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Taylor Tomlinson Comedian Wiki – Know her Age, Netflix, Boyfriend, Parents, Net Worth and More

Taylor Tomlinson Comedian

Taylor Tomlinson proves that age does not define your appearance. She is young and beautiful, who spends years making people laugh. She joined the Netflix rib-tickling lineup with comedians. On March 3rd, her long stand up comedy, “Quarter-Life crises,” premiered.

Taylor Tomlinson tried to have fun with the age of their twenties. She poked the teens, and her matter is relatable with the users of the internet. When the trailer dropped, all internet users started interacted with the comedy.

If you did not catch up on the truths, which Taylor tries to tell to the age of twenties, let us know about them from the details mentioned below. Here is the wiki of Taylor Tomlinson mentioned to let you know about her. 

About Taylor Elyse Tomlinson

AGE 26 Years
BIRTHDAY November 4, 1993
SIBLINGS Drea Tomlinson, Page Tomlinson, Brinn Tomlinson
PARENTS Eric Tomlinson, Angela Tomlinson, Serina Ortiz (stepmom)
ALUMNI Temecula Valley High School
HOMETOWN Temecula, California

Taylor and her sisters

On November 4th, 1993, Taylor Elyse Tomlinson took birth to Angela Browning Tomlinson and Eric Tomlinson, who is from California. Taylor is the eldest one from her other three daughters.

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Taylor spoke on Podcast

In a podcast, Taylor shared something about her parents and their relationship. In that podcast, she said how things were flexibly changed when her mother was pregnant with her.

She said that when her parents got married, they were still in college. Due to Angela’s pregnancy with Taylor, she could not complete her studies and her college life. After Taylor, Eric and Angela had more three daughters, named Brinn, Page, and Drea. 

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Taylor’s mother death

On 14th August 2002, Taylor’s mother died. Taylor was a teen at that time. Angela’s husband, Taylor, and the other three daughters made her survive.

Eric re-married with Serina

In 2003, Eric re-married with Serina Ortiz. Jan Tomlinson and Serina together with their mother run teal estate company, which is situated in Temecula.


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Study of other three daughters

At the California State University, Fullerton; Brinn studies the communication disorder over there. Page completed her graduation from Palomar College; and now Drea, she is still studying in the Fullerton College.

Age 16, Tomlinson started her stand up

When Taylor Tomlinson was 16, at that time, she started with her stand-up comedy. In her stand-up comedy, she used to refer to her childhood. She used to tell how she spend her childhood living in a very religious family.

Tomlinson father helped in her stand-up comedy career

At the age of 16, after The Temecula Valley High School, she went to college. At that time, his dad decided to bond a compelling interest with his eldest daughter.

As the Tomlinson family was very religious, her father sent her to a stand-up comedy class. The class runs by a Christian, who usually perform in the church.


When Tomlinson is of 16, she impressed her coach with her natural and brilliant stand-up comedy.  

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Encouraged by father

In her teenage, Tomlinson started with stand-up comedy, and her father supported her for this.

Even her father asked to join the performances in the church as an opening act. She got an opportunity to perform at such an early age.

She nailed in her initial platform by avoiding the problems she came across due to not performing the acts under 21 years.


Tomlinson performs in the late-night events

At the age of 17, when Tomlinson started her college life, she scheduled her time for stand-up comedy as well.

Managing the stand-up comedy with college was too much difficult for her as she imagined. But she was dedicated to her work and planned to continue with her stand-up comedy along with college with proper dedication.

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Her career in stand-up comedy

No doubt, Tomlinson made a lot of effort to gain results from stand-up comedy. On the Netflix 2018’s The Comedy Lineup Part 1, she spent her debut in comedy for 15 minutes only.

Quarter-Life Crises was her first long stand-up, in which she had words regarding the fun of her generation people.

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