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Top 10 Richest and Most Famous Tennis Players in the World 2020

Richest Tennis Players in the World

Recently, tennis has enjoyed a sort of explosion of interest with viewers and fans at an all-time high.

Not only is it helping players gain more popularity and fame, but it is also helping sponsors and organizers to generate more income which in turn means players enjoy the benefits of millions of dollars in prize money. Aside from the cash prize, the most famous players get the best sponsorship deal more easily, which means more money.

Top 10 Richest and Most Famous Tennis Players 2020

Richest Tennis Players in the World

Richest Tennis Players in the World

Here is the list of the richest and most famous tennis players of 2020 or those who have earned the most in their career to date.

10. Anna Kournikova – Net Worth 50 Million Dollars

Anna Kournikova Net worth

Anna comes from a sporty family. Her mother was a successful athlete while her father was a Greco-Roman wrestling champion. Anna started playing tennis when she was only five years old.

She started playing junior tournaments in 1989 and started getting the attention of talent scouts from all over the world. In 1991, she moved to Florida to join the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy and in no time, she became famous in the world of tennis. At the age of 14, she won the European Championships and was awarded the ITF Junior World Championship.

She also had a successful partnership with Martina Hingis, the couple won several trophies, while also earning the nickname “Spice Girls of Tennis”. However, before she was able to reach her potential, her career was stopped at just 21 and suffered severe back injuries. She modeled and also married Enrique Iglesias. The couple currently resides in Florida, while Anna gained U.S. citizenship in 2010.


9. Andy Murray – Net Worth 70 Million Dollars

Andy Murray Net worth

In his early years, Andy went through a lot that helped him develop a rough and tough mental strength. In the year 1996, when Andy was just 9 years old, he and his older brother Jamie somehow managed to survive the notorious massacre of the Dunblane school, in which a mad gunslinger killed 16 innocent young students.

Andy Murray comes from a sporting background as his father had been a professional footballer in the 1950s. Andy also had the opportunity to train with Scottish giants Rangers but chose to focus more on tennis.

Andy became a professional tennis player at just 16 years old. A year later, he defeated the legendary Roger Federer and became the only player to do so in 2006, aside from Rafael Nadal. In 2009 he was already number 2 in the world and just four years later Andy became legendary across Great Britain, becoming the first British tennis player since 1938 to win the Wimbledon Championships.

8. Venus Williams – Net worth 75 Million Dollars

Venus Williams Net worth

Turning professional in 1994, she has since accumulated 7 grand slam singles and 14 double grand slam titles with Serena. She also won three gold medals with Serena as well as a single gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

7. Rafael Nadal – Net worth 100 Million Dollars

Rafael Nadal Net Worth

Nadal was a revelation in the game of tennis and his continued domination on the clay court earned him the nickname “The king of clay”. His uncle, Toni Nadal who was a former professional tennis player was the reason, so Nadal was attracted to tennis.


His uncle encouraged him to play from the age of 3. His potential was soon seen and his successes in the regional championships helped him to become professional in 2001. He was immediately seen as the future of tennis, above all thanks to his excellence on the clay court.

To date, Nadal has won 14 Grand Slams, including all French Open titles from 2005 to 2014, excluding the 2009 edition. Age 30 years, Nadal has been fighting injury problems since 2012 but remains one of the best players on tour. He recently played in the 2017 Australian Open finals, where he lost the much-contested bout with his old rival Roger Federer.

6. Maria Sharapova- Net Worth 135 Million Dollars

Maria Sharapova Net worth

Turning professional in 2001, she immediately won over millions of fans. Thanks to Wimbledon ‘s victory in 2004, which made her the third-youngest tennis player to win the Wimbledon Championship. At just 17, she was the name on everyone’s lips.

She continued to achieve more and more success and soon became the number one tennis player in the WTA rankings. However, she is also having a successful career outside, thanks to her glamorous looks and the personality that her numerous photo shoots, sponsorships have produced.

Unfortunately, in 2016, her career took a negative turn when she was tested positive for an anti-ischemic drug that has been banned for competitors since 2016. As a result, she was given a two-year suspension that was subsequently reduced.


5. Pete Sampras- Net worth 150 Million Dollars

Pete Sampras Net worth

Pete demonstrated his immense talent and skill during his early years when his great athletic ability would help him conquer his rivals easily. However, his talent didn’t blossom until his family moved to the warmer climate of Palos Verde, California, and tennis soon became an obsession with Pete who was a huge fan of Australian legend Rod Laver.

Pete Sampras became a professional in 1988 and quickly climbed the ranks, thanks to his incredibly accurate service and aggressive style, mastering the style known as “serve and volleyball”. His service often exceeded the 200km / h mark which earned him the nickname “Pistol Pete”. He dominated the 90s and has been ranked number one for six consecutive years, starting in 1993, which is still a record today.

4. Serena Williams- Net worth 160 Million Dollars

Serena Williams

Her biggest accomplishment will be the record of most of the great slam hits ever won with 39 Grand Slam wins between Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles while she is also the common record holder for most Singles Grand Slams (23) in the Open Era.

Serena has always been involved in charitable activities because she has funded numerous schools in Africa and since 2011 has been an International Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

3. Novak Djokovic- Net worth 165 Million Dollars

Novak Djokovic Net Worth

Novak’s family has a strong connection with the sport, runs a tennis academy. Novak was spotted by former tennis star Jelena Genic when he was just 6 years old.


He then trained him until he moved to Munich at the age of 12 to continue his training. He was trained by German superstar Boris Becker while Novak turned pro in 2003 and quickly became a revolutionary star known for his athleticism and speed.

Not only was he fast and athletic, but he also had excellent technique and the most devastating backhand. The trajectory of his career has only been upward becoming a dominant force in recent years.

His success meant that Novak reached the pinnacle of the tennis world, winning all 4 Grand Slam titles and first place in the ATP ranking. Novak also holds the record for being the all-time leader in career earnings, he has won more than $ 100 million during his career. He was the first and only player to date to achieve this incredible feat.

2. Andre Agassi- Net worth 175 Million Dollars

Andre Agassi Net worth

He was sent to the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida when he was only 13 years old.  However, his father was only able to afford to coach for three months.

But fate had other plans, as Bollettieri saw Agassi play for about half an hour and immediately called his father and told him that his son could train for free because he was the most talented player he had ever seen.


Agassi took advantage of this opportunity. His career spanned over two decades. He was known as the bad boy of tennis because of his temperament as well as his exciting and risky style of play. He is known for revitalizing tennis in the 90s thanks to his legendary rivalry with Pete Sampras.

1. Roger Federer- Net worth 320 Million Dollars

Roger Federer Net worth

This Swiss legend is one of the greatest of all time. His incredible talent, technique, skill, and versatility to play on different types of surfaces raised him in a league of his own. He has incredible service, an iconic reverse that has helped him become the legend he is today.

Roger holds the record for most of the big hits with 18 wins. What is even more impressive is that he did it in a more competitive era than ever. He was ranked first several times, 302 weeks in total.

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