Paul Michael Hill Wiki (Courtney Kennedy Hill’s ex-husband), Children, Early Life

Paul Michael Hill (conceived in 1954) is an Irish Author, Army Veteran, and Human Rights Activist from Belfast, Ireland. He is most popular as the Ex-Spouse of Courtney Kennedy Hill (Human Rights Activist). Besides, he additionally composed a book Stolen Years: Before and After Guildford. Also, Michael stayed an individual from Guildford four.

Be that as it may, he alongside three individuals named Paddy Armstrong, Gerry Conlon, and Carole Richardson. They denounced in the Guildford Club Bombing instance of 1974. In any case, they also experienced astonishing torment for a long time.

The four individuals compelled to sign the admission letters. Paul charged for the homicide of Brain Shaw (British Soldier). Before long, he discharged from jail on October 19, 1989. He confronted the longest jail of 15 years. Prior, Michael Hill engaged with the Irish armed force

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Early Life/ wiki

Courtney Kennedy Hill’s Ex-Spouse, Paul Michael Hill was conceived in 1954 (age 65 years of age, as in 2019) in Belfast, Ireland. Besides, his mom had a place with the catholic foundation. Paul’s dad served in the Korean Navy and was protestant. Paul was destined to his dad, a Korean Navy trooper of the protestant section while his mom was a Catholic.


He was a splendid understudy of his secondary school. Moreover, he lived in the United States to finish his advanced education. Paul’s granddad was a British Solider who confronted difficulties during the war.

Career & Controversy Case

Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Paddy Armstrong and Carole Richardson, known as the Guilford Four, were illegitimately indicted for the Guildford Pub bombings, which occurred in 1974. Unfathomably, Gerry Conlon’s dad, Giuseppe, was additionally sewed up for the “wrongdoing” and passed on in prison.

The slope was blamed for being engaged with the IRA bombings of bars in Guildford and Woolwich. He was additionally blamed for the homicide of a British fighter, Brian Shaw.

The Guildford Four endured terrible torment and terrorizing and had to sign admissions. Two years after the conviction of the Guildford Four, the IRA’s Balcombe Street group assumed liability for the bombings.

During the preliminary, the Guildford Four’s preliminary the appointed authority said it was his central lament that he was unable to hang the three men.


Paul Hill was given, what was at that point, the longest sentence at any point passed on in an English court.

His time in jail was especially hard. He burned through five of the 15 years in isolation. He was additionally “ghosted” more than multiple times. Being “ghosted” is the point at which a detainee is moved with no notice, as a rule in the night.

Between the Guildford Four, they served 60 years in jail, for wrongdoings they didn’t submit.

The Guildford Four discharged

After an overall battle, the Guildford Four were at last discharged on Oct 19, 1989.

Whenever it was not until 2005, 31 years after they were illegitimately captured and gone through 15 years in jail and 16 years after their discharge, they got an uncommon conciliatory sentiment from British Prime Minister David Cameron.


Paul Hill fills in as a main human rights campaigner in the United States.

Personal Life, Wife, Girlfriend

Courtney Kennedy (Social Worker) and Paul wedded as on June 26, 1993, at Aegean Port. Besides, his ex Ms. Kennedy’s dad Robert F. Kennedy (Senator and Attorney). She was the niece of John F. Kennedy (Former American President).

Her mother Ethel Kennedy presented them. In any case, Paul and Courtney separated in 2006. Then again, they additionally shared a girl Saoirse Kennedy Hill (conceived May 22, 1997).

However, Saoirse discovered dead in the Kennedy Compound on August 1, 2019. She likewise experienced a basic heart assault. Kennedy Hill was a Media and Communication Student at Boston College.

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Remarkable Facts

Martin McNamara made a network show You’re Ever Loving.

The plot was dependent on Paul’s letters for his three individuals.

Besides, the 1980s tune Street of Sorrow/Birmingham Six made by The Pogues.

However, the music piece prohibited by the administration.

Paul Michael, Courtney Kennedy Hill’s better half began the crusades in the USA for human rights.


He battles for the individuals saw as liable in bogus cases.

Presently, Paul Michael Hill can’t overlook the dim long periods of his life.

Sairose likewise discovered delight in the network to help and assemble schools in Mexico.