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Know about Sofia Urbieta Laine and Stephen Laine – Parents of Vanessa Bryant!

Know about Sofia Urbieta Laine and Stephen Laine – parents of Vanessa Bryant!

On February 24th, at the event of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant’s celebration of life, Vanessa Bryant passed her first video from the loss of her husband and her daughter.

The reflection passed by Vanessa on parenthood made everyone cry. Kobe and Vanessa had a conversation on her daughter, and on her relationship with her parents, which is a full drama continued from the past two decades, as they were together.

Vanessa had suffered from a difficult time, and she trusted her mother and sister, named Sofia Laine and Sophie Laine. For now, all the focus has gone on her family, and on her specific relationship with Stephen Laine, who is her stepfather. 

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Vanessa mother and her birth father got separated

Sophie Laine and her ex-husband have only two daughters, named Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta and her elder sister Sophie. Both the sisters belong to Mexican Heritage, which they received from their parents.


When did Sofia separate from her husband?

Sofia got separated from her husband when she was a baby. Her father returned to Baja, Mexico. From the reports, it is found that they had never made any contact with him from past many years.

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How Sofia managed her daughters?

From a decade, Sofia worked on her daughter and raised her with a positive and good upbringing by being a single mother. At an electronics firm, she worked as a shipping clerk; Her sister helped her to give a spare room, in which Sofia used to live with her daughters.

Sofia married to Stephen Laine

Sofia married to Stephen Laine. Stephen was the middle manager in the very same firm, where Sofia used to work. Stephen was 8 years her junior.

When Sofia married to Stephen?

In 1990, Sofia was 8 years old, and her elder sister was 18 years old. At that time period, Sofia married Stephen Laine. Vanessa is going to apt Laine as her surname, instead of Cornejo, her ex-father’s surname. In her high schooling, she changed her name as Vanessa Laine with under all legal terms.


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Where did the family use to live?

Vanessa, with her family, used to live in the home of Garden Grove, California. They used the Huntington Beach of Stephen’s father, which helped Vanessa to attend Stephen’s alma mater Marina High Scool. In the very same school, Stephen’s nieces also used to study, named Sasha and Laila.

Stephen and Sofia publically shared about their divorce

Kobe Bryant, the 21 years old guy, made a relationship with Vanessa Laine when she was 18 years old. Kobe and his parents were not in a connection until Vanessa and Kobe gave birth to their first daughter. 

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Laine family going through the severe financial crisis

Kobe announced for his engagement with Vanessa on her 18th birthday. At that time, the Laine family was going through a severe financial crisis. Two years back of the engagements, Vanessa’s mother left her job too. Sofia was suffering from a back injury as well, which made it hard for her to find another suitable job. 


Vanessa and Lain got engaged, and after one week of their engagement, Laine’s family announce for bankruptcy. At the very same time, the relationship between Kobe and Vanessa was making a headline that, Vanessa made the fame and wealth of NBA WAG to change her life.

Kobe gifted financial gifts to Laine’s family  

In Sofia’s Statement in court, she said that she deserves monetary support. Vanessa said in her documentaries that, she would only support her for occasional gifts. She will not continue for help on monthly aid.

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