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Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

In 2004, an animated series based on the Teen Titans translated for Latin America was released on Cartoon Network as Los Jovenes Titanes, a team of DC Comics made up of classmates and young superheroes.

The series was one of the first animation series produced with anime influences. It became famous for its various visual gags and seasonal story arcs. Another important reason for its popularity is that the series had a Japanese pop music duo who performed the title track. And with all these reasons, the series became a popular show of Cartoon Network. But unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the most hated drawings on the internet.

Fans of the DC Comics characters did not welcome this new adaptation of the team of young heroes, mainly because it did not fit with the original canon of the brand. However, this series is much more than that, and we will prove it. Check out the reasons that make Teen Titans in Action is the best show of titans.

Teen Titans Always Go to Something New

Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

Part of the reason “Teen Titans in Action” is so controversial is because it stands out. In terms of humor and visuals, it’s not like the DC cartoon shows that have appeared before. However, we will tell you a little secret about why it is good. Since Batman: The Animated Series surprised us all, almost every DC show has sought a similar tone and style. That is why fans revere the original Titans as “more serious” … But the comics and the comics media only get stronger when people try something different. If you want entertainment in DC where everything is excellent and uniform, there is always the DC Worlds.

Teen Titans Have Sticky Music 

Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans - Exclusive Music Video Clip - IGN

In the next one, we will be the first to admit that your mileage may vary. However, it is something that we think is quite impressive. What are we talking about? All the musical selections of The Teen Titans in Action. In short, these melodies are very catchy. Even if you hate the show and you insist on telling everyone you know how much you hate it, songs like “Catch the Villain” or the central theme will probably stick in your head for the rest of the day. And perhaps for the rest of the week. After all, we have great respect for this show, that making original music is a bold choice, and good music is just an afterthought.

Teen Titans: Crazy Animation

Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

Teen Titans In Action: Reasons Why This Is The Best Titans Show

Whenever people complain about the appearance of “Teen Titans in Action,” the two words “animated flash” always appear. This process, especially when compared to the original Teen Titans, “The Teen Titans in Action! It Is frowned upon for its rushed and inadequate anime style. However, Flash has taken an unexpected twist to this animation. With Flash, Animators can quickly change things like character tone and texture, background, etc. In this way, they create a rare and unconventional style of animation that fits perfectly into the atmosphere of this show. Is it so short? Complaints that this show is not what it used to be, similar to claims that not all comic artists draw the same!

Genuinely Fun 

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Look, you knew we’d say that when you clicked on this article, don’t be surprised. One of the reasons we love “Teen Titans in Action” is because it’s so much fun. Furthermore, the humor of this show is surprisingly deep in both complexity and breadth. Of course, the show isn’t afraid to get into petty humor like jokes about body functions, but other jokes depend on your knowledge of pop culture, comic book history, and even history. It’s hard to find any other DC related medium that can make you laugh so much in such a short time, and it’s worth it.


Rather A Single Shot

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There are two faces to each question. We mentioned earlier that some fans prefer the original Teen Titans for their qualities like consistent tone and continuous plot. But what if we told you that “Teen Titans in Action” more precisely follows the structure of a comic?
In recent years, fans have lamented how comics have turned into long, multi-topic, multi-comic marathons that take forever to finish. Understandably, they long for the days of “one-shot” that offered a complete and entertaining story. While The Teen Titans in Action! Not much to do with the extended, consistent arches, the show perfectly scratches the itch of anyone who wants some DC-related entertainment.

Teen Titans Shows Us Best Cameos

Teen Titans Go | Teletoon Wiki | Fandom

It’s kind of silly, but all comic book fans know what it’s like to be Captain America. No, we are not talking about having a sick body or knocking out evil soldiers. Instead, we are talking about the pure joy of being able to say “I understood that reference!”, And The Teen Titans in Action! It provides a ton of these moments with its frequent cameos and references. Any episode of “Teen Titans in Action” gives fans a steady stream of Easter eggs. Links to characters like “Challenges of the Unknown” is an excellent way for veteran readers to celebrate comic book history while introducing a stunning new set of characters to young fans.

Understandable Characters

Teen Titans Go! | The Laundry Contest | DC Kids - YouTube

We’ve talked a lot about Robin on this list, and there’s a reason for it. The Teen Titans’ original conception was, “what if partners make up a team?” And Robin has always been the model partner. The character was created so that young audiences could have someone to interact with.
This is an area where Teen Titans in Action shines. Many of the “flaws” of these characters are that they are dumb, mean, and want to have fun instead of being a serious hero. If we’re honest, any comic book fan looks a lot more like these characters than the grim, skinny ones of someone like Batman.

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