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Mummy Pig Peppa Pig Age, Height, Mummy, Birthday, Dress and more

Mummy Pig

Mummy pig is a cartoon character that appears in one of the popular English animated series called “Peppa pig“. She is the mother of George pig and Peppa pig, and the daughter of Grandpa pig and Granny Pig. She is called by her nickname Mrs. Pig. She lives at home with her husband Daddy pig and works on her computer. She usually wears a lovely orange color dress and has small eyes with lovely long eyes lashes. Mummy pig is famous for being one of the protagonists of the series “Peppa pig”. As of 2020, she is 44 years old and is said to born in 1976 in the United States.


Her Dress

She wears a pretty pink dress, pink shoes, and a pink hat with a purple feather when she goes out with Daddy pig. And, she wears a pink dress when she sleeps. She wears blue boots while jumping in muddy puddles. A pink hat, lovely pink dress, and pink shoes are worn by her when she is babysitting.

In the snow, she usually wears an orange coat, blue boots, orange mittens, a red scarf, and an orange hat. She wears a yellow crown and a cyan dress when she’s a queen. When she wants to go swimming she wears an orange swimsuit.


Peppa Pig Mummy Pig with George pig

Her personality

Mummy pig is a kind adult pig/figure to all the kids in the series. She goes all along in her way to make them happy, to help them, and to advise them. Mummy pig loves to go on an outing to spend time with her family or to go on trips out of her home. Also, she loves to bake and to cook and can be often found in the kitchen doing it.

Between the two adult figures, Mummy pig is shown more mature than Daddy pig and often tries to warm him when he comes up or does something that is not a good idea. She teases her husband sometimes, but she dearly loved Daddy pig.


Her Looks

Mummy pig is an adult figure with dark pink lips, small eyes with 3 eyelashes on each eye, pink cheers and wears black slippers and an orange dress. Mummy pig has black eyelashes with pink eyeliner and beautiful pink skin.




Mummy pig dearly loves her little son George pig and communicates well with him. She never abandons him, carries him in her arms when he is afraid of such tremendous heights and speed, and she is always ready to take care of him and her whole family. She always loves her family and does want to lose any of them. Furthermore, mummy pig wanted to give birth to another baby but daddy pig denied her due to some reason.

Bottom lines

Mummy Pig is a Housewife, Computer Techie, Author, and Volunteer Firefighter. She worked with the “Mummies’ Fire Service” and Ezza is her favorite magazine to read. In series 5, she works as an author and published the book “Funny Onion”. She is currently residing in England, United Kingdom.

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