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The best storage solutions for schools and colleges

Best Storage solutions for schools and colleges

From keeping students’ belongings safe and organised to keeping the premises clear of clutter, there are storage solutions for any problem.

We are going to look at a few different options.


Starting with the most obvious solution – lockers. Lockers are a vital storage solution in any school or college. They allow students to store their books and personal belongings, backpacks and gym clothes or even computers. This means they do not have to carry everything with them to every class but only take what they need.

Another benefit of lockers for schools is that they come in many different sizes, materials and colours allowing you to choose the right ones for your school and budget. Since they are one of the first things anyone will see when entering the school, they can also give a good impression to visitors.


No school library is complete without bookshelves. Bookshelves come in different materials and, although the most commonly used ones are wood, metal bookshelves are also a practical choice. Metal bookshelves have the added bonus of being more flexible as you can easily add, take away or rearrange the shelves to fit the different sizes of books the way you would like.


Bookshelves can also be used in other parts of the school to hold not only books but also folders, document archives or even to improve the ambience by holding awards and decorations. We say bookshelves but in reality, they can be a versatile storage solution that can lend itself to libraries, offices and classrooms to implement different organisational systems.


Another useful storage solution is cabinets with shelves and glass doors. They are a great way to display trophies and medals from competitions, school memorabilia or any other achievements for the school and students.

Coat hooks

Coat hooks are another great idea to have around the school and in classrooms. They will allow students to hang their coats and, if needed, backpacks for the duration of their lessons.

This helps avoid clutter from clothes that have fallen on the floor or students having to use their chairs to hang their coats during the lesson.

Storage units

Storage units are great to keep any supplies you may need. Because most storage units are quite flexible, they can easily be rearranged to create more or less space for your items when needed. They are perfect to store art supplies, biology supplies. In some cases, they can be used as storage for seasonal decorations.


Many storage units can be customised with extra shelves, drawers, cabinets or simply used with pull-out trays and boxes. In this respect storage units are quite versatile and a good choice to have from pre-schools to college-level education settings.

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