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How to Plan a Successful Content Strategy for Social Media?

social media content strategy

Social media has been a powerful tool for sales and marketing for a long time. It is mandatory to have social media accounts and use them for these purposes along with a website and SEO strategies for the optimal functioning of any business involved with sales. This requires a solid social media strategy. Those times when online stores were sporadically updating and posting new stuff on their Facebook profiles are gone. Today you have to pay attention to several different things, like conversion rates, organic traffic, brand awareness, and many others. This implies the basic knowledge of SEO and statistics. You would have to define some basic goals that your future social media strategy should reach. Let’s mention some of them.

How to Plan a Successful Social Media Content Strategy

Enhance brand awareness

Brand awareness is one of the basic goals of any social media strategy since getting people to know your brand is crucial if you want to attract them to become your customers. When you are trying to implement some brand awareness strategy, it is hard to know if your strategy is effective if you don’t pay attention to metrics. The metrics involve social engagement, organic traffic, blog traffic if you have a blog, and generally any website traffic. All of these should increase if your strategy has been effective. Your brand awareness enhancement will logically follow your traffic increase.

Generate leads and sales

Generating quality leads can make miracles for your business. Those are people who see your publicity and are attracted enough to your products and story that they register to the website and usually opt to receive your newsletter. This is where your strategy needs to cover alerts about new products, promotions, and especially promotions related to new customers. Many companies offer a welcome promo and customers are rarely indifferent to that. To obtain more leads, think about making your catalog visible because people will like to see the products right away and won’t stick around if your business seems complicated or not very transparent. Another good method to attract future leads is to make giveaways from time to time to your followers. What they need to do is to tag a friend who would love your products.

Plan and publish your content strategy

Your content strategy is worth little if you don’t distribute it correctly. All of your internet accounts should be synchronized and connected one to another. A good web design agency can manage all that and make it work in the best way. If you post something on your blog, you can leave your Facebook or Instagram links and allow your followers to reach out quickly in case they want to. Share buttons are another handy way to make your posts more popular. You can ask questions on your Facebook posts to make people discuss and express their opinion. This way you will boost your posts’ popularity, reinforce personal contact with your followers and give social proof to other potential followers or customers.

Personalized messages

Talking about personalization, social media gives you enough possibilities to make that happen, and generally, people will prefer to use the services of a website that seems friendly and reliable. Personalization can include the way you reply to your followers’ comments or DMs. You should respond quickly to any questions in a friendly manner. Using smileys and emojis can be very helpful since they can substitute the friendly tone that is usually missing in written communication. Make sure to target your potential customers. If your business requires a more formal and professional approach, then you should stick to it. Marketing strategy must be personalized.



Building transparency is important for building trust between your brand and the potential or existing customers. Some comments about your brand might be negative. This won’t always depend on you because there is always someone who disapproves of what you do and how you do it. The important thing is to respect any opinion, give assertive comments and be transparent in the communication. You might want to delete or hide the negative comments but that might raise suspicion on the credibility of your brand and you don’t want that.

Enhance community engagement

When it comes to engagement, it doesn’t have to involve only your brand and the customers. Your brand can engage in different activities related to the community you belong to. It can be charity, sponsorships, and similar things. By helping the community you will do something good and at the same time reinforce your brand awareness. For example, you can donate a percentage of your sales to charity or apply to be a sponsor of a concert, offering a couple of free tickets to your most loyal customers.

Measure performance

Think of social media analytics tools that can help you measure your performance during your campaign so that you can know if it’s going well or if it needs some improvement. Agencies that offer SEO services can do this as well, and it’s a great way to see exactly which part of your strategy needs to be modified or improved.

Modern times include the internet in every aspect of our lives, so why not use it in your social media marketing strategies to boost your sales. If you implement a successful strategy, you will be able to have more traffic, more conversion and quality leads that can become loyal customers in the future.

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