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Sean Evans Wiki, Net worth, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Girlfriend

Sean Evans Wiki

Sean Evan is an American Youtuber and producer. He is the host of the Youtube series, in which he interviews celebrities while they eat progressively, hotter chicken wings. Here is the biography of Sean Evan.

Sean Evans Wiki

Birth and Childhood:

Sean Evas was born on April 26, 1986, in Evanston, Illinois, US (Sean Evans Wiki). Sean Evan’s age is 34 years. He was brought up in Chicago, Illinois. He is the elder son of his parents. His younger brother is Gavin. During his childhood days, Sean Evans would binge watch David Letterman with his father every Saturday. Evans would even made his Dad pause every time the audience laughed, just so he could explain the joke. His dad also trained him for a life of spicy eating. 


He completed his education at Crystal Lake Central High School, the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. 


Before he was everyone’s favorite host, he majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Illinois, where a professor suggested he become a weatherman. Then, he went to work as a copywriter for the Chicago tourism board. Then he joined as a freelancer in the company named Complex, doing interviews for the publication and putting them on their Youtube channel, interviewing famous celebrities. The magazine offered him a full-time job in New York City, and he quickly quit his job and started a career at Complex media. He became famous with his video which went viral in the year 2015 where he ate a Carolina Reaper. 

Hot Ones:

Hot Ones is created by Christophen Schonberger and produced by FirstWeFeast and Complex Media. Evans has interviewed several celebrities. The show involves Evans and his guest eating ten chicken wings each prepared progressively, hotter hot sauce. After each time the guests eat a wing, Evans asks his guest an interview question. As the wings get hotter, the guest begins to display the effects of eating the hotter wings and the interview becomes less about the guest and more about the struggle to finish the wings. 

Net worth & Salary:

The primary source of his income is by hosting the show. This income depends on the TRP’s of the show. Sean Even’s net worth is estimated to be 40 million dollars as of 2020.


Personal Life:

Sean Evan’s girlfriend is Natasha Alexis Martinez, who is a journalist, who was also Miss California 2015. Like Sean, Martinez also does celebrity interviews for Complex on Youtube. Sean Evan’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. 

Sean Evans instagram account is active. is one of those hosts who delivers a spiced up episode whenever his show is on air. His unique way of making the celebrities answer questions while making them overeat of spice is quite admirable. 

FAQ’s about Sean Evans life

Who Is Sean Evans?

Sean Evans is an American Youtube Star, Host, Webshow Producer, Former Copywriter and internet personality.

What is Sean Evans Net Worth? Or How Much Does Sean Evans Make?

Sean Evans Net Worth is Aprox $40 Million US Dollars as of 2020

What is Sean Evans Age?

According His Date of Birth 26 April 1986 Sean Evans age is 34 Years Old as of 2020.


What is Sean Evans Height? & How Tall Is Sean Evans?

Sean Evans Height is Aprox 5 Feet 8 inches.Sean Evans Height is Aprox 5 Feet 8 inches.

What is Sean Evans Twitter?

Sean Evans Twitter Account is

Sean Evans
Sean Evans

Sean Evans with Hair images

Sean Evans with Hair

Sean Evans Hot Ones

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