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Sean Sticks Larkin Age, Wedding, Bio, Married, Net worth and More

Sean Sticks Larkin Age

Today we are going to talk about Sean Larkin Bio, what was the problem for them in their life, who is the cone in their family, Is Sean Sticks Larkin marriage life was like, and will also know about Sean Sticks Larkin. 

Sean Sticks Larkin Bio

Sean sticks Larkin Early Life

Sean Larkin is an American.  He was a Police Officer in America.  Apart from this, some shows have also been hosted on TV.  Sean is also known as a social media personality her.  But she became even more famous because of her Girlfriend’s Lana del Rey.  Lana del ReyAmerica is also a famous singer, songwriter, writer, model and music and video director.  When Sean Larkin became a Boyfriend of Lana del Rey, he became more famous and became more famous among the people.

When Sean worked in the American show live PD, he worked as co-host and analyst on that show and Sean Larkin became more famous.

Sean Larkin was born and where did he study?

Friends, we have known who Sean Larkin is and now we will know that he will know about the birth of Sean Larkin and his studies.  Sean Larkin was born in 1973 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, America.  He was born into a Christian family.  His current home is in New York.  His childhood name was Nathan.  He is currently Divorced.  Their ex.  The wife’s name was Tommy jeans stocks.  They had two children, their name is Patrick and Alyssa.

Sean was seen dating Lana del Rey in 2019.  Lana del Rey was already famous and Sean Larkin became famous with her.

Now we know a little about the education of a little life.  Sean Larkin completed his studies at Tulsa high school and college was also done from Tulsa.  Sean had a dream since childhood that he had to become a police officer.  So he had also fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer.  Apart from that, he has also worked in the TV field.


Sean’s Wife, Children

Friends, now we know about Sean’s personal life.  Sean’s wife’s name was tomy jean stocks.  Sean also has two children, the girl’s name was Patrick and Alyssa.

After that, Sean made her favouriteLana del Rey her Girlfriends in 2019.  Sean became even more famous because of Lana del Rey.  But the relation between Sean and Lana del Rey did not last long and their break up.

So, friends, this was some information about Sean Larkin’s personal life.

Information about Sean’s body

By the way, Sean is very handsome.  His height is 195cm.  If we talk about the weight of Sean, then it is 87kg.  His chest size is 44cm.  The size of his feet is 11 numbers.  The colour of their hair is grey.  Sean Sticks Larkin Age 49 years old.

Sean’s  Networth

If we talk about Sean’s Networth, then the 2019 figure of Sean’s Networth is $ 500, 000 us dollar.


Some facts about Sean Larkin

  • When Sean Larkin used to do the job of the police, he got another name which was ‘sticks’.
  • SeanLarkin has also worked in reality shows like the award-winning tv series live PD and a & e.
  • Sean is the cop of Oklahoma
  • Larkin Dating Aa Lana del ReySean Larkin was dating Lana del Rey after his divorce from his wife.
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