtics have only taken home 21 (in addition to 17 championships). Unlike the NFL, the gap between winning teams is vast in the NBA; third to the Lakers and Celtics are the Golden State Warriors, who only have six total championship titles.

Cricket, Australia (ICC Cricket World Cup)

5 Titles

For nearly half a century, the ICC has organized international cricket competitions for countries around the world, from the West Indies to Sri Lanka to New Zealand. In recent years, there’s been an elevation of competition, which means Australia’s longstanding wins might not be enough to keep them ranked in first in terms of total ICC titles. India trails with two.

Field Hockey, Pakistan National Team (FIH Hockey World Cup)

Four Titles

Despite not seeing the same degree of viewership and fandom as some other sports, field hockey is quickly becoming an international pastime. The World Cup started in 1971 and has seen even competition from a variety of national sides. Pakistan has the lead with four titles, but the Netherlands and Australia are close behind with three each.

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