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Nicole Kimpel Wiki – Facts About Actor Antonio Banderas’ Girlfriend

Nicole Kimpel WIKI

Nowadays, everyone knows about her more like Antonio Banderas’s girlfriend. Nicole Kimpel is a professional investment banker. But after a relationship with a popular Spanish superstar Antonio Banderas she gets more popularity.

Some Facts about Nicole Kimpel

AGE  – 38 Years

BIRTH  – July 28, 1981, Stuttgart, Germany

GENDER  – Female

SIBLINGS –  Barbara Kimpel


ADDRESS – London, United Kingdom

COUNTRY –  England

JOB  – Entrepreneur

ALUMNI  – Central Saint Martins

BRANDS –  Baniki


BOYFRIEND – Antonio Banderas

ETHNICITY  – Dutch German

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Family Background

Nicole Kimpel had a twin sister, her name is Barbara Kimpel. Both are looking very pretty. Both are born on July 28, 1981, in Germany at Stuttgart place. Born in a German family.

They got Garman’s father and a Dutch mother. But this Kimpel sister has global citizenship. They worked and lived in various countries.


Nicole Kimpel’s father worked as an engineer in the US and Europe, because of that their family moves one to another place continually.

Kimpel lived in Düsseldorf during their childhood years, before the family shifted to Switzerland, where they called that home to Geneva.

The sisters are not even speaking their parents’ native tongues and French and Spanish languages, but also speak including this total of six languages.

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Education and Profession

Nicole Kimpel before completing her finishing high school moves to the USA with her father. Their Kimple (sisters) went to various East Coast and West Coast colleges, but completing their education they would return to Geneva.


Nicole has decided to work in a Geneva software company. After some time she works in the banking sector in Geneva as an investor.

Fashion Business 

Nicole Kimpel running the fashion business with her sister Barbara Kimpel. Kimple sisters were they are young, fashion is a big part of their lives because they shifted one place to another.

They running fashion business apart from handling their respective careers. They get success in the Fashion business and Travel to the world as a professional business partner and build up a social network in the fashion industry. But they are professional as friends.

Kimple sisters have attended a red carpet event with Antonio Banderas. In there, all can see their fashion talent. For some of the time, they were getting help with other designer friends for taking their style in the reach audience.

But it does not work for a long time. And sometime after they were started their own brand name is Baniki in February 2019.


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Baniki a Fashion BRAND

Nicole and Barbara Kimpel had a discussion about the brand name, finally, they take letters from their own names. That is Barbara- Ba Nicole – Ni Kimpel – ki. 

They called its not just a fashion brand it is a build-up with fashion, women, and friendship. With the slogan of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It consists of various pocket handbags and clothing collections.

Nicole Kimpel Studied along with Antonio Banderas.In 2015 and 2017 as a designer at Central saint martins in London. Kimpel’s sister held them first event show together. Bank had successfully event in September 2019 at Malaga Fashion Week.



Nicole Kimpel gives very few interviews. Some of the interviews she said my life is travel. “gives you a lot of flexibility, opens your mind and enriches your life’s”. Traveling is also inspiring me to take on my life’s challenges.

About her relationship with Antonio Banderas, she said that. We have 20 years age gap, but it does not matter for us.

She includes it that “It’s a very different world for mine. but I’m a very stable person, with my feet on the ground. I have learned to live with it.”

“We are really happy together and I do not see him (Banderas)as a film star. To me, he is the man in my life. He has so many great qualities and talents without even talking into account his professional success.”

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