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Princess Maria Teresa Net Worth 2020 – Wiki, Age, Height, Family, And More

spain princess maria teresa

Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma was the princess of Spain and was a member of a cadet branch of the Spanish imperial family. She was born on 28th July 1933 in Paris, France (Then- French Third Republic).
She was a social activist, procuring the title “Red Princess”, and a monarchist who upheld the Carlist development.

She is the first royal family member in the world to have died due to COVID-19 disease. The 86-year-old princess was a cousin of Spain’s King Felipe VI.

Her sibling Prince Sixto Enrique de Borbon, the Duke of Aranjuez, reported on Facebook that she passed away in the morning on 26th March 2020 after coming in contact with COVID-19 disease virus.

Princess Teresa’s passing comes a long time subsequent to King Felipe VI of Spain tried negative for the infection. She was known for her straightforward perspectives and extremist work, which prompted her epithet the “Red Princess.” A funeral service for the princess was hung on Friday in the capital city of Madrid.

About Princess Maria Teresa

Real Name:
María Teresa de Borbón-Parma


Birthday: 28 July 1933

Died: 26 March 2020

Age: 86

Birth Place: Paris, France

Zodiac: Gemini


Nationality: Spanish

Ethnicity: French

Religion: Christianity

Position: Princess of the Spanish Royal Family

Profession: Professor


Parents: Prince Xavier, Duke of Parma and Piacenza (Father),
Madeleine de Bourbon-Busset (Mother)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Early Life

She was born on 28th July 1933 in Paris, France (Then- French Third Republic). She grew up at the Old Bostz Castle, Besson, Bourbonnais. Having gone to middle school in Tours, she proceeded to get a doctorate in Hispanic studies from Paris-Sorbonne University and another doctorate in political sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid and she was a professor the two colleges.

Her 1977 graduation’s thesis at the Sorbonne was entitled “La clarificación ideológica del Carlismo contemporáneo” (“Ideological explanation of contemporary Carlism”).


She additionally studied Islam and how it identified with women’s rights and justice. She was a social activist and batted for women studies. In a 1997 meeting, she said that she was Christian, yet reprimanded some Christian mentalities to a movement that looked to make a partition in the society.


She was a significant social activist and an honorary professor at different colleges of Europe in subjects like human science, women studies. She did her social activism and professorship alongside keeping up her royal life title status.

During the 1960s and 1970s, María Teresa bolstered her sibling Carlos Hugo in his battle to make the Spanish Carlist party more liberal, supporting an ideological move in her family’s Carlism ideological stance.

Her foundations and perspectives pulled in numerous characters, driving her to meet socialist idealogues and figures André Malraux, François Mitterrand, Yasser Arafat, and Hugo Chávez, and earned her the title of “Red Princess”. This epithet was utilized as the (Spanish) title of 2002 biography of María Teresa written by Josep Carles Clemente.

First COVID-19 Royal Death: Spanish Princess Maria Teresa Passes Away

Personal Life

Princess Maria Teresa never married in her entire and never had any rumored or known affair. She has no children nor did she adopt any child to be her successor.

Princess Maria Teresa Net Worth

She did not have any property in her wealth. Her jewelry and personal earnings are estimated to be around $3 million apart from the Spain Royal family wealth of which’s valuation detail are not given.


Most Recent

María Teresa was the first individual from a royal family to die from COVID-19. She died on 26 March 2020 in Paris, at the age of 86, with a funeral service held in Madrid on 27 March 2020. She was the fifth cousin once dethroned of King of Spain, Felipe VI.

She was absolutely non-disputable and kept up her duty to scholastics and social development in Spain and the remainder of Europe. She was really observed as a famous feminist figure in 21st-century European culture.

Princess Maria Teresa of Spain dies aged 86 after testing positive ...

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Maria Teresa’s Height
is 5″4″ (ft & inch)

Maria Teresa’s Hair Color is Grey-Black

Maria Teresa’s Eye Color is Black

Maria Teresa’s Waist Size is 28


Maria Teresa’s Chest Size is 32

Maria Teresa’s Sexual Orientation is Straight

Maria Teresa’s Body Type is Slim

Maria Teresa’s Shoe Size is 7 (UK)

Princess Maria Teresa- Unknown Points

  • She was popularly known as the “Red Princess” as she supported socialism over imperialism.
  • She is the only Spanish princess who never got married.
  • She is the only royal family member to be a professor while living a royal life.
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