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The 6 most expensive classic cars in the world

The 6 most expensive classic cars in the world

It would seem that the older the car, the cheaper it is, but this rule does not work with collectible models. Classic cars are a good solution for investment because every year they become only more expensive. We offer to consider some of the most expensive classic cars.

The 6 most expensive classic cars in the world

1. Ferrari 250 GTO

It is one of the most legendary and sought-after Ferrari models. In 1962 it was introduced to the world as a high-performance racing car. In the aftermath, he proved his power more than once, winning races all over the world. Interestingly, the brand has produced only 36 red cars and sold them at that time for 200 thousand. Now the cost of them exceeds 45 million dollars.

Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to be a millionaire to ride a race car. For example, you can rent Ferrari in Dubai. This city is famous for its large selection of expensive luxury cars that can hire everyone. The wide range and pleasant rental service will captivate you. You can rent a car you like for a few hours or enjoy speed for a few days. Ferrari 250 GTO customers were personally approved by Enzo Ferrari, but you can hire a car if you like.

2. Aston Martin DP215

Of course, James Bond’s car can’t be cheap. So, in 2018, this olive racing prototype was auctioned off for $21.4 million. Probably because it was made in a single copy.

Despite the fact that this car did not win a single race, probably will be remembered for a few hundred years.

3.  Buick Roadmaster

This is a classic American car hailing from the 50s. It was valued for its sophistication and powerful engine. It looked super expensive, impressed with the luxury leather seats and electric roof. Recently, it was sold for a record $300,000 to an anonymous buyer in Abu Dhabi. It was sold to the United States. It is obvious that the new owner will be able to enjoy a convertible ride since under the hood he has 300 hp. Even by today’s standards, this is still a good indicator.


4. Ford Mustang

The 1967 model is the brand’s first attempt to improve its car to keep up with the competition. The result is a more elegant, powerful, aggressive design and improved suspension system.

Interestingly, the car from the movie “Steal in 60 Seconds” was modeled after the prototype Ford Mustang of 1967 year.

5. Jaguar E-Type

Released in 1961, this car was many years ahead of its time. It featured good design, disc brakes, six-cylinder engines, and independent rear suspension. Enzo Ferrari himself once said it was “the most beautiful car in the world”.

But the most attractive was the cost. At the time, this British convertible was not inferior to the Italian luxury models and sold several times cheaper. Now, to get it, you have to give at least $70,000.

6. McLaren F1 LM

This collectivle model was developed in 1992 by the legendary Gordon Murray, who wanted to create the fastest production model in the world. To make it the perfect car for everyday life. As a consequence, Murray admitted that the F1 design was inspired by the Honda NSX. Inside, however, he equipped it with one of the best engines of all time – a 6.1-liter 627 horsepower engine.


In honor of winning the race at Le Mans, five celebratory models were released, called the McLaren F1 LM. Three were orange, and the two that went to the Sultan of Brunei were black. The result of this exclusivity is a high price of 20 million dollars.

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