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Reggie Stephey Today – Wiki, Bio, Reginald, drunken and More

Reggie Stephey Today

Reggie Stephey is a U.S. citizen who, in early 2000, made national news as the drunken driver who smashed into Jacqueline Saburido, murdered her two companions, and spent 7 years behind bars. Stephey was born in 1981, and as of 2020, Reggie is 39.

Quick Facts of Reggie Stephey

  • Full Name: Reggie Stephey
  • Nickname: Reggie
  • Birthplace: Texas, United States of America
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Blonde

Reginald Stephey

Reggie was returning home from an Austin gathering while he was still an 18-year-old high school student at Lake Travis, and he had been intoxicated. His SUV struck the car carrying Jacqueline and her friends along with RM 2222, rounding a corner, killing both Bennett on the wheel and Laura Guerrero, a twenty-year-old UT student. Also, when the car caught fire, a few people were dragged out of the rubble, but Jacqueline was stuck in the front passenger seat. She was nearly a minute in the burning car until the flames can bedrench by the firemen on the incident.

As a consequence, she sustained terrible wounds that engulfed most of her body and spent several months in a Galveston burning hospital. Following emergency surgery and skin grafting, Jacqueline lacked her lips, nose, and ears. Her eyes have also been stitched closed to keep them from drying out and she surgically removed her fingers. By the end, her father became her caretaker.

Stephen was convicted of double charges of homicide by drunkenness in June 2001. The judge convicted him to seven years imprisonment. Jacqueline had been invited to see him during his court trial, and after she had done so she assured him she had pardoned him.

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Reggie Stephey Today

He completed his term and was freed in June 2008. Throughout his life behind bars he collaborated with Jacqueline, she became associated with TxDOT on the very program, recording PSAs and interacting at high schools.


On 14 August 2009, 10 years after Jacqui’s accident, Jacqueline Saburido met in San Antonio with Reggie Stephey, the guy who caused the accident that permanently damaged her.

That was the first time as of Reggie’s trial that they saw each other. They sat together with more than an hour in a room in the hotel over the Riverwalk. By the time they finished, none would go into particulars of what they spoke regarding.

Reggie Stephey appeared like a full-blown kid. As at the moment, he looked much older than his 28 years, with his covered face and gazed nose.

He has worked with Saburido during his jail term on the drunk driving program, making awareness campaigns, and talking to high schools. He was half of the problem, a morality tale of wandering.

A high school footballer with an all-American look, Stephey was the one who could connect to prospective drink drivers.


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Stephey had attempted to put together and the fragments about his own entire live after he had been freed from jail in 2008.

He studied as a student at the University of Texas after earning theory and business partner certificates while in jail. On the other, he operated on manufacturing jobs.

 Reggie said he’ll bear the responsibility of becoming liable for two fatalities and the disfiguring of Saburido forevermore. Yet he appeared resolute in getting past the crash.
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