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Pearl Fernandez, mother of Gabriel Fernandez – know the facts about her


On February 26th at Netflix, the Trial of Gabriel Fernandez premiered. The viewers were not expecting for the roller coaster. He was sentenced to death in 2013, and they broke for Gabrield, when he was only 8 years old. From all the haters over the internet, his two murderers are also considered in those haters.

Hate for pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend:

People hate them most over the internet. Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre; they both disturbed Gabriel a lot. Pearl and her boyfriend faild at the system of child welfare, and even they tortured Gabriel also a lot. The documentaries again raised hate for pearl among people. People want to know where she is and what justice has been given to Gabriel. The details about Peral wiki in Gabriel case of mention right below.

Pearl Fernandez ignored as a child


Pearl Sinthia Fernandez parents’ names are Sandra and Robert Fernandez, who gave birth to her on 29th August, 1983. She has 3 three children, and now living in California with her eldest two children. 

Outcome of a clinical psychologist?

When pearl sentenced to be arrested, after that, a clinical psychologist took an interview with her. In that interview, the psychologist declared that Pearl is a limited intellectual personality. She just did schooling until her eighth-grade standard. Later on, when she was 9 years old, she was a meth user. In the records, what found is, her intellect was when she is at a second-grade level.

Her parents were not a big part of her life:

Pearl’s father is not a big part of her life. In her whole childhood, her dad was just in and out from jail. Her mother usually neglected pearl. Her mother does not like Pearl much.


Assaulted in teenage

Pearl said that she was done from the ups and downs of her childhood, so she ran away from home when she was 11. Even, she claimed that, when she was in her teenage, she has been assaulted sexually.

Pearl’s depressive childhood

Her whole childhood just spent in depression and development disability. Even, she suffered from stress disorder, traumas, and personality disorder.

Pearl’s abusive relationship:


Pearl claimed that, in her adult age, she had been committed to multiple relationships. In all her relationships, she has been the target of abuse. Even, with her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, she was taking opioids. Even, all her relatives also claim that she is a violent woman, and being controlled by her boyfriend and her children’s father.

Pearl left Gabriel to her parents and Uncle

Ezequiel C, who is boy of Pearl. She has a daughter, who identified by the media, named as Virginia. Gabriel Fernandez is her younger child, who took birth on 21 February 2005.  

Pearl and her children’s husband does not live together

It is found that pearl and her three children’s father, named Arnold Contreras were not living together. It happened when Contreras sentenced for imprisonment for robbery and possession. 


Peral has given Gabriel to her parents and uncle:

When Gabriel took birth, she passed him to her uncle and parents. Michael Lemos Carranza, who is the uncle of pearl; she has given Gabriel to him. Gabriel was only 3 days old, when she passed him to her parents and uncle. In the trial of Gabriel Fernandez, his uncle was appeared. 

Davis Matinez, who was in relation with Carranza, said on the Netflix show that, she did not want the child, and even family also do not want her to have the child. She said that they asked Pearl to have Gabriel and give him to us so that we can raise him.  

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