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Riley Howell Obituary Waynesville Nc – Biography, Foundation, Girlfriend, Family

Riley Howell

UNC Charlotte undergraduate Riley Howell, 21, who died within a shooting on, UNCC’s university on April 30th, has been formally protect as a hero by his preferred franchise: Star Wars.

As the shooter opened fire, Howell attacked at him, and police said his dealings entirely helped closed the attacker from killed some people, and from the occurrence being confidential as mass gunfire.

He took the battle to the attacker. Unluckily he had to offer his living to do so, but he protects lives, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force Chief Kerr Putney told announcers the following day.

Nineteen year old Ellis Reed Parlier was as well killing, and four other people were wounded.

Media information and obituary compliment after Howell’s passing away noted his care for of Star Wars, for instance ABC associate WLOS’s account that integrated his younger brother Teddy saying,


He’s the just 21 year old, who would readily fight his laser-guided with me. Information of Howell’s fandom shortly reached Lucasfilm, the making business behind Star Wars.

And Howell is now talking about in the book Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker The illustration Dictionary, which was unrestricted on Friday to move toward with the earliest performance of the movie Star Wars grow of Skywalker.

Riley Howell Obituary Waynesville Nc

Before Riley Howell was call to as a hero who facilitate avoid further deaths, he was a big brother who not at all curved down a wrestling match.

He was a tot who educated sign talking to converse with his hard of hearing uncle. An athletic team member they encouraged his love of the outside in others.

Howell was the high, fair-haired teenage boy who meets Lauren Westmoreland met other than five years before at a four-way crossroads.


You trained me how to get life a little less acutely, to be capable to like every second that you’re specified, said Westmoreland, Howell’s long-term girlfriend. She’s express as his life partner in his funereal.

From nowadays on, when the sun comes up warm and lightly on my face I will recognize that it’s you, share me in force just as you did in our days. Lower than a week after police force said he emotional a gunman who release fire in a UNC Charlotte class room, hundreds meet to celebrate the existence of Howell.

The mountain populace public monument was seized at Lake Junaluska’s Stuart audience, near his place of origin of Waynesville.

An assortment of photographs shows Howell played as attendees take their places in the almost 1,900 person ability: Howell as a young adult on relations vacations, self-importance at enjoyment parks, cuddle with Westmoreland.

Funeral procession watched. Some howl as they detained each other. One more closed her eyes, moan streaming downward her cheeks, as Haywood County’s liniment choice played a backup version of Amazing Grace.


Riley Howell Foundation

Just seven minutes in, shots shooting and in a split-second result, Riley chooses to fight. He would not survive to recognize that his actions saved others.

Riley passes away as he lived – unselfishly, bravely and in examine to others. In recall of his spirited act and to tribute a remarkable young man, the Riley Howell Foundation Fund encourages organizations profit families artificial by gunfighting.

The main impact we can compose is functioning with group that facilitate victims nowadays, not tomorrow. Our finance benefits groups that provide encourages to victims of gun fighting and help them meet up their direct needs: unhappiness counseling, memorial service expenses, layer costs related to ignore work days and tour, family care, and higher term strength and wellness treatment.

Westmoreland says relations and associates hope other people learn not just about Howell and his dealings, but about the impact gun fighting foliage behind on the best ones of losses.

The Howell relations started the Riley Howell basis as a finance to help associations that give instant support, such as analysis and memorial service expenses, to fatalities of gun fighting.


Westmoreland, as well the secretary of the Riley Howell basis Fund, which helps maintain group dedicated to victims of gun fighting, said Howell considered the Star Wars life for most of his time.

Riley Howell Girlfriend

A past week, another gunfighter opened fire in a campus of North Carolina at Charlotte University, sending populace diving for cover up or hastening toward an exit.

Riley Howell Girlfriend
Riley Howell Girlfriend.

Riley Howell, a 21-year old undergraduate, tackled the revolver. Howell was one of two populace destroy, but he handle to blow the shooter off his end and bring the killing to an end.

It’s superhuman but us motionless desirable him here, Lauren Westmoreland, Riley’s loved one of higher than five years, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on that day.

They’re not at all should have been a situation in which they enclose to set down their life, especially no one’s so childish who still had their entire days to live.”

It was many of session there for the future, surprise, eager that he wasn’t afraid or something like that when it takes place. It’s just similar to once his parents told me that’s what occur, I was similar to, certainly, that’s what succeed.”


A viral video organism hailed as TikTok of the day highlights how a girls boyfriend, Riley Howell, who pass away former this year after prevent the shooter at the campus of North Carolina in Charlotte, was immortalized into the Star Wars creation evermore.

Howell had been well thought-out an idol by lots of because of his events. Lucasfilm, the making company behind the Star Wars series, pleased his recollection by as well as him in the standard as Ri-Lee Howell, a Jedi master and analysts.

In an emotional TikTok video, Howell’s loved one, Lauren Westmoreland, prove pictures of them mutually and information the account behind their connection. “I love him longer than something and we both designed to use relax of our life together,” Howell’s loved one write down in the viral video. So when we get this communication from LucasFilms it appears too good to be exact,” Westmoreland supposed in her TikTok video next to pictures of the letter.

It studies: Riley’s heroic and kindness capture out the Jedi in us each and every one. As a little tribute, our Story set has included a re-imagining of Riley’s given name as a quality in the Star Wars galaxy.

We can’t make known the detailed details at this instance, but the lettering name will show in a approaching book magazine shortly this year.” Westmoreland’s TikTok record as well showed a screenshot of Howell’s quality report in the Star Wars website Wikipedia.


Ri-Lee Howell was a Jedi Master and analyses of the Jedi regulate, the character picture read. In Howell entire a lot of accounts study of the strength in the two quantity of Aionomica. Aionomicum1 and Aionomicum 2 are carefully protecting the unique texts.”

Riley Howell Wedding

Lauren and Riley had been mutually since high educated, student year, and Lauren had extensive develop into part of the relations.

They’d talked concerning wedding, possibly a marriage on the come in of a pond next to the Howells’ facade porch. The house was enclosed by wall and ground, a peaceful farm where two making of Howells had developed.

Now attractive daylight had twisted dark, and there was unmoving no statement from Riley. In Waynesville, Natalie and Thomas possibly will wait no higher.

Thirty minutes earlier than night time, they initiate dynamic to Charlotte. They did not recognize that two executive were on the method from here to Waynesville to inform them in person.


Natalie hike on the way to the little chapel on the water. It was roughly three months behind Riley pass away.

The memorial chapel at Lake Junaluska was a little stone construction near the border of the wet, the shrine mountain of Western North Carolina increasing in the coldness. People came at this point for weddings and introduction. They came to request and at times to memorize.

Sunlight and darkness enclosed the blank pews. She idea of Riley and of a worshippers arriving for better-off moments. She believed he’d similar to that, inactive close to where populace more often famous than mourned.

She walked on the way to the backside, and the water and peak came into vision. She appears inside the columbarium, where populaces store up the remains of their best ones. It was a beautiful place, stately. Yet Natalie recognizes it was not situating for her teenager.

He forever liked it superior outer surface, at no cost. She figures he wouldn’t desire to be alternative. Early on, public had happening to request Natalie concerning her son’s severe. Funeral procession wanted to identify where they could call a leading actor.


At times her thinking tree strength be superior. That she could position mainly of Riley in the corner of a tree. That she can put a sign anywhere with his name and the meeting: Riley Carl Howell thought of session below that tree and sentiment his company there, as if he was present his security.

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