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Rosemary Margaret Hobor (John Candy Wife) Wiki, Bio, Family, Career and More

Rosemary Margaret Hobor with Husband John Candy

The actor and comedian John Candy Wife is Rosemary Margaret Hobor. He is a comedian who is known for his appearance. He had made comedy films including stripes, splash, cool runs, summer rental, home alone, the great outdoors, space balls, and uncle buck. He has also done more dramatic roles in only the lonely and JFK.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor with Husband John Candy

On August 30, 1949, Rosemary Margaret Hobor was born in Toronto, Canada. In 1979 candy married Rosemary Margaret Hobor and they were married for 14 years until he died on March 4, 1994.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor Wiki

  • Real Full Name: Rosemary Margaret Hobor
  • Famous: widow of actor John Candy
  • Born: 30 August 1949
  • Age: 71 years,
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
  • Spouse: John Candy (m. 1979–1994)
  • Children: Jennifer Candy, Christopher Candy

Personal life of Rosemary Margaret Hobor:

Rosemary Hobor and John Candy had 2 children and they are Jennifer Candy and Christopher Candy. The net worth of Rosemary Hobor is unknown but her late husband had an estimated net worth of $15 million. 

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Death of John Candy:

On March 4, 1994, John Candy died and he was 43 years old in Durango City, Mexico. When shooting “Wagons East” for the picture of Carolco. Candy was born on 31st October 1950 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada to Sidney James Candy and Evangeline Candy. He is a publicist in the Carolco. He was a marvelous entertainer and a wonderful human being. He is the most respected actor in the motion pictures and the TV industry. The cause for John Candy was due to a heart attack. 

Rosemary remained as a widow after the death of Candy:

Rosemary Margaret Hobor loves her husband and enjoyed a blissful married life. They both were made for each other and cared so much for one another. The biggest heartbreaks for Rosemary Margaret Hobor was the death of John candy and ever received and after struggling for a while with loneliness. She has taken the whole thing in a stride and leaned for her children and gave them support. Rosemary Margaret Hobor doesn’t marry another man and lives as a widow of John Candy. When John died she was 46 years and the love of her children was needed. She has dedicated her life to her children and the children were only 14 years and 10 years when John Candy died. 

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After the death of John Candy:

The son Christopher and Wife Rose gave a tribute and talked about the still feeling of the presence of him in the home. They have addressed that even though he died a long time ago, they feel like John candy is still looking down on them. Christopher has also talked about his father’s contribution to Hollywood and the lasting legacy has given. Though John Candy has died his family and fans keep him alive in their hearts. There were several reasons to have a heart attack for Candy, it includes smoking a pack a day of cigarettes, heavy alcohol use, and occasional use of cocaine. Rosemary Margaret Hobor Cause of Death the actor was under a significant storyline on Candy’s death. 

Closing notes:

Rosemary Margaret Hobor was married for over 14 years to John Candy. He succumbed to a heart attack and died when he was filming the movie ‘’Wagons East”. The couples were happily married but the death of the celebrated actor cut short the time the couple enjoyed.

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