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Peter Obi Speaks On Choice Of Running Mate Ahead Of 2023 Elections

Peter Obi Speaks On Choice Of Running Mate Ahead Of 2023 Elections

Candidate of the labor group has made his selection of working partner known to the whole population of Nigeria. The candidate on Wednesday announced that he would like to have a young, specific person to be his working partner in the coming presidential election.

Peter Obi is believed to have made the claim a couple of days after Kwankwaso had declared that he couldn’t turn into a working mate with Peter Obi because of the north’s already decided who they would provide their votes and support with in 2023.

Kwankwaso was also quoted as saying that he’s offering Peter Obi a golden different to display as his work colleague during the coming presidential election.

According to an article from Vanguard Online News, a press conference was held by Kwankwaso just a few days prior to.

Peter Obi Speaks On Choice Of Running Mate Ahead Of 2023 Elections

He stated that people in the NNPP would not be thrilled when he renounces his presidential plan to assist Peter Obi because of they’re all affected by what’s happening at currently taking place in Nigeria and also require an extraordinary chief such as himself who can make the right changes to the points.

When he spoke about Peter Obi, Kwankwaso added that Peter Obi must gladly accept the position of his work mate as he offers Peter Obi an unending variety of options that should be accepted before when it’s already too late.


Kwankwaso admitted ” Of course, the opposing side isn’t going to like to do that. A majority of people there believe the fact that the president must take that route. If I choose to be the vice-presidential candidate for any person in this country, NNPP will collapse, due to the fact that its collective success is dependent on what we have built over the last 30 years. “

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